From: Eric Burns 
Subject: Phish Review, 12-10-94, Santa Monica Civic,

Phish, 12-10-94, Santa Monica Civic, the last show of the tour.
The crowd was in the mood, and the band was great, IMHO. Trey 
acknowledged that it was the end of the tour and it was off to the races.
Due to circumstances well beyond my control, this was my first Phish 
Show. But I knew a lot of the music going in....

Fee- was a great choice for the crowd and we ate it up.  Added offbeats 
and good piano rolls from Page made this a winner.  This led into>
Rift- sorry you don't like this song Dan, but to each his/her own. this 
one ripped right from the start.
Stash- was where I could tell this would probably be a hot one; the jam 
began and just went out, it was as good as the version on A Live One.
Lizards- just swung.  The crowd was going fairly nuts by now, getting one 
fave after another.  Soaring climax and a finale that led into>
Sample in a Jar- a little faster than the album version, with a longer 
solo than I expected, but nothing gargantuan. This led into>
Divided Sky- which was great, but had a little too much of the "silence" 
part that Trey talked about in Dupree's.  He thinks we all were playing 
with the theme in our heads, which I was, but it's distracting.  What was
jammed was near godhead.
Lawn Boy- was what this crowd really needed. A little calm before the 
storm. I've always liked this song, so it worked for me. Then Whammy
Chalkdusk- A rioutous version that does the same thing for Phish that 
Deal did for the Dead. Ripping solo.
Simple- another personal fave that I wish they would stretch out a bit. 
It did get the crowd going though. Then, they launched into a frenetic>
Maze- so fast it was tiring, but in a good way. Nice long jam.
Guyuti- very beautiful, has been another favorite since I heard a tape of 
it from earlier in the tour. Then from out of nowhere>
Also Spracht Zarathrustra- not all that long, but certainly a fun jam to 
get at one's first show.  Which led into>
Mike's-Hydrogenated-Groove- was as good as most of the versions you've 
heard, and at the end of Weekapaug, Fish makes a move for the Electro-
Lux and Trey takes over on drums w/o missing a beat. Hoseboy goes at it 
for a few and seems to be enjoying himself immensely. Then they jump into
Why Don't We Do It In The Road- which Fish, of course, sings. Actually, 
sings is the wrong verb. Screams is more appropriate.  I mean he is 
howling like a man possessed (which of course, he is).
Poor Heart- was quite fun, very much like other ones. but very high 
Slave- was masterful.  Like the one you describe from Red Rocks '95. The 
jam just keeps getting better and hotter.
Cavern- was a good set-ender, at least that's what I thought.
Trey wants to do the crew intros, so they jam on the Chalkdust theme and 
on and on it goes, but it is hilarious and heartfelt, too.  The crowd was 
giving everyone named a big cheer, which is great for them because they 
deserve it.  Then, the real encore:
Good Times, Bad Times- was a jamming close to this great show.  Trey 
dropped few notes in the verses, but the closing jam was pretty damn hot.

While this may not be a space traveler's version of the perfect show (no 
Tweezer, Bowie, etc.) it was easily a 9 for me.  The playing was cohesive 
but out there and damned if I won't see a bunch more shows, like San 
Diego 9/28, L.A 9/29 and we'll see from there.