trey - 10-24-02 Cumberland County Civic Center, Portland, ME

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Date: Mon, 28 Oct 2002 14:24:17 -0500
From: Dom Lange
Subject: review of trey in portland 10/24/02

I've seen trey six times now and have yet to write a review so after a
great(imho) show at the portland expo on thurs i figured what the hell. 
First of all this place was really small- it kinda fealt like a high
school gym, with bleacher seats surrounding the floor, it was also general
admission so we had some great seats about 25 feet from trey.  The place
filled up to what seemed like capacity but supposedly it wasn't sold out. 
unfortunatly they did not sell beer but at least the water was cheap ( how
often can you say that?) - anyway on to the show - when they opened up
with burlap sack and pumps i figured that this show was going to follow
the same structure as the others I had seen which had left me wanting, but
this show was really tight and trey was really into it the whole night. 
his jams were really enthusiastic and he wasn't making too much of an
effort to overdue them - very good picking and for the most part the band
as a whole was really grooving.  the 2nd tune - curluse call - I had not
heard before but it was pretty cool - money love and change was next and
it was VERY good really heavy and again very tight- this went into a
better than average drifting ( i for one think this is one of their best
songs, but the studio version is awful) the soloing is really pretty on
this tune and this version was no exception - the last song of the set was
a very nice simple twist up dave that had very good energy - overall
rating for 1st set 8 out of ten
the second set was the the best played set i have heard in quite some time
even if the song selection was not my favorite, the caliber of playing
more than made up for it.  the mister completely was one of the highlights
of the set. very nice classic trey soloing a la phish 1994 - he was
holding notes and he just seemed to have that look in his eyes like "oh
yea! i'm gonna throw this jam in your face", and that was exactly what it
fealt like.  acoustic break was very well played as well and thank god the
crowd actually listened to this part for a change, instead of cheering so
much that you have trouble hearing the guitar.  onco trey finished the
acoustic part the set was just en fuego till the end-cayman and alive
again were both the best versions I had heard to date - overall rating of
set - 9.5 out of 10
encore - isn't much to say it was nice but after this past summer when
mike came out at greatwoods( oh yea its called tweeter center) and we got
the mikes groove, its all downhill from there (untill phish reunites as a
whole). anyway I thought this show was really good and trey music is
starting to mature like fine wine - i'm actually starting to really like
it - it took a while but I don't know why i;m so surprised, after all its
Trey right!

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