From: "Christine A. Johnson" 
Subject: review of the 10/25/95 show

On 10/25/95 I loaded up my car with two good friends and headed up to
St. Paul to go see Phish play. At around 5:30 we arrived in the 
parking lot, which by the way was outstanding, we wandered around
there for an hour or so.  Then around 6:30 we found our way to the 
front doors and were addmitted inside.  Once inside we did the rounds 
of the place (Looked at shirts, found our seats, and looked for friends)
Finally Phish walked out onto the stage and the lights died.  We 
immediatly ran to our seats for the show.  Getting right into it Phish
began with Ya Mar which I thought was a great way to open for what would 
be a great night.  The jammed on Ya Mar for a while getting the crowd
into it, then the stopped for a moment and began to play Sample in a jar.
Sample was a fun song, everyone in the place began to dance a little 
more, and with the pleasant aroma of Marijauna filling the air, it took 
only a matter of minutes before the whole place was going absolutly nuts.
Divided sky followed which calmed people down and let the music do its
thing with them. (Great Playing by Phish)  Next came Wedge which was 
a good time to get into the groove. SCENT OF A MULE came shortly after
and after awsome vocals phish broke off into a short but sweet jam. Free
came along with a suprise and in a way sort of energized the entire crowd
with the loud and solid guitar playing. After a bit they began to play 
Strange Design, and there isn't really a whole lot I have to say other
than the fact then "Tripping in this Strange Design, keep the tires on
the line""Just relax your doing fine, tripping in this real thing I call
life" GOOD JOB PHISH totally mond boggleing. Breaking free from the
electric guitars to the acustic was just as great.  Listening to 2 dollar
bill (Long Journey Home), and Blue & Lonesome really showed of phish's
talent as musical artists.  Chalkdust Torture followed with power, leaving
the audience in aw as Phish left for intermission.  Set II was as great
if not better than the first playing Reba- in which the jammed for about 
15 minutes if not longer, A great live song.  Life on Mars to put it simply
Left us on Mars.  Car's, truck's, and Busses, was a great jam as well again
great playing.  Mike's song was a great mid set song as mike jammed perfectly. 
Breathe by Floyd was awsome and aslo the only it me they have ever
 played it. let the crowd breathless.  Week-a-puag was short and sweet
and a great was to lead into Suzi which rocked the entire Center, and 
sent a new energy to the crowd ==> Crossroads!!!! Phish let the stage then 
only to return to play FIRE by Jimi which closed off the perfect night.
Oh and by the way the lights were inspireing (sp).  Thanx for reading 
my review. Matt Johnson