From: Jordan Russin 
Subject: Lake Placid 12-17-95 Setlist & Review

This was my 16th show, and it turned out to be one of my best.  The crowd was better here than at any other venue this tour (I think), probably because of the close proximity to Vermont (Mecca).
My Friend is always a cool opener, and it went smoothly into a tight if not unexpected Poor Heart.  I've seen A Day in The Life several times before, and it always sounds exactly the same. Antelope this early was awesome, and it was a hell of a version to

o.  The Mango Song was nice, and the boys sounded reeally tight during it, as if they were really having a great time.  Tube both shocked and thrilled me; the crowd went absolutely berserk over this "forgotten" tune.  Stash is always good, Lizards was pre

dictable, and a not-so-fantastic version of Chalkddust closed the set
Set 2 was a gem.  Bouncin' as an opener annoyed me, but the Maze was excellent; the beginning had me fooled, I thought it would have been Bowie.  Free is one of my favorite new tunes, and it was a great long version with Trey on his drums and a great Spac

ey Jam at the end before they blew the crowd away with the sound and effects of a surprise 2001.  They took this straight into Hood, which, for me, highlighted the show.  It was especially crisp and clean, and Trey penetrated the crowd with flawless guita

r licks throughout.  Harry segued into a nice, very fast version of Sparkle, which went into Tweezer, a song that began to scdare me when I heard the merciless 31 minute version at Jones Beach; this one was similarly atonal and spacey, but not nearly as l

ong.  Tweezer gave way to a jam that resembled no Phish tune I'd ever heard, and then Trey and Mike sat down on Fish's drum stand while Page played an absolutely beautiful solo. (I think I saw Trey light a cigarette onstage, b!
ut I was kind of far away, so that's not confirmed.  They took that back into a fun, upbeat version of Tweezer reprise to close the show.  I think about 90% of the crowd knew they'd do an accapella tune for the encore, so Ragtime Doll wasn't surprising.  

It gave way, however, to a great version of Runaway Jim.  I'd never heard it as an encore before, and I thought it worked nicely. They jammed it out long and hard, but never lost their direction, and the show ended with a flourish and the band thanking th

e crowd for makling yet another tour so special.  On to Worcester!


From: Waterman 113 Lab 
Subject: (no subject)

 The second show at Lake Placid was a strictly musical show. The band
came out and just played their hearts out. The first set opened with My
Friend My Friend. I had seen them open with this three times before, but
I was still siked because it is such a great tune. MF MF went into Poor
Heart which was pretty standard, but kept up the tempo. A Day in the Life
followed. At first I was slightly disapointed just because I've heard it
so many times, but I soon got into it. They've really worked on the
buildup sections! It was the best I've heard them do it. The antelope
that followed was killer, and quite spacy too. They didn't jam to long on
it though. I was so excited when I heard the opening licks of The Mango
Song! I was so glad to hear this, it being one of my favorite tunes. The
harmonies were pretty much on and the crowd loved it. The song that
followed left most of us confused. It was this fast, funky tune that I
couldn't understand the lyrics to. Noone around me seemed to know the
song either. I learned at intermission that it was called "Tube." I'm not
sure if it is a new song, or an old one. It was, however, a definitely
cool one! "Tube" went into a killer "Stash". This kicked ass!! I was
never a big fan of the song, but I am now after hearing it that night.
The first set was going so well and I couldn't wait to hear what was
next.... "Lizards" AUUUUUHHHHHHH!!!!!! I was estatic! I have never seen
them do this live, other than at Sugarbush 95', where they fucked it up.
I was praying Trey would remeber all the lyrics and my prayers were
answered. The solo at the end left me eight miles high. The crunching
chords of Chalkdust put everyone to some heavy groovin' including myself!
The solo was pretty standard, but full of life, and the set closed on
this falcetto note. Before the final note was played, Trey thanked
everyone for the tour, and was explained that they were going to try to
finish the chess match during intermission through some walkie-talkies or
something. Well they didn't get it done, and everyone seemed generally
confused. The second set began with "Bouncin". Hmmmmmmm.... I was a bit
concerned. A really kickin' "Maze" followed which featrued a really great
interchange between the soft and loud parts. The Free that followed was
great, it is definitly the best new song in my opinion. I especially the
drums in the middle. It segued into 2001 to my great delight. It was
another first for me, and you know, you never forget your first time. The
crowd went nuts upon hearing the opening Rasta chords of "Harry Hood" It
was a great Harry Hood which segued into "Sparkle". Hmmmmmm.... They did
speed it up and I was totally impressed by that. The Twezzer that
followed was magnificant! They jammed pretty well on it and really drew
out the break down part at the end. I kept waiting for the last note, but
I had to wait even longer because Page played this bitchin' piano solo
ala "Squirming Coil", in a ghostly white light, which went for a few
minutes. Again I waiting for the last note but instead the rest of the
band reappeared and kicked in with the reprise. God Damn was it great.
The crowd, including myself, was going nuts and when the song finally
ended I was breathless. The cheering reflected our hunger for more. They
returned filling out bellies with an Accapella "Ragtime Gal", which left
the baby boomers sitting near me with perplexed faces, and Runaway Jim.
Again I had never seen both of them done live, and was elated. RUN to the
nearest taper and get this tape!!!!!!