Date: Mon, 3 Feb 1997 14:59:19 -0500 (EST)
From: Jonathan Epstein
Subject: 12/31/89

12/31/89 - World Trade Center, Boston, MA

My first show!!

The World Trade Center in Boston is a big hall where they have a lot of
conventions, like home shows and MacWorld.
The stage was set up along the left wall with a small wooden dancefloor in
front of the stage. They had fruit and nachos set out for all the New
Year's guests.
I had never seen Phish before, but had been very into them from tapes for
about 8 months. I had no idea what they looked like except that the
guitarist was red-headed with a beard. I saw a guy who fit this
description and smiled, but it turned out not to be him.                

The Ululators opened. Not so exciting really. Sorta world beat kind of
stuff. I got right up front for Phish's set. 3 of the 4 members came
Trey, Mike, and Page. They started up "I Didn't Know" and when the vac
solo came... out came Fish, dressed in nothing but a top-hat and a
g-string with tux-tails in the back. (The rest of the band was wearing
tuxes and hats) He played his solo, and then got behind the kit. Thanks
gawd he hid behind those drums!! What an atrocious sight for an
impressionable 16 year old like myself!!
The whole show I was yelling for the brand new Reba (debuted 3 months
earlier). But never got it.
Page sang a "dance tune".. Satin doll. An I saw my first in a string of 6
shows in a row with Mik'es -> H2 -> Groove. (9 in my first 10)