From: Felix Wang 
Subject: Dayton 11-30-95 review

Ervin J. Nutter Center
Dayton, Ohio

This was one of my favorites from their Fall '95 tour.  We
arrived in Dayton with about an hour before showtime.  There
was not much of a scene in the lot for the simple fact that
it was blistering cold outside.  The venue, Ervin J. Nutter
Center was a relatively new basketball-type arena that was
very airy.  The design of the arena allowed for very easy
movement between sections with the exception of the floor

The show opened with a standard Sample.  It did a good job
to warm up the audience.  Curtain is a song that I really
enjoy HA HA HA.  Julius then NICU were good but common.  THe
Bathtub Gin was very athletic.  It seemed that the band kept
changing the tempo where you weren't sure if it was you or
the music.  Rift.  Fast Enough is a song that I really
haven't been able to get into.  I much prefer their jammed
out songs to their short tunes that don't allow for much
improv.  The show really began to take off with Lizards.  At
this point everyone had a smile on thieir faces.  You then
see Trey turn back and mouth "Fire" which was a good set

The clueless student security must of had a cram session
during intermission.  There were far less people scamming
their way onto the floor the second set.   

The second set was HOT.  Car, Trucks, + Busses is a cool
melody.  Tweezer was amazing.  The grooves were intense and
deep.  During the "freezer" verse smoke comes pouring off
the stage like it was on ice.  Smooth transistion into the
very tropical Makisupa.  The first time I heard this tune
live was the week before at Louisville; I enjoyed this one a
lot.  The teases proved right...Antelope.  As many times as
I have heard this jam, it still is one of the best.  The
buildup was very intense where the whole place was shaking. 
At one point I didn't think I could take anymore, like my
head was going to explode, but then came the gratifying
release.  It's such a bummer to hear this song end.   
SOAMule was hee hawish with the lengthy Page/Beethoven solo. 
Free is my favorite of the then new tunes.  Strange Design
is a great opportunity to sit back and see Page get to work. 
Very moving lyrics to this one.  Amazing Grace.  

After such an awesome Tweezer in the beginning of the set, I
was needing a Tweezer Reprise.  But no, even better...Hood! 
Don't get to hear this one much.  

I really enjoyed this show and think it is relatively
underrated.  It proved to lay good groundwork for the
inspiring Hershey show the next nite.  

I have very crisp AUD/1's of this show if anyone needs them.    

11/30/95  Ervin J. Nutter Center., Dayton, OH (Charlie Dirksen)
	First set blows, so stay away from it (even though the setlist
looks good.. it is deceiving!).  Second set, though, has a fantastic
Tweezer-> Makisupa-> Antelope, Scent, Free run of songs that really rage!!
Definitely check this set out.  I personally really enjoyed the
delightfully short Harry Hood (E), even though Matt of HoodFiles fame
apparently didn't.  It isn't THAT impressive a version, I suppose, but I
enjoyed Trey's trilling in it nevertheless, and thought it was a great
conclusion of this show.