From: "J. Adam Tizel" 
Subject: review of 11/18/94

Subject:  Review of 11/18/94 MSU Auditorium, E. Lansing, Michigan

Like the Nov 16 show I havn't heard the tapes, so this is mostly form
memory.  this was my second ever show.

set 1:  Rift, AC/DC Bag, Julius, The Horse>Silent in the Morning, It's
Ice, Tela, SOAMelt, Butter Them Biscuits*, 2 Dollar Bill*

set 2 :  Llama, Bathtub Gin, Lifeboy, Poor Heart, Tweezer>Contact,

encore:  Sweet Baby's Arms*, Runaway Jim

Due to circumstances beyond my control we got to this show late.  Also we
went to the wrong auditorium.  So we ran across the Michigan State campus.
When we finally got to the right place, a buch of morons were crashing
throught the gate.  But we had tickets damn them! anyways we came in

AC/DC Bag - seemed to be jamming this like crazy, everybody there was 
          dancing like crazy.
Julius - more of the same, this is so good live.
horse>SitMorning - nice placement, from here on in it was a Pagefest.  He
          sang at least half of the songs tonight.  When Trey did sing he
          sounded all right though.  I thought he might have had a sore
          throat or something.
It's Ice - pretty tight, not my favorite but well played, Page was really
          on fire, heck the hole band was.
Tela - beautiful song, I love all of the gamehenge tunes, Page, Page and 
          more Page.                         
SOAMelt - Unbelievably intense, like Stash two nights ago, this would not
          the ending peaked many times.  Great focus and intensity the jam
          really rocking, totally different than the way they are palying
	  it in '96.
Butter Them Biscuits, 2 Dollar Bill -  well they brought out that Jeff
          Mosier guy again, more of the same cool bluegrass.

set 2:
Llama - funky, amazing drumming by Fishman.
Bathtub Gin - fun, long jam, I love what they do to this song, subtle
          variations on the same theme.
Lifeboy - nice, breather, I really was into this song at the time.  I was
          trying to learn it on the old geetar.
Poor Heart - i hate this song! too cheesey, even for a Phish bluegrass
Tweezer -  ahhhhh much better, i don't remember to much about it, but like
          the rest of the night, it was pretty intense and slowed down 
          beautifully into......
Contact - wow, i thought, how did they do that.  It didn't matter, Page
          was in control, he really was the star tonight, that is
Possum -  really, really tight, what a jam.  I didn't want it to end.

encore - Sweet Baby's Arms- not my first choice but well done, they love
         that Jeff guy
Runaway Jim - sweet

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