10-25-02 - Utica Memorial Auditorium, Utica, NY

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Date: Fri, 1 Nov 2002 07:56:55 EST
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Subject: Trey Utica Show 10/25/02 

What a great show. The show was held in a small theater. This would prove
to be an interesting show later on, but it started off in typical Trey
Anastasio Band fashion. A rocking opener.

      Set I:
      Javier Cinakowski-A short but sweet song that included Cyro coming
out and playing on upside down Gatorade cans. A great way to start the
song that went right into.....

      Night Speaks Into A Women-Wow. You can't help but love TAB and this
proved it. Though this was a typical version, a typical version of this
song is incredible. Great jamming was a preview of the second set.

      Acting The Devil- One song I didn't like at my last show came back
again, but I have to admit, this is a great song. It has touches of
reggae. It grows on you.

      The Way I Feel-A great way to cool off. I love this song. This song
was perfect to just sway to.

      Mozambique-This rocking song came out of the blue. I wasn't
expecting this song to come out. This was jammed out as usual.

      Perhaps-A nice new song. I'm pretty sure that this was the debut.
It featured great lyrics sung by Trey and Jen.

      Last Tube-A perfect song to close the set. This was great and
reminded me while I like Trey Anastasio Band. Jammed to perfection, this
song gave us enough buzz to last until the second set.

      Set II:
      Curluse Call:-I wasn't sure what this was until I heard the lyric.
This is great. Tom Marshall can write such great lyrics. I can't wait to
see Phish play this song.

      Windora Bug-I had never heard this song live before and it was a
real treat. It has such a great beat and is very catchy. It was funny to
see Jen on tuba and hear Tony sing "Is it a wind or a tuba?"

      At the BBQ-I thought this was very funny. The band was playing and
Trey was directing. Twice the spotlight was on him as he played a single
note on the triangle. Typical Trey.

      Mr. Completly-WHOA! Incredible. What else is there to say about
this. 45 minutes of non-stop jamming. There were so many parts and
movements, including a drum solo with Russ, Cyro, and Peter. This is
where the trouble started in the balcony. It's no suprise. Maybe the best
jam I have seen.

      Radon Ballon-I was excited to see Trey play acoustic. Radon is such
a sweet song. I enjoyed it. At the end, he said that Brad (who had came
out to talk to him during Mr. Completly) said that the venue people were
worried about the stability of the balcony which was visibly shaking. He
said they would play 1 more song.

      At The Gazebo-Not my first choice to close the show. It was
unamplified. It is a sweet song.

      Pebbles and Marbles-Trey came back out and picked up his acoustic
guitar. While he was tuning up, someone yelled "Freebird." Trey said he
wouldn't play it but he said he would tell us 2 stories about it. The
first one was about being in Greece with some Greece punks who had
Freebird on a boombox. It included some laughs such as "I've seen Fishman
naked, have you?" The second one was about Lynard Skynard turned down
Phish's a cappella version of Freebird for their tribute album. He
commented that that was the second time he had talked too much during the
encore. I didn't think so. He played Pebbles and Marbles. I loved the
song. A great way to end a great show.

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