10-14-89 Hobart College, Geneva, NY

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Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2000 18:57:18 -0400
From: Christopher J. Dow 
Subject: Historic Phish Review
I hope you will publish the following review for 10-14-89 Hobart College,
Geneva, NY: I'm a 1990 grad of Hobart College, and this was my first Phish
show.  At the time, I had never heard of them and had no clue that I was
seeing what would become one of my favorite bands of all time. Anyway, I can
hardly offer a song by song critique.  What I can tell you is this: They
played on the grassy "Quad" at Hobart on a stage set up in front of Coxe
Hall, a really nice, old, gothic-type building. There were about 20 people
in front of the stage watching the band. I remember the music was
interesting, but I really wasn't blown away or anything.  I remember talking
to one guy I knew who told me that he had no idea what they were playing,
but it was great music to trip to.  That dude is a dentist in Vermont now.
Anyway, the band was miffed because everyone was located about 45-50 yards
away from the stage in the beer tent, the only place on the Quad you were
allowed to drink.  Trey called over to the tent a few times, asking people
to come closer.  Nevertheless, people for the most part stayed in the tent.
The last thing I remember is Trey shouting "this next song is dedicated to
the women of William Smith" (the women's college that shares the same campus
with Hobart) and they launched into an awesome cover of "Good Times, Bad
Times." You know..."In the days of my youth I was told what it is to be a
man..."  We took this as a hilarious comment on the female population of
William Smith, whether Trey meant it that way or not. They totally rocked,
and me and my friend, who were big Zeppelin Fans, were just laughing our
asses off and rocking out. We left after the first set because we had a
party to go to, and I don't think we even knew they were coming back out.
We might not have stayed anyway. My educated guess is the second set was
real short due to the lack of interest shown by most everyone there at the
time.  Postscript: in 1998 I attended my 13th or 14th Phish show at Ventura
County Fairgrounds on 7/20.  My brother was working on a popular TV show at
the time as an editor, and, as a result we got to go back stage between sets
with one of the stars of the show who knows the band.  I felt the need to
recount my Hobart experience to Trey, just to let him know that I was a fan
from a ways back.  After trying to figure out which Hobart show I was
talking about, he said "Oh yeah, that was the night everyone was at the tent
and not watching us." I said yeah, but your Zeppelin cover was awesome.  And
that was that.  Anyway, I've got a photo with my brother, Trey and Mike and
a green Dr. Zaius "Planet of the Apes" backstage pass to prove this yarn.
And now you have a sort of review of this Hobart show.  Thanks.
C.Dow, Esq.

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