10/27/94  University Hall, UVA, Charlottesville, VA (Charlie Dirksen)

	ICCULUS!!!  First Icculus since Columbus Ohio last June.  2nd
Icculus of the year! Shelly, did you pass on my dream set list or what?
Ya Mar AND Icculus!!  Very short show, though.. I assume because of a
curfew.  The first set was longer than the second.  The encore was, of
course, excellent, but the show as an Event was short by comparison with
most others.
	My friend Jason called the Wilson opener about a minute before it
came on.  Definitely set the mood.  It was a very strong Wilson, with the
crowd seeming to get into it.  I was about twenty feet straight out from
Mike.  The Hall (aka "UHALL") probably seats somewhere around 5000 people.
Really small place.  The acoustics on the floor weren't great at first,
but by Sparkle were definitely there.  Wilson and Sparkle were well-played
as they usually are, with no surprises.  Maze was fantastic.  Better than
many I have heard, but certainly not the Best  Maze Ever or anything like
that.  It was great to hear it so soon into the first set, though.  The
Forbin's->Vibration of Life->Mockingbird was just incredible.
Fantastically played.  Trey's solos really soared.  Everybody really
wailed on it.  The Vibration of Life appeared to work, too  The crowd
(mostly college students, of course) actually got into it (and there were
obviously many phirgins).  It was just extremely well-done.  Beautiful
Mockingbird, just great.  Trey talked about Icculus and Gamehenge,
naturally, before Mockingbird, and actually mused that he had a new switch
on his guitar that Paul stuck on that -- when thrown -- would create the
Vibration of Life and send everyone back to Gamehenge.  It was pretty
funny (what was more funny was that some of the kids in the audience
appeared to believe him).
	Trey and Mike were clearly into this show in a HUGE way (probably
because the crowd seemed to enjoy the first three tunes so much).  The
Divided Sky was excellent.  Seemed to do more than the Garden State
version last July.  The "All Fall Down" signal came just before "THE NOTE"
that everybody screams for towards the end of Divided (you know, the note
that Trey waits to play until the crowd starts and finally stops
screaming).  The boyz were all still on the ground (even Fish), when Trey
finally hit THE NOTE that started Divided back up.  It was very smooth.
The Horse->Silent was fine.  Played well.  Poor Heart had some great
Fish-yee-ha's, with solid crowd response.  Cavern was just like you have
always heard it, unless you heard that Wilson-Cavern last summer (as you
can imagine, excellent crowd response to this insidiously popular yet
basically never jammed on tune).
	The second set was short but VERY, VERY sweeeeet.  The Julius was
fantastic, they jammed hard on it like they have *live* all year.  The CD
version is such a damn disgrace.  YA MAR was SUPERB!!  I hadn't heard it
since Bender last year and was very psyched to hear it.  It was played
much, MUCH better than it was at Bender, so if you enjoyed that version,
this one will make you weep.  Everyone was jamming (well, not Fish) in and
out of the reggae beat.  I have heard really laid back versions of this
tune, and this wasn't laid back.  You could really swing to it, and the
crowd seemed to dig it (which they don't always do, since so few know it).
The Tweezer was very good, but not orgasmic or anything (and it wasn't
spacey!).  Contact and BBFCFM were both really well done, without any
problems (or any special jams that I can remember.  Fish might have gone
off).  Down with Disease really, REALLY smoked.  I don't know what the
timing was, but it was SICK.  Sweet Adeline was mic'ed and was good.  They
have had a lot of practice with that tune in the last few weeks.  Then
they walked off the stage!  I was definitely taken aback.  "What!?  It's
been 50 minutes or so!"  No kidding, the Julius through Adeline was
probably actually LESS than 50 minutes.  Anyway, I figured there was
probably a curfew (it was like 10:25pm or so at this time), so I figured
that the "encore" would probably be good.
	Tweezer Reprise was predictable, but SLAVE and ICCULUS sure as
hell were not!!!!  Both were just great!  The Slave to the Traffic Light
was screwed up at the beginning (didn't come in at the right time), but
was gorgeous nonetheless.  The Icculus was soooo sweeet.  Trey was really
into the Story and the b.s. leading up to when he finally says "Icculus."
Mike was actually smiling at this point.  He, too, seemed to be having a
good time.  Tweezer Reprise was extremely normal, until the very very end,
when, instead of just ending it as they usually do, Henrietta Zeroman
Tubbman decided that HE was going to end the show on HIS terms, and just
started flailing away on the drums.  They did a whole 'nother round of
"Close-Up-The-Show" jamming.  I had never seen them do this before.
	General remarks: Page (BTW) seemed pretty beat all night (i.e.,
TIRED), and Fish -- no doubt since he had just given you lucky Georgia
people BRAIN just the other day -- didn't enlighten us with his vacuum
prowess, as I was hoping.  Oh yeah Mr. Fizeek was NOT in his aviator hat
and glasses and Zeroman frock.  He was wearing his "normal" glasses and
striped (blue & white striped, maybe?) long johns.  They were weird one
piece long johns. Mike came out at the beginning of the show wearing
shades, but he took them off at some point in the first few songs perhaps
Divided.  The crowd was much better than I thought it would be.  I was in
the middle of the floor near the stage, and, with a couple minor
exceptions (exceedingly drunk, youthful people), had no problems with
anyone.  The crowd seemed to enjoy the show.  There were TONS of people
outside looking for extras.  My friends and I were asked something like 9
times whether we had extras.  It might as well have been Deer Creek..  All
in all, a great show.  Highly recommend the tapes.  Even though it was
much shorter than the normal show.  The energy was just great.  No Split
Open and Melt, Coil, Stash, or Reba were needed.