10-3-00 - Jay Leno Show, NBC Studios, Burbank, CA

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Date: Tue, 3 Oct 2000 21:38:37 EDT
From: SONOFLESTR@aol.com
To: dws@archive.phish.net
Subject: Hey hey...Leno Phish Review
TWIST...started a bit shifty, but they got back on track. Trey didn't know if
they should go back to the couch section with Jay after the song, but Jay,
seeing the nobody was following him, took a few steps back and collected the
band. They all hung out on the couches until the end of the show, where they
lined up to shoot some promos...pretty funny stuff. After the promos, the
band left the stage...but Trey stopped and told Kevin Eubanks how much he
respects his music, and how great of a job he has...And Kevin returned the
complement. It was very cool. (I was within an earshot, and heard how much
the two really appreciated eachother's musicianship.)
Great time. Standard television Phish.
Yasmeen looked hot.

Date: Sat, 14 Oct 2000 13:05:36 -0700 From: jphish@earthlink.net To: dws@gadiel.com Subject: 10/3/00 Jay Leno Show, Burbank,CA I made it in to the taping. I was sitting next to Kevin Eubanks, so I was watching him most of the time. Great player! "Twist" was a cool choice for TV. I could only see Mike without looking at the TV monitor in front of me, so it felt like I was wathing it on TV even though I was about 30ft. from them. Right when Jay announced the band, we all stood up and grooved. The Tonight Show staff made everybody sit back down though. It is a TV show afterall. The best part of the entire show was Trey playing with Fish's nipple at commercial break. They both seemed to be really enjoying themselves. I guess 17 years on the road might............. jim Burbank,CA
...below here are reviews based on the TV broadcast of the show, above this are from people at that actual taping...
Date: Sat, 21 Oct 2000 00:29:25 -0700 From: Norm Gaudet nag@primenet.com To: dws@netspace.org Subject: "Men of Phish" on Leno revisited I know it's been a couple weeks since Phish played Leno, but with the hiatus and all, we got time to revisit, right? So here goes: I thought Twist was a strange and gutsy choice -- a touchy tune for a cold-start one tune gig . It took a little while for the band to get a handle on their temporary tv reality, and the song, but they got it together and pulled it off. Well done. If I wasn't also a Dead fan who saw that band crammed into the 3-minute TV slot a few times, then I might be like some who anguished over Phish's performance, or compared it to concert Twists, and rated it a failure. But I've learned: Best not get too wound up; just be glad to see ther boys, and hope they make it through their tube trip unscathed. Expect them to "suck" by your lights, but allow civilians to draw their own conclusions and enjoy it on their own levels. Jay Leno ran a pretty cheesy ship that night, lowlighted by lame skit appearances by creepy Olympic swimmer Gary Hall, a visit with the horrid Yasmine Bleeth ("I'm such a slut! Watch my crappy new TV show!"), and Jay's bathroom humor rudeness to the surprisingly charming, and classy jackie Chan. Just before he brought out Phish, Leno did make me smile with his We're-out-of-time-here's-the-CD-Goodnight! goof on the (stoner) phans, but he really irked me with his repeated "Men of Phish" line, because it seemed to me it was prompted by Fish's wearing of a dress, which of course is outside the Leno worldview envelope (and he calls humor his business?). This apparently was Jay's "subtle" way of saying what he really thought, which I'm guessing was more along the lines of "Hey check out the fag in the dress". It was mocking and rude, almost schoolyard-bullyish. Come on Jay, you can do a lot better than that.
Date: Wed, 18 Oct 2000 11:41:45 -0800 From: Jason Schneider fnjrs@aurora.uaf.edu To: dws@netspace.org Subject: Leno/Phish Phish...........I've been in Alaska for 7 years now and have not seen a live phish show since! These reviews make me sick; reminds me of the fans at dead shows toward their end. I thought it was awsome to see phish live. Austen City limits was even better. People are actuallly taking offense at Leno making jokes about "phish people"? Grow up! It's a tv program hosted by a comedian. What do you expect. Just like Letterman teased Jerry Garcia to his face! It is all in fun and if you took it to heart then YOU need to take a break from phish. Maybe Phish isn't taking a break, they are giving you guys a break!!!!!! It sounds like you need one. Keep it up guys (phish) and enjoy your break (if you are ever in AK and want to do some phishing, i'll take you to my favorite, remote hideway were you can be you and not be criticized). Jason Schneider An Alaskan who would love to see Phish in Fairbanks:)
Date: Sat, 7 Oct 2000 14:34:03 EDT From: Johnphish1@aol.com To: dws@netspace.org Subject: Leno form the TV perspective! Sucked!!! I love that every appearance on Network TV Phish has sucked! I've loved the band since 91 and have seen 92 shows and I say "let them suck on TV" that will keep millions of people who shouldn't like Phish from liking them. My sister and I laughed out loud after they finished! We were like it sucked, but thank God that I got to see the worst version of Twist ever on TV and not at a show! Keep on sucking on TV BOYZ; more tix for me, and less teenie boppers at shows!! Johnnyfish 13
Date: Sat, 7 Oct 2000 14:34:03 EDT From: Johnphish1@aol.com To: dws@netspace.org Subject: Leno form the TV perspective! Sucked!!! I love that every appearance on Network TV Phish has sucked! I've loved the band since 91 and have seen 92 shows and I say "let them suck on TV" that will keep millions of people who shouldn't like Phish from liking them. My sister and I laughed out loud after they finished! We were like it sucked, but thank God that I got to see the worst version of Twist ever on TV and not at a show! Keep on sucking on TV BOYZ; more tix for me, and less teenie boppers at shows!! Johnnyfish 13
Date: Thu, 5 Oct 2000 11:09:32 -0700 (PDT) From: Jabez Harlan jbizzy6@yahoo.com To: dws@netspace.org Subject: ready for a break From reading the reviews about the phoenix show i think phish should take a long,long break. five years or something. it seems to me that fans are expecting the band to live their life for them and give them everything that there life lacks. It seemed to me and maybe only me that the wonderful band called phish has been taken for granted and people are judging setlists and shows like they themselves should have wrote the setlist. we did not write the songs, we did not write the music, we do not play the songs all across the world on stage, we support it and encourage it. we used to enjoy it, no matter how it sounded. long ago, we didn't care if they played a hood or a bathtub gin or maze, we had no expectations. we lived in the moment instead of dwelling on the future and what they might play or dwelling on the past and what they did play. music is about giving yourself, your entire being to the music, proving to yourself that you do exist, letting the sound and rhythm flood you with emotion-and take you beyond this world to something that really matters. i guess it is just human nature to want something different all the time. what we as humans must realize is that is always different in one way or another. that is why we see the show to be part of the music if but for a short time-not to slam it when we aren't feeling in the groove. maybe when phish goes away we will grow to miss them, maybe we wont miss them. maybe we will all give our souls Leno, Letterman, Bush Jr., Gore, Nader, Yoko, tom green, McDonalds, Wal Mart. whatever you give yourself to you better be happy, and if you're not, try not to bitch about it too much, that's what im doing and its making me feel like shit. ascend. jabe.
Date: Thu, 5 Oct 2000 12:44:00 -0700 From: steel19 steel19@email.msn.com To: dws@gadiel.com Subject: leno honesty after watching the leno broadcast i have one thought, 'everyone who believes phish isn't breaking up is an optimist, and, everyone who believes phish is breaking up is an optimist.' Love em, but they need a much deserved break.
Date: Fri, 06 Oct 2000 01:20:09 -0400 From: Matthew Pens bigpenser@aol.com To: dws@netspace.org Subject: Leno Review I have to say first of all Leno sucks, Letterman rocks. The overall attitude of Leno makes me ill, with all of the stereotypical comments about the fans "peaking to early" were unneccessary, and attempts at free laughs. He seemed a little pissed to have an audience full of people who were definately not there to see him. High points, Yasemin Blaeth (spelling?), ordered the boys pizza backstage, they didn't play Heavy Things, and they sounded very good despite the absent cheers. The vocals were a little rocky to start but I truly enjoyed the Trey going to town, and Page's high hats... Just remember that only guests of Phish caliber will give Leno ratings from me, and that a class act like Letterman, who paid Phish compliments that were sincere and meaningful ("you can always tell who the truly great muscians are when they come on the show, because they jam along with Paul (Schaffer) during the breaks) deserves our ratings.
Date: Fri, 6 Oct 2000 12:30:39 -0400 From: Tom Rugg llama2001@home.com To: dws@netspace.org Subject: 10-3-00 Review First of all I think Leno sucks and I'm surprised he's still on the air. His jokes aren't funny, and his laugh drives me up a wall! Ok enough about Loser Leno. On to the music. Twist wasn't a surprise, but trying to condense a 10 minute song into the 3 minutes Leno allowed Phish wasn't the wisest move. The beginning was rushed (for obvious reasons), and Trey began soloing right off the bat. Now, I have often argued with phriends about Trey's singing ability. IMO he is either hit or miss, and this night was definitely a MISS. His voice was cracking and shallow. I don't understand why he doesn't let Mike or Page sing on TV, they obviously both sing better and have better vocal range. Twist was quite like the version on Farmhouse, but kinda loose and boring. There just wasn't ennough time to extend, and there was little space between notes. Rushed and sloppy. A co-worker of mine came up to me (she is a bit older and likes 70's music) and told me that she wanted to check them out and was disappointed. I said "I don't blame you...they SUCKED!" She looked back at me in disbelief and said "Yeah". I supposed she was taken aback because she knew how much time I devote to them and how many shows I have seen (30). I responded to her "Well the whole band takes a part in singing, and the guitarist was off that night". She was like "Really". I said "Yeah, I would have loved to see the bass player or the pianist sing...you really have to see them live." Isn't that the consensus? I would love to hear a solo Mike or Page CD during the hiatus. Tom
Date: Thu, 5 Oct 2000 01:21:53 EDT From: EROC827@aol.com To: dws@netspace.org Subject: PHISH ON TV! This has bothered me for too long and now I must talk! Phish agrees to play these shows with comedy flang and reduced song times and knowing they won't play it the way they really do! It's part of the music business and all bands, whether they say they hate it or not have to do it. People need to understand that besides what we all wish Phish would do...it doesn't work that way! Whether we talk about making radio songs or taking 2 years off...it's their decision 100%. Enjoy what we can, cause it ain't lookin' good... EP
Date: Thu, 5 Oct 2000 00:06:04 EDT From: BaetzJB@aol.com To: dws@gadiel.com Subject: Leno After catching a few shows out east this was my last time viewing "the Men of Phish," for awhile. And as always their playing doesn't bug nearly as much as the phans out there who feel the need to analyze a tv version of a phish tune. I'm only writing because I was so taken aback by this and the webcast reviews. Here's my point, when my friends who don't like Phish and have never been to show start talking about why they don't I avoid their comments for one reason. Phish is a concert band. You can bicker about what album is your favorite but the fact remains that the only albums that come close to resembling the concert Phish are "A Live One," and "Slip, Stitch and Pass." How can you comment on these guys if you aren't there seeing them live. I think these guys are taking a hiatus because they are sick of everyone analyzing their every move. I like them because they provide a venue for free expression and most of the time the music kicks ass because I'm already in a good mood. Some of you should try deriving a little more joy out of your own lives and then maybe you wouldn't turn into Roger Ebert so often. I thought Twist was pretty cool but then again I wasn't wasted in the front row with 15,000 of my friends dancing my ass off! Catch a big one, Matty B
Date: Wed, 4 Oct 2000 17:37:58 EDT From: FARLEYTIME@aol.com To: dws@netspace.org Subject: Jay VS Phish As Mr. Burns would say "Excellent"
Date: Wed, 4 Oct 2000 17:29:56 EDT From: Prufrockbs@cs.com To: dws@netspace.org Subject: Phish on Leno First of all, I would listen to Trey read a cereal box out loud if it meant a glimpse of Phish, so how excited was I to hear about the boys appearing on Leno! Of course, the reality soon sank in that I would have to actually watch LENO to see them. I did feel a little dissapointed at the brevity of the song and the conformed manner in which they played, but I guess that's what you get when you perform on television. Though there was much that displeased me (Leno's flippant attitude towards the band, the fake promo shot at the end, no interview, and the disjointed beginning of Twist), I still had a great time rocking out to their performance. Trey's enthusiastic playing was a nice contrast to the limp audience response during the song (some woo's would've been nice) and Page's "interesting" demeanor (I believe another reviewer called it "tanked"), as well as the rest of the band's solid performance made it definitely worth the previous hour of crap. Of course, seeing them jam live is always better than a manufactured appearance. The quirks in the song (which is not my favorite) are only to be expected. And I hope they did go out and party "hollywood style" afterward. They can appear on my box anytime.
Date: Wed, 4 Oct 2000 15:52:05 EDT From: SRB4NYY@aol.com To: dws@archive.phish.net Subject: LENO PHISH REVIEW I am a huge Phish phan, don't get me wrong. But i thought last night sucked! It sounded as if Trey had a cold, they could have also played a song better than "twist" on farmhouse (such as a short version of 1st Tube). It even sounded as if Leno cut Phish off, since they ended the music so suddenly. I wish I was with the band for there last three concerts before there "break". Well any way im sure they will be jammin the next couple of nights. peace, Scott Phisherman
Date: Wed, 4 Oct 2000 15:13:51 EDT From: KPBIRISH@aol.com To: dws@netspace.org Subject: 10-3 review Jay Leno show phish........right. Hello. I would really first like to say that I am sooooo sick of the negative reviews on this site. All sorts of people are not listening to the music, they just want the title of a song to be played so they can tell their friends and look cool because they know phish songs and thats cool, right? Not to bash the newer fans or anything but the phish scene has gotten progressively less kind, 'they hang on emotions they bottle inside they peck at the ground and they strut out of stride' pretty much sums it up from the bands point of view, and trey telling everyone to slap themselves and their neighbors. Nobody likes mob mentality based testosterone, especially in the name of music. Sorry if I rambled. Anyway I always thought twist(around) is a good song. If you are so unhappy with their song selection tell them, Im sure trey will tell you to slap yourself and that'll be cool cause then you can take ecstasy and tell your freinds about it. ok ok ok sorry this isnt a good review. Anyway page did look pretty tanked but what else is new, they ripped twist and the facial expressions on TV performances are just grand. So much conveyed emotion through them. HA. Trey havin fun and Mike even more so, fishman looked pretty agitated in a way. OK that's my review, I really just wanted to get a couple words in about the current scene, hopefully it will get better after their break.
Date: Wed, 4 Oct 2000 10:48:00 -0400 From: "St.Pierre, Timothy" Subject: phish 2000 on Leno Well, I wasn't lucky enough to be there but I was lucky enough to be surfing through my 5 channel selection on TV and hear..... what? "Twist"? From the back of my subconscious I remembered that I'd read "Phish on Leno" on Phishnet the other day. But I'd forgotten until I switched it on. It was Twist as we know and love it, with Trey surprisingly ripping pretty damn hard on the good ol' Languedoc (can you believe it? I mean, he usually doesn't do that!). A little funky, quite rocky, and all around fine. The real highlights, in my mind, were as follows: 1) Page looked absolutely tanked during the performance. I don't know if the boys were partying Hollywood style backstage or not, but Page looked like he'd been hit over the head with a sock full of bricks. I laughed continuously during every shot of Page. Don't get me wrong, I love Page. And I loved seeing him look all nuggy on national TV. 2) Mike looked happy and healthy. And his singing during the lyrical reprise at the end of Twist pretty much carried the band. It was clear and confident. 3) Trey looked like he didn't want to be singing during the reprise, just playing his guitar. Thats a nice change for TV. tak4) Fishman - got "dress"ed up
Date: Wed, 4 Oct 2000 00:58:30 EDT From: Ilips86@aol.com To: dws@archive.phish.net Subject: tonight show first of all let me say that i thought Jay Leno was very rude to the band members, he seemed to shake their hands real quick and then just had them sit there and not have them talk. maybe it's just me.. second i'm not a big fan of Farmhouse, although I think every song they play live is about twenty times better than the studio versions, i've gotten some really great Piper's along with some First Tube's that i just love. But out of all the songs, besides Farmhouse, i think Twist is the worst. I've gotten two great versions of this song though live which really surprised me.(6/30/00 & 9/11/00) I didn't think the band sounded good at all on Leno and it's a different song without the crowd's " Woo's" and without jamming this song out. I'm not complaining though because i would listen to these guys play absoulte crap!!! but i would've enjoyed a first tube, sand, or even a dirt.. thank you ian
Date: Wed, 4 Oct 2000 00:39:28 EDT From: JonSchroeder13@aol.com To: dws@netspace.org Subject: Leno Review Many Many sterotype statements made by Jay. the W. Bush quote was great. I think it was the beat song they've played on TV from farmhouse. Ther version at Vegas was longer. Why? No restrictions from the conformity box. I thought you could tell that the boys felt out of place during the "promo" shots at the end. But they were all very polite to Jackie Chan and Mr. Eubanks. I am ready to hear the "woo's" of the song because 95% on the place knew right when to throw them it. I think that the band was a little taken aback at the phan out come when the curtain went up which caused the beginning of the song to be disjoited for 3.245 seconds but the quickly we3nt into a solid shortened performance of a song that should always be appreciated whether or not it is the new way or the old way. Kudos Phish, You dun good.
Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2000 12:49:14 -0500 From: blane@trialgraphix.com To: dws@gadiel.com Subject: A Wish for NoThings Is it too much to ask to post this on the October 3rd reviews page? Thanks. This is it, for how long is obscure. Our behavior, new phish old phish, is perilous at best. We want you to return, anxious, we need time to miss one another. As you exit to obscurity, remember not what we do but what we are. A last look for some, the screen, in the land of the fake, Leno, camera, action. Can we stop the sticks, we will bring rings Just one last favor Don't play Heavy Things.
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