From: Eric 
Subject: Phish, 9/28, San Diego
bummed that it will be a while until the band comes out here again.

Phish, Summer Pops, Embarcadero Plaza, San Diego, 9/28/95,
I:Instrumental, (jump blues, led by Page's B3),Runaway Jim, Billy Breathes
(new tune)Scent of a Mule, Stash, Fee>Another Taste(Started 2x),Acoustic

II: Feed from the Bottom>Poor Heart, Don't You Want to Go?, Tweezer>jam>Key-
board Army(?), Amazing Grace, Sample in a Jar, Run like an Antelope. E: Fire

Good show at a really nice venue.  The place itself was right on the edge of
the pacific, on a little peninsula.  Open field with one set of risers inthe back 
facing the stage.  The soundcheck was totally listenable: (Page's instrumental,
Bottom, Hello My Baby).
Page's instrumental was fun, kinda Allmanesque in a light sort of way.  It
stopped and started a couple times and then ended for real, into Jim.  I was
expecting a monster, after reading the posts about the Jims they were taking
to the moon.  This was back to the old Jim, but it was still good and jammed
a  little more than back 
in the days of yore.  Billy Breathes was pretty, in the same way that If I
Could is. The main chorus is something like "softly sing sweet songs".  Trey
introduced it afterwards.  Scent was fantastic, well played with plenty of
room.  Stash was great,
I yet to be even remotely disappointed in this.  Fee was fun and lead into
what everyone is calling Another Taste (this one now begins with "Down on my
self again,
step into space."  Sounds very Who-like to me.  Acoustic Army was fun.  To
get the Slave to end the first set was a real treat.  It was the monster
that Jim was not. Overall, a very strong set.

The second set was good, but a little shorter than I would have liked.  Feed
from the Bottom is getting better with each playing and this got pretty
powerful(and BTW, it is Feed, not Theme: I asked a guy with the sound crew
at the board).  Straight into Poor Heart, which, like Mule, smoked.  Don't
You Want to Go? is largely for-
gettable IMO, but it kept folks dancing.  Then the was good and
fairly focused and started off the same way they did a lot of them last
year, descending major and minor chords, but after about fifteen minutes, it
was time for the 4 man
Keyboard jam again, which was fun but didn't go anywhere near where the
Tweezer was going...(sigh).  Amazing Grace was quick, almost like they
missed a verse, but they  crowd was too busy laughing to care.  Sample was
good, if too brief (not quite 
enough uumph in the final jam).  Antelope was a winner in my book, a little
ten minutes of Phish heaven for me.  The Fire encore was a gas, and Trey
jammed like
he WAS Jimi, so that was fine with me.