Date:    Sun, 18 Oct 1998 23:58:34 -0700
From:    Jason Bilicki 
Subject: Review: Bridge 2nd night: I hope this happens once again!

I don't normally post reviews because others beat me to it.  However
since I just got home from the show and I'm still GLOWING and no one
else has done it yet, I'll offer up my humble review.

Let's see this was like my 18th time seeing Phish and never have I seen
something so intimate and full of happy kind energy.  The whole day was
great really.  I sat through all the bands even if I didn't like them.
It was cute watching all the groupie teens go gah gah over the
Wallflowers.  Yeah there were lots of lamers but it was so nice I
couldn't complain.  I met up with some kind folks that I had met at
Lemonwheel (Ryan & Sylvia gimme a call SOON!).  Neil was in great form
tonight.  Yeah he's old and scruffy and everyone always thinks he's
pissed, but that's just Neil.  For him, tonight was a very happy night.
His performance was so rich....opening with From Hank to
Hendrix....other highlights were After the Goldrush and Powderfinger.  I
LOVE Neil and it was such a treat to see him today!

On to I said....the energy was incredible.  Smiles on ALL
their faces like they were having the time of their life.  Once again I
thought it was great to open with an acapella tune for the kids....this
time Hello My Baby.  This was my first time hearing Phish ALL acoustic.
I'd seen Trey whip out an acoustic at other shows, but never all four.
They sure know how to get the fullest sound from their instruments.
Billy Breathes sounded great acoustic.  You could really hear Mike loud
and clear because of the dynamics of the acoustic bass.  Ah then there
was Piper....I've loved this song since its debut.  When I heard the
first few notes I didn't think they were doing it because it was
acoustic but then I realized, "why not?"  This got me dancin bigtime.
Not too many people were dancing though.....I was at the top of section
202 dead center and the smurfs were being real tight asses tonight.

I'm sorry I don't give the kind of review where one picks out every lick
and missed note.  I just try to convey my emotions.  Roggae was really
nice acoustic too.  That uplifting riff got the whole place coasting
along on a mellow groove....If liiiiiiife were easyyyyy *grin*.  Loving
Cup made me leap!  I absolutely love it everytime they play it and
tonight was extra special.  I couldn't see up on the lawn but I could
tell everyone was feelin what a beautiful buzz it this point
it seemed all the people who didn't come to see PHish were catching on
and having fun.  Albequerque....I called it before the show because you
had to know it was coming.  I like this tune but I'm biased because I
love Neil.  Trey was sure to mention it was a Neil tune of course.

I was SOOO glad I got to see Mike play banjo on a bluegrass tune.  He
kicks ass on it too!  I was hoping for Ginseng (someone near the stage
yelled it loud too) but My Old Home Place was the next best thing.
Definite boogie time :o)  OK so like Trey stops after that and says
something about attempting to play a song that's never been played
acoustic and I'm like "oh boy..." and then he says it's called Guyute!
I'm thinkin no WAY!  Then he said something about attempting to push the
limits of acoustic music or ???  I always forget those things.  ANYWAY
boy did they EVER!  It sounded awesome and I could get down just as I do
for the electric version.....doin a jig and all!  You could tell they
were struggling at the part where it gets all hardcore (in the electric
version) but they kept it on and were able to close it out perfectly.
The crowd really got into it, I think everyone was
impressed....Phishheads and non-heads.  I can't get enough of this song!

The rest was nice and full of happy energy.  I was really pleased to see
Sarah M join them for that Sad  Lisa (???) tune.  She has a great voice
IMO.  Trey looked REALLY happy to have her out there too....I have to
say if he wasn't married I would have thought he was giving her the GOO
GOO EYES!  I swear and he kept smiling at her and patting her
back...DOWN BOY!  Anyway Trey and Sarah's voices worked great together.
The mood was mellow, happy, made you sway and grin....Trey grinned a
bunch too....he looked like a little boy.

Ah then the real treat when old Neil comes out!  I had never heard Four
Winds but Neil and Sarah did a fabulous duet....exchanging glances and
smiles.  Everyone played on this tune...Neil taking most of the lead and
Sarah adding a little on acoustic.  It was just so nice to see these
musicians with's not often you have Phish in the background
on the stage and someone else in the spotlight.  I rather enjoyed
it....something new and something I'd like to see again.

Boy this is longer than I wanted it to be but finally I Shall Be
Released for the finale felt just right.  Trey and Neil shared a mic
which made me smile.  Sarah sang beautifully on this one....reminded me
of Jackie and Gloria with JGB.  I cannot stress how much the vibe felt
so happy and positive.  Intimate, thin crowd, soft glow, cold but warm
and fuzzy if you had some layers and a dance in your step.  I'd love to
see something like this again but I wonder if these things are stictly
once in a lifetime.  Peace everyone, I'm on cloud nine :o)

Jason Bilicki