From: "J. Adam Tizel" 
Subject: review of 11/16/94

This was my very first Phish concert experience and it absolutely blew me
away.  I am doing this review mostly(not the setlist) from memory as I
have not yet heard the tapes from this show.

set 1 :  Sample in a Jar, Foam, Fast Enough for you, Reba, Axilla II,
Lizards, Stash, Pig in a Pen*, Tenessee Waltz*, Blugrass Jam*, Swing Low*

set 2:  Mikes>Simple>Jam(looooong!), Blue and Lonesome*, 2 Dollar Bill*
Chalkdust, Fee, Antelope   

encore:  Amazing Grace(a capella), Suzie Greenberg

* with Rev. Jeff Mossier on banjo

I can't offer in depth analysis on all of the songs b/c I havn't heard the
tapes, but I will offer some random thoughts.  Overall the show really
smoked and the bluegrass stuff was pretty cool but underappreciated at the
show(by me at least).  Hill Auditorium is on the campus of the University
of Michigan, a hefty 5 hour drive from home in Toronto. The crowd was
small, about 4000 and phriendly.

Set 1:
Sample - played pretty much note for note from Hoist, not too exciting.
Foam - energy level really picked up for Foam.  At this point I could tell
              that Trey was absolutely on fire.  His guitar in this song 
              was so fluid and smooth.       
Fast Enough - mellow, spacey, nice lomg solo by Trey, much much better
              the album version. I'm glad that they got this out of the 
              way early.
Reba - good solid version, i remember being amazed at how eclectic this
              band was, the middle part to this song is so involved and
              they played the hell out of it.  I'm pretty sure they did
              the whistling(I know that they have stopped recently) at the
              end but I'm not sure.
Axilla II - this really rocked, really had the crowd dancing, not too out
              there, straight ahead rock and roll baby.
Lizards - Believe it or not this was the first time that I had ever heard
              this and I loved every second.  the crowd was absolutely
              nuts during this one, the lighting was great too.
Stash -  OK this was out of this world.  I don't remember details but
              Stash just would not quit.  we were sitting way up near the
              top and the music just floated up and up into my brain, this
              made the show for me.  they could have dropped their
              instruments and left and I would have been satisfied!
Blugrass Stuff - pretty cool, lots of acoustic stuff, banjos etc., nice
              change of pace after the intense Stash.

Set 2-
Mikes -  Wow, I won't ramble but Trey, no the whole band was just smokin'
              jammed into....
Simple - I honestly don't even remember them playing this one, but it just
              turned into a really spacey......
Jam - this went on forever.  My draw dropped several times.  at least 25
              minutes of bliss, dominated by Trey.
More acoustic stuff - They should have just done this all in the first
              set, but it was fun to here them do something a bit
Chalkdust - see Axilla II
Fee -  standard, but fun, I liked the Megaphone into the Mike(not 
Antelope - great as always.           

Amazing Grace -  nice harmonies.  they really seemed to be doing an
                eclectic set tonight, but I guess that they always do.
Suzie - perfect ending to a great show.

Sorry if I rambled or didn't add any insight, but I noticed that there
wasn't a review for this on the review page.  That's my 2 Canadian cents!