Subject:Goddard Col., 10/31/89:
From: Christopher.R.Bingham@dartmouth.EDU

Trey was wearing leather pants, no shirt, little devil horns, and a
big set of latex strap-on artificial breasts with chains connecting
the nipples.  He was having a lot of fun dancing during the opening
band's (Ninja Custodian) set, running around and fondling his
"nipples", etc.Mike had a big hairy dog-face mask.  Phishman was in
regalia too, but I can't quite recall what...

It was an amazing and very unique show.  For instance, before
playing David Bowie, the band distributed HUNDREDS of boxes of
mac&cheese to the audience--one for everybody in the packed place.
All so people could shake their boxes like maracas during the
extended opening drum line that Fish plays on hihat.You don't see
that at every show!

Also had definitely the best Antelope I've ever heard... as Trey
sustains the final guitar note he yells "Thank you... drive
safely... because we, we can stage a runaway golfcart marathon...
next year... right here..."