Subject: Re: 11-11-95 review

PHISH, Fox Theatre, Atlanta, GA, November 11, 1995
by Kevin Cassels, Western Carolina University

     After years of following the Dead, I always had a bad taste in my mouth
when it came to Phish. These guys are silly as hell, and the fans are trying
to recreate another Dead scene. Like many Deadheads, it took thr right mood,
the right moment, to be converted. Shit, how many of us liked the Dead when
we first heard them? I actually saw Phish on 3/28/92 in Atlanta. The place
flooded during intermission, but Phish came out and did an a capella set in
the water. Sure, I was impressed, but these guys ain't all that. All it took
was a three year wait, a nice buzz, and time alone with Junta, and it all
began to unfold. My god, not only are these guys better than the Dead, but
almost every song is an epic! My friend once told me,"Oh sure, Phish plays
long songs in the first AND second set, and their concerts are longer than the
Dead's! Finallly, I saw 6/17/95, and I was blown away. With the boys playing
my hometown's favorite venue in November, I was determined to have a real
PHISH experience. I play drums in a band called Minus Us. It's a punk band.
I offerred my bass player $100 if he said Phish wasn't the greatest show he
had ever seen. We went third night, and I've still got my $100.....
     It was a clod and blustery night in the Olympic city; something in the
air told me it was a special evening. Phish had a lot to prove to a lot of
people; it was there first tour since becoming the apparent heir of the
Grateful Dead's throne. Instead of media laughing stock, they were now seen
as staples of the road. The first two nights were not "warm up" nights like
the Dead; you could always afford to miss the first or second night. Phish
had already pulled out everything, it seemed. What could be left? The aura
surrounding the event was electric. I compare it to the Dead's return to the
theatres in 1980; Phish was throwing a private party at the Fox, and only the
true Phisheads got in, and what a treat ........just check the concert review
poll; behind the obviuos New Year's show and the unusual Dog Log/Tube show,
the Fox is number's why...

CARS, TRUCKS, and BUSES: As the boys came on, the place went nuts. Phish was in
a good mood. This new jazz intro was a great way to start up..

MIKE'S SONG: What? To open the show?! Before I knew it, we were deep into space
with the jam going way out there. I could tell this was going to be a long one.
After what seemed like an hour, the spacey jam erupted and calmed down into..

I AM HYDROGEN: The boysrarely play the written out H2, but have you noticed thatthe jams following Mike's always have the Hydrogen theme? Here, Trey mastered
the percussion while the jam got spooky, after an eternity, Page welcomed us..

A DAY IN THE LIFE: Ooooohh...a picture perfect version of the Beatles classic,
the critics were amazed by this one, and oh the lights!

POOR HEART: I remember jumping out of my head and going bananas, and so did
everyone else! This was an extremely upbeat clap along version, YES!

WEEKAPAW GROOVE: The most uplifting song of the night. The crowd wouldn't shut
up! Trey's solo was unreal, hitting notes so high I thought it was fake. The
jam got long and spooky..and then BAM! Back into the main theme and the crowd
goes crazy!!

HORSE: The Fox's beautiful planetarium and he fans lighters provide a silent
heaven for Trey's wonderful intro to...

SILENT IN THE MORNING: Very emotional. Very moving. Picture perfect. Page
masters the song.

YAMAR: Wooo! Get up! Mant agree, one of the best YaMar's EVER! A very long
under the sea type jam. Trey is dancing and grinning. What a great way to end
a very long set...but...

STASH: Holy shit! Sit back. The version on A LIVE ONE climaxes the jam four I think they did it 16 times! The jam was so long and soooscary!
This was set to remember....Trey was doing circles with his head for 10 min.
Don't try to tell me these guys don't take bong hits backstage!!

AMAZING GRACE: How wonderful. I kept yelling,"Thank you!" to the band. The
crowd totally silenced for this beautiful hymn. The band leaves the stage....
wait...oh no...they're not done! They're going to do another one!!

FEE: YES!! Are they going to take an intermission? As the percussion to Fee
winds down, Mike and Page look at Trey to leave, but.....

CHALKDUST TORTURE: AAHHHHHH! Slam dance!!!! What a solo...what a show...take me
home!!!!! You mean there's a second set????

2001: The lights for this one were breathtaking. I LOVE 2001!!!

DAVID BOWIE: My God, what's left? I'll tell you...the longest jam of the night
The Bowie jam had about 10 different themes..what a mindracer. And then...

SUZIE GREENBERG: Get the fuck up! This was the first pit I had seen at a Phish show. The crowd was louder than the band on the chorus! It was alreasy a long
as hell set....after 2 1/2 songs!!

UNCLE PEN: Bill Monroe's classic was a nice suprise, a standard hoe down ensued

FLUFFHEAD: In the back of my mind all night, I was wondering what would happen
if they played my favorite song in  the world. I can't really talk about it,
because I think I blacked out....get a stretcher,,,,,.....

SLEEPING MONKEY: Damn, this one's rare! It was hilarious watching Fishman sing,
but I've never laughed so hard until he came out dressed as a superhero for..

SUSPICIOUS MINDS: AHHH!! I'm an Elvis fan, and I couldn't believe how much Fish
sounded like the King!! Hilarious way to end a long long set...the band leaves

A nother monster.....20 minutes at least. Exhausted, Phish bows and says fare-

ACOUSTIC ARMY: What a beautiful choice for an encore....The Fox is totally
silent.....what a beautiful they leave the .....oh no.........

GOOD TIMES BAD TIMES: Okay, I get it, they're just going to play for days. This
is a joke right? No it isn't a joke, it's the greatest show on earth...see you on
11/11/95  Fox Theater, Atlanta, GA (Charlie Dirksen)

	Probably one of the top ten or so shows of 1995, this show has the
power of 10/7/95 only with a better setlist.  The Mike's Song and the
Weekapaug Groove IN THE FIRST SET both SMOKE, as does the Stash in this
set.  Second set has killer verions of Bowie, Fluffhead, and Antelope.
Don't be discouraged by the Acoustic Army and Bad Times encores, because
It Just Didn't Matter by that point.