Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2001 23:13:54 EST
Subject: Utah   97
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The morning after the rocket ride show tour opener in Las Vegas was cool & fresh from an
early winter rainstorm...   Early morning skies clear, a monstrous worlds away travel was
instore for those journeying to the Great Salt Lake land.  Clouds and dark skies carried
in the mountainous foreground along the way, snow capped peaks, snow flurries on the
drive, snowflakes softly floating in the air, quite the transcending journey, arriving
some 500 + miles later at nightfall, to what some reffered to as the coldest show of the
tour, with wrustling winds, and a bone chilling coldness, the lot scene existed in cars,
trucks, and buses, with a few bundled foes on brief walkabouts, and to the girl I want to
say Jessica, who was giving out organic stickers at the vegas show way up front by the
stage, thanks for coming up to give a wunderfully loving hug as I was out myself on a
freezing walkabout.   It was so ! mystical, the chilling winds gave the evening a
powerfully cleansing sacred essence to the night, and seeing the full moon rising above
the Wasatch Mountains, the snow covered peaks glowing with moonlight, its one of those
sacred moments of feeling the power...

Once inside the building felt as if sitting next to a fire, full of warm comfortable
coziness, shroomz are so much fun...  With a feeling of nothing expected by the band, but
to just be feeling gratefull to be there, Runaway Jim opened up, the feeling was
fantastic, then Gumbo, which to this day and beyond is so powerfull, it feels and sounds
amazing... Maze, the ohh so rare eye watering FEFY,  funked up 2001, funki bitch, damn
she's a funki bitch ( Jamie from Iowa City ) to Paul's honored whistled guyute,  into a
whistled Antelope,  wow, atmosphere of the show, described as special...  i.e.  just glad
to be there.

Giggly intermission, staying cozy in the E Centre, hehe....  With no anticipation or umph
or idea of what the band might still to play...  Comes  Wolfman's Brother, wow, blown
away, vibe is amazing, into an incredible Piper, can still see Chris's light show with 
band jamming, relentlessly on and on Piper is in full rocket ride out into space,
literally, the Twist Around is breathless, gracefull, purring, floating wonderfully, wow,
this show is very touching, into traffic light, ummmmm....
Very sentimental feelings float through...  This traffic light is very soothing and
powerfull, where are we at this point, it feels so warm and full of love....  funny how
that vibe permeates, pulses within this land....  letting the good vibe phlow....  Some
nice Jimi to touch up the ending, so Bold as Love, Wow !!!!   Thanks Phish, we're glad to
be sharin in the Groove.

Strong energies, to open the tour in the desert lands, to High snowlands of Utah, then
thru the Rockies out into the Midwest onto the East Coast, I trully enjoy the energies of
the western lands, lots of untouched, untapped sacred rhythmic vibrations that a band as
Phish can touch upon and into.... Peace to the true of heart and soul Phish lovers out
there, its a great phamily, peace, love, & grace.

" Feel the Power "

---------- Forwarded message ---------- Date: Thu, 02 Nov 2000 17:27:52 PST From: M P To: Subject: 11/14/97 Salt Lake City Review 11/14/97 E Centre - West Valley, Utah A successful ten dollar roulette bet on lucky number 22 at the Hard Rock made our Salt Lake trek possible after Vegas. It was a pretty crazy drive through Nevada, a corner of Arizona and Utah....rain, snow, sunshine and rainbows. Set one was power-packed with a crazy unfinished Maze and a funky 2001 that picked up where the one at the Went left off. A four song second set continued Phish's 1997 exploration of spacey sound as it broke through even more new musical boundaries. This second set made the grueling drive back to LA completely worth it. Piper stayed in my heads for weeks after Salt Lake. -powers san francisco _________________________________________________________________________ Get Your Private, Free E-mail from MSN Hotmail at Share information about yourself, create your own public profile at
Date: Sun, 16 Nov 1997 18:41:30 -0800 From: Nate Mordo Subject: Vegas + Utah review By Nate Mordo  11/16/97 11/14/97  West Valley E Center, West Valley, UT I:   Runaway Jim, Gumbo, Maze*, Fast Enough For You, 2001 > Funky Bitch,      Guyute**, Antelope*** II:  Wolfman's Brother > Piper, Twist Around >  Slave To The Traffic Light E:   Axis: Bold as Love * Unfinished ** Dedicated to Paul Languedoc *** "Marco Esquandolas" part was whistled. The Drive: The drive to Utah definitely did not have us as excited as the previous drive day's drive to Vegas had.  I mean "Utah baby, Utah"?  Get real!  So we start driving and get hit by rain. Then sunshine.  Then rain.  Then sunshine, snow, and then finally nightfall.  The highlight of the drive was the plethora of rainbows visible from the road. Spectacular.  Anyway, we got a little thrown off during the drive when we realized that we had switched to Mountain time and thus had one less hour to get to the show than we previously thought we had. The Venue: We arrived in Salt Lake City at aroung 6:30-ish and had no problem getting into the lots.  The Utah lot scene can be summed up with one word: nonexistent.  Having lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for the past few months has definitely spoiled me - it was so fucking cold that nobody was trying to hang out in the lots. I made a brief foray to the port-"o"-potty and was sorry that I had mad the effort.  I think somebody told me that it was 26 degrees.  Mostly, heads were chilling in their cars puffing bowls and keeping warm, or going into the venue.  We went in. The "E" Center is a brand new hockey arena in Salt Lake, which is nicely organized and cozy.  Nothing spectacular on either the outside or the inside though. Security: A brief frisking at the door, which wasn;t really intended to stop anything but weapons.  Inside the show there was ostensibly no smoking, but enforcement was fairly lax.  I saw nobody get thrown out, and only heard of one paraphanalia confiscation (a wooden pipe). The Show: Before I say anything about the show I want to preface it with a few words.  Anything I say about the show can't possibly do justice to the events that transpired within the "E" center.  The Vegas show was good, and I has a great time.  The E Center was what I had come to see.  This show BLEW VEGAS OUT OF THE WATER.  Of the 25 shows I have seen live and over 300 sets I have listened to on tape, this show ranks as one of the best live shows I have ever seen or heard.  It was truly an epic show.  GET THE TAPES.  In two words: HOT SHOW! The Runaway Jim opener was classic.  It wasn't jammed out too long - short and sweet.  A perfect show opener. The Gumbo was long, funky, articulated, and crispy.  Much like the Gumbo of 8/8/97, this version just plained stretched out and jammed. Maze was good and even surprised me a little.  They never finished it up and went into Fast Enough For you.  I hadn't heard this song live in quite a while, but it was deeply moving and beautiful. At thus point things got out of control.  The band went into a long 2001 intro, gradually working their way into the main 2001 jam.  Not quite as techo-style as the Went 2001, this version was funky and lively. The Funky Bitch was awesome. When the band played the opening notes to Guyute i was stunned.  As much as I love this tune, I have learned never to *expect* to hear it in concert.   "The elusive Guyute" is one way to look at it.  Needless to say Guyute got me GOING.  The near perfect performance had me holding back tears at the end. At the end of Guyute Trey said that the song was dedicated to Paul Languedoc who told him that "Any song with whistling is a good song", so the Guyute was for him. Nobody could believe it when they broke into Antelope.  This Antelope was bruting, fierce, and dark.  the only "dark" moment of the set, but not in a bad way.  The entire "Rye, rye rocco.  marco Esquandolas, being you to have any spike man" part was done in whistles by Trey.  It was hilarious. Surprisingly he managed to do it without cracking up. Setbreak: Disbelief, wonder, and awe are all ways to describe the mood during setbreak.  My friend Dave was unable to stop saying "hot set" like a broken record for the entire 45 minute long break.  We knew that after playing a set like that, the band was "commited" to playing an unbelievable second set - it just had to be.  But what would they play... Set II: An absolutely STUNNING, EPIC second set.  Just four songs, this set ripped.  The Wolfman's opener was not a surprising choice, and was jammed out to perfection.  Luscious. Both Dave and I saw the segue into Piper a mile away and cheered in exhultation.  This solved the problem of "the piper that wasn't" the night before in Vegas during Mike's.  All you Piper fans out there take notice: this is a new, reworked version of Piper that has a jam segment, and goes back into the singing part.  After hearing this version, my love for this song has grown - you must hear this.  Highlight of the show. Twist around was next, and it contained a long jam that sloooooowly segued into SLAVE.  Gorgeous and breath-taking.  The Axis encore sent me over the edge.  A perfect end to a perfect show.  Hot show. ----------------------------------------