Date: Tue, 30 Mar 1999 08:02:24
From: Jason Link 
Subject: 11/25/95 - Hampton, VA

11/25/95 Hampton Coliseum, Hampton, VA

Set 1(59min)Poor Heart(fast), Day in the Life, David Bowie, Billy Breathes,
Tasty Fog that Surrounds, Bouncing, Rift, Wolfman's Brother, Runaway Jim

Set 2 (1hr 27min)Timber Ho!, Kung, Mike's>Switch Instruments Jam*>Keyboard
Kavalry>Mike's, Two Dollar Bill^, Blue & Lonesome^, Strange Design,
Weekapaug, Harry Hood, Ragtime Gal (w/mics), Poor Heart (slow)

EC: Extra Slow Poor Heart tease, Fire

^Bluegrass Lineup
*Basically, they rotated through the instruments. First rotation, Trey-Keys,
Page-Drums, Fish-Bass, Mike-Guitar. They played in each setup 2-3 minutes
before rotating to their right (fan's left) to the next instrument until
they got back to their usual instrument

I didn't really like the first set. The songs were pretty straight forward
and routine. I think the band was tired after the haul from Pittsburg. They
opened with Poor Heart at its usual speed. Day in the Life was a surprise
this early as well as the Bowie that followed. This Bowie was as
straightforward as they come. It went about 13 minutes with nothing unusual
thrown in. They basically played it without taking any chances. I heard my
first Taste/Fog that Surrounds. My impression: PLEASE bring back Taste
alone. I don't know if this version was particulaly bad, but it didn't
compare to the Taste (and only Tastes) that I heard this summer. I think the
parts where Trey and Fish are singing different things at the same time are
just way too busy. The music doesn't seem to flow as well as the original
taste either. It would be cool(like someone else suggested) if Page and Mike
wrote their own lyrics as well. It would definitely be nuts and
"interesting" if nothing else. They made it through Rift tonight. Wolfman's
Brother was nice to hear and my highlight from the set. The Runaway closer
was straightforward. I really did not like this set. I had hoped for a few
more surprises and a few less repeats (more on this later).

Second set got off to a nice start with Timber Ho!. Glad to hear it. The
Kung chant was unlike any I heard from '94 (haven't heard any 95s). It was
slow, almost sung. They didn't really do it with any rhythms that are
usually present. The opening to Mike's continued my good feeling. No tramps.
A lot more traditional Mike's jamming than the Winston version. I explained
the rotation of instruments earlier. Fish was loving it when he got on
guitar. He wanted to jam a little more, so Page played Trey's drum kit until
Fish finally relinquished it. (A Fish led Whipping Post would have been
nice, but tough to pull off with Mike on drums and Trey on bass). Fish's
stint on the keyboards was classic as well. Everyone else kind of sat back
and watched Fish solo for a little bit. Eventually everyone joined him for a
Keyboard Kavalry (no marching tonight). Once everyone got back to normal,
they finished up with a little more Mike's before setting up the bluegrass
instruments. 2$ Bill and Blue and Lonesome followed. After Strange Design,
they kicked up Weekapaug which went about 8.5 minutes. Pretty normal
version. Hood went 15 minutes and was really nice, per usual. They closed
the set with a SLOW Poor Heart. They came out for the encore and acted like
they would attempt a reeaaal slow Poor Heart (sang a few lines) before
bagging it. Trey said something and then gave a little sinister chuckle. The
Fire that followed was nice to hear.

A few thoughts in general. I was very disappointed by the song selection
tonight. They've played Blue & Lonesome at 4 out of the last 6 shows. Hey,
what happened to Nellie Cane? Foreplay/Long Time? I like the bluegrass
segment, but would just appreciate a little more variety. The folks who went
to Landover were probably surprised to see Fog, Bouncing, Strange Design,
Poor Heart, and Rift(finished this time) again. Maybe Trey didn't get the
set lists before the show. I thought Ragtime Gal might be Amazing Grace, but
was denied. I would give this show a 4.5 on the Concert Review Standard
(1-10). Hey, I saw 3 great shows in Charleston, Charlotte, and Winston
before this one. I can't complain. They've been on tour for a while now and
are probably looking forward to getting home. Even on a not-so-smoking
night, they're still the best band out there.

Jason "who got home from Hampton to find his NYE tickets!!!!!!"

Date: Mon, 12 Jan 1998 20:57:59 -0500 From: Makisupa To: Subject: 11/25/95 11/25/95 Hampton Coliseum, Hampton VA I: Poor Heart*, A Day in the Life > David Bowie, Billy Breathes, The Fog that Surrounds, Bouncing Around the Room, Rift, Wolfman's Brother, Runaway Jim II: Timber Ho! > Kung > Mike's Song > Jam** > Keyboard Army > Mike's Song, Long Journey Home***, Blue and Lonesome***, Strange Design > Weekapaug Groove, Harry Hood, Hello My Baby, Poor Heart**** E: Fire# * - fast version (the "normal one) ** - band members rotate on instruments. Page on drums etc. *** - acoustic **** - slow shuffle version # - Poor Heart (!) tease before Fire Yes its been about 2 years! but i have the tapes and i definitly, yes, was there. so i saw you didnt have any thing for it and id give it a stab. better than nothing! ohhh and dont hold me to any thing! The venue: Terrific as usual ive been to every Hampton Concert and the security is relaxed and the room is nyce, if you dont believe me just ask Trey!(hampton 96') the location is great also except for the entrance very ruff, heavy, heavy, heavy Traffic! Poor Heart: very good opener got every one swingin' their arms! mike was right on and so were the reat of the guys. A Day In the Life: Crowd loved it definitly some beatle fans in virginia. this went into........ David Bowie: All around great Bowie. No teases, or Language. But good basic Bowie Jammin! Billy Breathes: i love this song, at least back then! now its lost its glamore, i guess just like free! any ways this BB was a standard pre-Billy Breaths rendition. Taste: once again nothin much to say standard pre Billy rendition! Bouncin: in my opinion this song just may be underrated! well it gets me smilin, the reason why some may not like it is because it is placed at the end of sets and as encores. when its placed between great songs it will inherintly increase in vibe! well what im trin to say is that this was the perfect place for bouncin', or maybe im just talkin'. Rift: great song not played enough. alot of energy behind it! Wolfman's BRO: no funk here, i like it with the funk, not and very good solo by trey. Runaway Jim: great set closer made everyone diein for another but they would have to wait "15 minutes"! Set was a 6.5 good but not great lacked energy in Bowie! you got to have energy I was pumped for the second set ill i can remember is pumpin my self up by takin guess for openers, i remember this girl answered correctly, and i bought her a large lemonade, Friends ever sence! Timber Ho!!!!: thats right a little timber action great transistion into Kung: wow these guys are amazing musicians! i can remember thinkin that i was in the Sydney Opera House, trey started laughin at fishman when he was singin Mike's: ohhhhh YEAH AWESOME Mike's, Killer! this was a crazy Jam which then had a Istrument Switchage which was amuzing, and all members playin on the keyboard! sounded pretty neat. 2 Bluegrass tunes: which was a good time to sit down and rest, nyce sounding Strange Design: Good, into Weekapaugh: nyce standard Paugh, but no H2 ahhhh i was lookin forward to it! Harry: cant recall much but it was a good sounding one! Hello Ma Baby Poor Heart: forgot which show it was but they played poorheart at 2X speed!!! think it was 11-22-95 i went to it cant remember though. Encore: Fire: ahhhh total bummer! Well the 2nd set was all amazing but the encore, got to give it a 7, without the fire a 8. for reference we had fish seats! -Blake! ---------------------------------------------------