Date: Tue, 23 Sep 1997 19:27:47 -0600
From: andy jacobson
Subject: 10/6/95 review

This was my 4th Phish show and all I can think about is how small it
was.  2,900 people got to see this, because this was the tour when
Phish was reorganizing their mail order system, and I was able to phone
easily for 12th row center.  This show and the next night(Spokane) were
the most intimate shows I imagine I'll ever have the chance to see:-(  
	A crystal chandelier(sp?) hung above us in the anteroom and the
ushers showed us to our seats with flashlights and gloves.  It would
have been rude for them to search us...  Highlights of this show would
bethe Yamar opener,billy breathes,stash,NICU->Tweezer and a very comical
deal where trey and mike walked to the beat across the front of the
stage like people in a koo koo clock.  The whole show I could have
yelled something to the boys and they would have easily heard it.  One
time during maze I yelled so loud with excitement(I do that being from
Wyoming) that I thought that everyone in the place was thinking about
	Musically I think that the next night is far superior but I am glad to
be able to say that I was able to see Phish in a royal 
Canadian opera house, where royalty go to see concerts:-)  28 and still 
showing...    Andy