Date: Mon, 3 Feb 1997 15:01:28 -0500 (EST)
From: Jonathan Epstein
Subject: 12/7/90

12/7/90 - Robert Crown Center, Hampshire College, Amherst, MA

The best show ever!! No doubt about it.

This is the only show Ive ever been to that I didnt have a ticket for. I
stood outside asking for extras and someone said.."sure... actually, I
dont feel like going in tonight." FOOL!!! He missed the best show ever.
The first set was great...
Stash was awesome as was the Landlady (another new song, along with Stash)
and the YEM. Jim -> Foam was anoterh pleaser. But the killer to this show
is the first set closer. LLAMA!! Best Llama ever. (rivaling 10/18/94, of
course). It was just so fast and so funky. Mike was slapping like a
It was so good.
At setbreak went outside for a smoke and hung with Marley for a bit. What
a sweet dog. She was still doing security back then.

Second set opened with Mike's -> Groove (my 5th straoght show seeing it..
no complaints). Donna Lee (my 2nd in as many shows) and Caravan (saw it 2
shows before) followed for a nice jazz break, then a monster Tweezer in
classic old school Tweezer style. Near the end of the set.. Fish breaks a
new Syd tune, the rarely done "It's No Good trying." Classic.

And the encore.....!!!!!!

Alumni -> Jimmy Page. Hot.. so hot.

So there you have the best show ever!!!