Subject: Five Seasons Center, Cedar Rapids IA 10-20-95

This was my first Phish show, and it was awesome.
MY FRIEND:  Really good opener.  The lights during the intro were very cool.
YAMAR:  Pretty standard, but it got people dancing.
HA HA HA:  Dark tune, very cool.  Pretty scary.
DIVIDED SKY: Tight version, well coordinated.  Nice jam.
FEE:  Fun to hear, but Trey's megaphone kept messing up.  Eventually he just
shrugged his shoulders and stood there.
RIFT: Standard
FREE: Nice, strange sound effects from Trey.
RAGTIME GAL: Awesome.  The crowd was really into this, especially Fishman's
AMAZING GRACE:  Definitely the highlight of the set/show.  First they did it
a capella, and then moved into an instrumental version.  Really nice playing
by Trey.  Then, halfway thru, some guy comes out with a bagpipe and finishes
it.  The crowd goes absolutely nuts.  Great.

2nd Set
TIMBER HO: A good song, nothing extraordinary.
SCENT:  Wow.  This was good.  Trey and Page's duel was frightening, and Page
kept pounding the keys like it would go on forever.  Trey's scat thing was
neat, and the Fiddler-on-the-Roof thing was cool, too.
SIMPLE:  I really enjoy this tune.  Everybody got into it, everybody was
MAZE:  Good choice.  Everybody was singin' the words, and the jamming was
GUMBO: Standard
WHILE MY GUITAR GENTLY WEEPS: it rocked.  Lots of cheering when the opening
riff was played.
2 DOLLAR BILL/BLUE AND LONESOME:  Pretty standard, but the audience loved it.
 Best part: Page: "I wanna pack my suitcase and GOOOOOOOOOO!"
BOUNCIN':  The song is overplayed, but it is fun and we jumped up and down
for quite a long while.
ANTELOPE:  This is a great song, adrenaline rush.
E1: SLEEPING MONKEY: It was okay.
E2: ROCKY TOP: Fast n furious.  Good closer.

This was a great show.  Highlights: My Friend, Ha Ha Ha, Amazing Grace,
Scent, Guitar.  A+.