Subject: Syracuse 11/4/94

Syracuse almost didn't happen for me.  I had the tickets, but the person who
was supposed to go with me (it's 4 hours away from me) backed out at the last
minute.  Fretting about what to do, I was even considering going by myself,
but then a friend of a friend was in, so it was a go.  We got a late start on
Friday, and I was almost resigned to missing the first couple songs, but we
cruised into town just barely in time.  Looking for parking was hell - a
policeman told us "good luck - parking is completely gone for Phish!"
 Discouraged, and convinced we'd have to park miles away, we scored the kind
parking spot a block away from the venue - it's that Phishy magic again!

I was praying for The Hot Show, because I'll be away for the New Years' run
and I won't be able to make it to any others until next tour, gasp, next
summer - I needed my fix, and I needed it to last.  On the way up I was just
randomly calling songs I really really really wanted to hear - a nice
"Simple" sandwich in "Mike's -> Groove" - a "Bouncin'" to make up for not
being on full bounce mode during the third set at Glens Falls - the Vibe of
Life I've heard so much about - "Rockytop" - "Yamar" - even a tiny little
wish for "Loving Cup" that I knew they wouldn't play.  You've all done it -
"Man, I'd really like to hear _____ tonight!"

Well.  A great "Sample" opener into a fresh "Ice" with a great "Peace Frog"
jammy thing going on.  I got to Bounce.  "David Bowie" with the everlasting
swirly Bowie jam.  "Ascent" with a little trip to Gamehendge via the Vibe of
Life (seven beats per second!), "Mockingbird".  "SOAMule" is always fun -
with the Page-Mike-Trey duel - each pushing the other to new heights of
jamminess.  "Suzy"'s always fun, into a ripping "Chalkdust" to end a fabulous
first set.  There was an awesome light show going on as well, which I must
have missed at all the other shows I've been to this tour.  I liked Chris's
kaleidoscope on the ceiling, and ya gotta love the eyes at the back of the

"Curtain" opens the second set - a nice surprise I don't see a lot.  "Mike's"
into (will they or won't they?) Yippeee!  "Simple", which I cannot get enough
of, back into "Mike's", into "Tela" (?), into "Groove".  (Had to be the
smartass on my set list and call the Hydrogen-Groove before it actually came,
which never did.)  (crossout crossout crossout).  "Tela" was beautiful, as
usual, and of course we got the whole tramps-smoke-strobe show throughout,
which always makes me happy.  "Yamar" was simply astounding - I'd never seen
it, and it was one of my hope-fors.  "Golgi" into "Slave" to finish the set -
yum.  Encores:  Oh my god - wow!!  a perfect "LOVING CUP", and I got my
"Rockytop" to end the show.  Whew.  My fix was complete, but left me crying
for more.

After the show, we decided to check the door - just to see.  A little bit of
patience rewarded us with meeting the boys, and if you've never met them, let
me make one thing perfectly clear - these are THE nicest group of people you
ever want to meet.  I normally don't condone trying to meet the band - I
mean, they've just played their hearts out - I'm sure they just want to
relax, but they really welcomed everyone who was waiting.  I really just
wanted to see them, but I got to talk to Trey and pet Marley for about 10
minutes, and then Mike just hung out for about a half an hour after everyone
else was waiting on the bus, genuinely interested in what anybody had to say,
answering and asking questions, signing autographs.  Folks, these guys are
completely ego-less, just good, down-to-earth people.  Each one of them took
the time to talk to whoever wanted to talk to them, and for that we should
always be grateful.  I mean, we expect them to put on a stupendous show every
time, and make no mistake - these boys deliver!  But they don't HAVE to be so
nice, and the fact that they are just makes us love them all the more.  It's
the accessibility thing, and as they get more and more popular this will be
more difficult for them to maintain.  It's a small sacrifice for us, but one
we should make gladly, because these boys deserve everything the world can
give them.

Still blissed out,



From: "Lenny Stubbe Jr." 
Subject: 11/4/94 Review

11/4/94 Onandaga War Memorial, Syracuse, NY  (Lenny Stubbe Jr.)

     This was an excellent show, filled with lot's of energy.  From start 
to finish it was evident Phish was here to play.  Their were many in 
attendance with no tickets which turned Downtown Syracuse into somewhat of 
a Phish Phest.  They kicked off the first set with a rockin' Sample in a 
Jar.  A Page-filled It's Ice came next which put a smile on my face 
because I had a chance to meet Page before the show and asked him to do 
it.  Bouncing and Bowie kept the pace up.  Colonel Forbin was great!  Trey 
flipped us out with his Vibration of Life narration.  The rest of the set 
was well played but pretty standard.  After Mockingbird came Scent of a 
Mule, Suzy & Chalkdust ended the set with the later two providing some 
extra kick.

     Set two was absolutly SICK!  It had everything one would desire.  It 
started with an all to rare Curtain, then we got the most UNBELIEVABLE: 
Mike's->Simple->Mike's->Tela->Weekapaug!!!  This combo absolutly kicked 
ass!  This one is for the record book folks!  Good versions of Yamar, 
Golgi and Slave ended the second set.

     The came back and encored with a surprising Loving Cup, followed by 
Rocky Top.  A superb finish to another excellent night spent with Phish!