From: Ethan White 
Subject: review: 11.30.94

Review: 11/30/94 Olympia, WA	

	The first set is strong as first sets go.  Frankenstein is always
a fierce opener, and the Vibration of Life narration after Col. Forbin is
fun, too.  The second set is what really makes this show, though.  They
open with Halley's and end with Cavern without ever having stopped
playing.  (Aside from the LONG pause during My Sweet One, complete with
Lengthwise-esque snoring).  Fixin' to Die is a definite highlite, as is
the segue from Ya Mar into Mike's.  In all, the set goes:
Halley's>Antelope>My Sweet One>Jam>Fixin' to Die>Ya Mar>Mike's
Song>Catapult>McGrupp>Cavern.  (Ok, the segue into Cavern may be
stretching it a bit, but the feedback from McGrupp never really stopped
before they went in Cavern!).
	Solid show, exquisite second set.