11/2/94 Bangor Municipal Aud., Bangor, ME (Charlie Dirksen)
If you went to this show, you may have seen my friend walking around
outside with a GIANT sign that read "Drove From Arizona Have Cash and
Halloween Tapes for your Extras" etc.  Anyway, I went to Halloween and
Bangor with him.  We were horrified to find out that Bangor was sold out,
since weeks ago we had the option of getting tickets.  In desperation
mode, Dead (his nickname) whipped up these signs and proceeded to gather
three tickets for himself and two of our Maine friends.  I said I would
find a ticket myself, since I had enough Phish on tape and had seen them
enough times that I wouldn't be too unhappy to miss Bangor.. I got a
ticket finally, from dreadlocked Jeff Drudge, and made it in during the
Maze jam in the first set.  If anyone knows Jeff Drudge, from Ohio, please
be in touch. 
	Set list Note:  Fish was on ukulele, not washboard, for MOHP &
Foreplay/Long Time. (Mike on banjo, page on standup bass, and trey on
classical guitar)  I missed the Suzy, Foam, and If I Could, but heard that
they were good but nothing to write home about.  The Maze jam that I
caught was strong but not awe-inspiring (for those who have seen and heard
it done well before).  Guyute and Stash were also nothing to speak of.
Especially Stash.  I was hoping they would do more with it.. not tonight.
The Scent of a Mule was the most incredible one I have heard up till now.
Just ridiculous.  You have to hear it. I couldn't believe it.  They were
really, really screwing around on it.  Very, very long, too.  The WMGGW
was sick, just like at Halloween.. a great set closer!!
	Halley's Comet was great to hear.. my first one! I was leaping up
and down with glee.. most of the people around me didn't get it (in fact,
most of the people THERE didn't get IT.. I thought the Bangor crowd was
worse than Charlottesville and INSERTCOLLEGECROWDHERE crowds combined..
clueless people galore, lots of moshing and people getting carried over
others' heads on the floor, even during Lizards.. it was a god damn
embarrassment, and you could tell that Mike was not pleased.. oh well,
guess I'm too old..).  The Tweezer was over thirty minutes long and was
the longest, weirdest, and most peculiar Tweezer I have ever heard so far.
If you like Bomb Factory, you will love this one.. lots of weird chaotic
mayhem in this Tweezer that i couldn't relate to.  It was still
incredible... an experience!  [See "A Live One".] I liked it much more
than any other Tweezer ive heard this year, including Bomb Factory.  Mango
was great as always, and Possum and Lizards were fine, just not
impressive.  I won't comment on Axilla and Sample, which the masses ate
up, and which were played just like they are always played.  The encores
were great.. really like MOHP.. the Tweezer Reprise was typical (which
surprised me since the Tweezer sure as hell wasn't).  It was nothing like
the extended Tweezer Reprise we got at Charlottesville. 
I really enjoyed this show, and recommend
you veterans check out the Scent and the Tweezer, which were just
exceptional versions.  Everything else was pretty standard... don't get me
wrong folks, I love Phish, but when you have seen them a certain number of
times and have waaaay to much stuff on tape, you reach a certain point
were you have got to make calculated decisions about what tapes/versions
to hear and what not to hear.