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Date: Sat, 14 Oct 2000 13:21:37 GMT
From: Rod Stewart
Subject: Shoreline combo review
My Shoreline Experience
Well, I was lucky enough to make it to the first four shows of the tour in
Albany and Great Woods! Had a great time^┼great
shows!  Originally was supposed to do Albany, GW then Vegas->Shoreline, but
unfortunately those plans fell through and ended
up just heading down to Shoreline.
Met lots of crazy characters from all over on the flight down^┼Burlington VT,
Beantown, NY, OH, Toronto, all over^┼.it was the coolest plane ride ever,
just packed with positive, excited phans. Many of
them had flown out to Vegas the weekend before, and so some funny stories
were going around.   Not to mention that after the
movie" Field of Dreams", they played a hilarious episode of  "That 70's
Show" which was very coincidentalJ
Brought a good friend to his first Phish shows down in Shoreline.  He turns
55 in November, and he had the most amazing
time.  Also, met up with another good friend from back East in Saint John,
NB who moved down to live in Cali about 5 months
ago.  It was a very good trip.
Shoreline itself was interesting.  The lots were a mix of paved/unpaved dirt
& grass.  Very hilly. Sure enough, like I had
heard, it was indeed built on a landfill.  Let me tell you, the silhouettte
of mounted police^┼.sunsetting off in the
distance- very surreal.
It was very emotional for me, watching the sun going down on the last time
Phish is playing for who knows how long? I'm
guessing a short NYE Tour for 2001/2, we'll have to wait and see.
As far as the shows go, both were great! I'd give a nod to the second night.
Very reminiscent of the second night in Albany
actually^┼just a simply outstanding show with every song and jam at their
very best.
Some 1st night highlights for me:
Stash->jam->Boogie On
Disease->jam->Spock's Brain
Axis: Bold as Love
The whole encore.  I was lucky enough to be there when the boys busted out
the Terrapin down in VA Beach^┼must have good
karma^┼2 out of 3 ain't badJ
They were really enjoying themselves.  The break between second set and the
encore was longer than normal, so I figured
something special was gonna go down, but who would've guessed that.  They
never cease to amaze/surprise me, 30 shows later.
Highlights of the second night:
Lots of folk on the plane were talking about rumors they had heard that the
boys had been learning Abbey Road during
soundchecks and were gonna play a 3rd set second night.  And considering the
shit they through down with Bobby the first
night which went well past curfew til 11:30, it didn't seem all that out of
the question.
Tweezer Reprise closed out the second set in brilliant fashion.  Called the
YEM, but I still thought that there was gonna be
more.  Should know by now never to pay any attention to the rumors^┼ someday
I'll learn.  Think YEM clocked in around 25
mins.  I wasn't timing, but a fellow in front of us was.
To be honest I don't even remember much of a vocal jam.  Nothing to out of
the ordinary anyways. The jam was something
else.  Then I see Trey unplug his guitar, take a short bow, a reserved wave
and GONE.  I didn't even see the other boys
leave the stage.  It all happened so fast.  It must have been hard for them.
I was shocked.  They were just gone.
A minute goes by.  Crowd cheering, crying, smiling, hugging one another,
hi-5ing ^┼.the Crew up there immediately taking down
the instruments/soundsystem.  Then "Let it Be" comes over the PA.  That was
special for me.  Didn't get to see Halloween 94,
but did see the sun come up down in Big Cypress, and "Here Comes the Sun"
was something else as well.
Let it Be ends, crowd just beside themselves, cheering for what seemed liked
forever.  I was imagining what it must have
felt like for the guys in The Crew.  Shoreline had a steep slope, and
looking out to see what they must've seen, man that
had to have been something else.  A lot of the Crew has been with Phish for
along time.
Then the giant speakers descend, and the lights come apart, one section at a
time.  We sat down and just took it all in.
Security was very, very cool. We were 8 rows in front of Page at the front,
and we chilled out for close to a half hour
before anyone even mentioned for us to move.
Thanks to everyone that got me into Phish way back when^┼you know who you
life has never been quite the same since.  And that's a good thing.
Peace to all.
Jeremy Brennan

Date: Sun, 08 Oct 2000 18:20:09 -0700 From: Gary Barnes Subject: Shoreline Review: I saw both shows and that was the best thing I, and my friends, could have done. They were completely different song lists; Friday for the core phans plus a visit from Mr Weir to top it off and Saturday for all the phans, young and old, who gathered in massive numbers armed with huge amounts of tortillas, marshmallows and of course glowsticks. The band was nothing short of brilliant both nights with a nod to Saturday for pure raging contextual jamming. They certainly wanted to say thank you to the phans with Glide, Velvet Sea and the vocal jam ending to YEM almost acting as a Bid you Goodnight tribute Dead-style. Furthermore, they gave the phans two nights to thank them for many years of musical bliss and friendship. For me, watching them at the Front in Burlington was no better or worse than seeing them in Shoreline yesterday, just different. They have come a long way, but stayed true to their mission: creating music that matters. That reason alone is why I have been a phan for the last eleven years since that night in 1989 when my friend dragged me to see this new local band. Thankfully he did and thankfully I listened and music, much less life, has never been the same since. Thank you Phish for the value you bring to my life. Relax and come back energized. I will be waiting. Thank you for the site and your hard work-it makes a big difference. Gary Barnes San Diego
Date: Sun, 8 Oct 2000 23:26:31 EDT From: To: Subject: 10/6,7 What a treat for the bay area.... Bob Marley, Jerry Garcia and the GD(an actual liaison; Mr. Weir showed up), Talking Heads, Stevie Wonder and Jimi Hendrix along with the new "boys" proficiently stirred up some intense musical vibes on Fri.. What a treat to have phish show up on Sat and give us some seriously ferocious "old skool" phish to remember. Trey came out on Sat soaking up the energy of a lit 23,000+, soon to be phish jonesing audience. I believe they didn't speak a word either night.... very classy....we love gamehenge....but since it is "a state of mind" just go out rockin' and exploring the hard driving timeless phish classics to remember them by......WHAT A PLAN The band once again proved how adaptable and apt they are to please their audience. PHISH really catered to the bay area crowd that loves to explore the outer depths of Fri we got a little something for everybody.....all the blue coats at shorline (staff/crowd control for those unfamiliar with the baby blue vest they done) were lovin the Axis: Bold as Love....last year they gave the blue coats a Peaches....many i talked to were tickled pink to say the least to hear Frank Zappa For all the GD fans in the house on about that encore....with a little help from my "headies" i was completely spaced into the first set of a dead was the first time since the Tibetan monks were chanting on 6/2/95 gd, that I had to rub my eyes at shoreline and look at the stage to make sure my eyes were working. Even with the knowledge that the Bridgeschool benefit has gone as late as 1:00am(the Who one year)....I expected a standard format phish set and was quite stoked to get one. Enough gimmicks and stretched out marathon sets, that's not what Phish does best, although they are pretty damn good at that style of show, I'm sure you all have plenty of memories of themes and gimmicky sets anyway, I do. AWESOME CHOICE OF SONGS ON SAT ALONG WITH EXCELLENT EXECUTION OF THEM WILL GIVE ME MANY FOND MEMORIES TO CHEW ON UNTIL 2001 (HOPEFULLY) Thank-you to everybody involved for a great weekend with Phish. Trey, Mike, Page and Jon get some rest....reset and thank you for the good times..... i feel many good things are in store for the Phish community peace butter
Date: Mon, 9 Oct 2000 09:29:44 -0700 (PDT) From: Bridget Elliott To: Subject: 10/6 & 10/7 review As far as the shows are concerned, Phish played two excellent nights of music. It was a blast and an opportunity for me to hear a number of songs I hadn't heard before. I was a little disappointed on Saturday night. Not because they did not play a third set (although that would have been amazing) but because they did not say anything to the crowd. I guess I expected something considering it was their last show for one or two years. But their was an even bigger disappointment this weekend- the negativity I experienced from fellow fans. This is the first show I've been to (out of ten) where there was a noticeable attitude towards West Coast fans. I noticed it anytime someone asked where we were from (or anyone else from the WC). I noticed it standing in line, in the crowds, etc. What is the deal? That's great that Phish are from the East Coast, but I think they want to create music for everyone's enjoyment, not so only people from the East Coast can listen and follow them. I mean, I have never said, "well the Dead are from the bay area so only we are their true fans." I'm sorry, but that is f'ing ridiculous! I've actually heard people saying "our band" this and "our band" that. Give me a break! So I guess I just want to say, lighten up people! Being negative like this is not what the experience is supposed to be about. We should embrace everyone and celebrate the diversity they bring. Phish fans are popping up everywhere so get over it! We are only getting larger and stronger and we will be seeing you at more shows. Hope you can handle it.
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