11-2-90 - Glenn Miller Ballroom, U. of Colorado, Boulder, CO

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: Golgi Apparatus, The Landlady-> Bouncing Around the Room-> The Divided Sky,
The Sloth, Mike's Song-> I Am Hydrogen-> Weekapaug Groove, Esther, Cavern,
The Asse Festival-> Possum-> Buried Alive-> Possum

2: Suzy Greenberg, Colonel Forbin's Ascent-> Famous Mockingbird, My Sweet
One, Foam, You Enjoy Myself, Lizards, I Didn't Know, David Bowie

E: Lawn Boy, La Grange

Well I just thought I'd put my thoughts in for this show. At $8 it was a
bargain. Boulder was beautiful that evening due to the snow that was
 Really thick flakes. The scene was very mellow and small. I think it sold
out eventually. The venue was really cool. Just a not too large ball room
with a stage set up in the middle of one of the walls. I'd say that the
playing was amazing. I loved all the song teases in David Bowie. I don't
know how many but they touched on a lot of songs they had played
throughout the evening. I remember being real excited about the La Grange.
Being my second show, YEM and MIke's Song/ Weekapaug Groove were a blast
cause of the trampolines. They did that at my first show so I was excited
to see it again. Unfortunately the only music I had of them was a tape of
my first show so I didn't know all the songs. After the show the crowd
engaged in a playful snowball fight outside. Just a great time and scene.

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