From: john radawski 
Subject: phish, 10-27-95

This was was in all likelihood the Phinest Phish show I have ever seen!
The drive to Kalamazoo Michigan was eventful as we saw a double rainbow 
from the highway.  We had some trouble finding our hotel, and Wings 
Stadium (after being misdirected by two locals), but we made it to the 
stadium, parked in an "overflow lot" (a bowling alley), score some 
"zoomies" (quite tastey), traded a halloween ticket for a tonight ticket 
(for a ticketless friend who we picked up on the way), and made it inside 
the venue in under twenty minutes! I guess you could say things were 
phlowing smoothly. The security inside the venue consisted of four people 
standing in front of the stage (I think), and they did not even touch us 
at the door. The whole place was general admission, which was good, 
because I think the show was over sold. Since we arrived late our group 
of eight people split up onto stairs, halls, and available dancing spaces.
The place was really bouncing!
	The opener for the evening was a simply rockin' Runaway Jim!
The boys jammed this out for a while. 
	They followed this wow of an opener with my first ever Fluffhead, 
during which I almost lost it.
	This was followed by a nice long Stash which had everyone 
clapping, and greatly pleased my friend, who calls this his phavorite song.
	As I said I was in a group of eight people at this show.  We 
split up during the show, and when we got back together we spent the 
evening in a hotel trying to put together a set list.  I still feel that 
we were somewhat unsucessful!
	I think they played that Picture of Otis Redding song which I 
can't remember the name of in close proximity to a very nice Rift!
	The remainder of the set included a Dog Faced Boy, a 
vacuum-cleaner solo, a nice, nice Fee, and a nice, nice Horn.  The set 
closer as I remember was this hillarious Suspicious Minds, where Jon (in 
his Elvis costume!) traded places with Trey. I couldn't figure out 
whether to laugh or sing along. They kept messing with the tempo in a 
quite psychedelic fashion, and certainly quelled any paranoia that might 
have been invading this jam-filled show.
	The second set opened with (and I remember this quite clearly)
2001 a space oddisey which had this intense dance-jazz rythym to it. This 
was followed by a very long David Bowie, which lost me in the long 
instrumental space.  In some proximity thereafter was Trey's rendition of 
Col. Forbin' Ascent. This was another first for me! It was about then 
that I think Page called the other band members over to his side of the 
stage in a hilarious death march to join him on the keyboards.  After a 
few minutes they were marched back to start up a jam that resolved into a 
beautiful and echouos Simple in which they pulled out all the stops. This 
descended into a fine Bouncin' which was my first second set version of 
this song. The set closer was a really long Possum, in which the band did 
the blind-the-crowd-lights typical of this song. At this point I was 
really happy!!!
	The encore was a song I did not Know, but enjoyed all the same!  
	The only drawback to this high energy show was the temperature 
inside this tiny hockey arena.  It felt like a sauna. This did not deter 
the crowd, which seemed to be willing to get down and dirty with the 
band.  It was so hot that the walls were sweating! I'm not kidding!!!
The thick air might have helped the sound which was the absolute clearest 
I have ever heard in an indoor arena!  Th speakers were pointed in all 
directions, and made for convincing stereo, and full sound from every 
angle I chose to party from.
	We left the arena to a kind anouncement saying thank you for 
attending this concert and so on...
After an eight minute drive we were at our hotel, where one person from 
our group found a big fat joint on the ground outside the hotel room door!  

Odd but true! Needless to say the party didn't stop behind the hotel door! 

If anyone has a better set list of this show or a kind tape.....PLEASE? 
e-mail me at 

This show was short, but SO sweet,