Subject: 8/26/89 - Townshend (VT) Family Park

I believe there were 3000 to 4000 people at this gig, making it the 
largest attendance to date (or so I understand).  The day was beautiful. 
 The organizers did a marvelous job.  There was on-site parking, to which 
one was free to go back and forth.  You could bring your cooler right out 
on to the lawn had consume some cocktails while watching/dancing.  
Multiple vendors ringed the expansive lawn, offering up a tasty variety 
of munchies.  A miniature golf course and a cool little train ride also 
were on site.  I don't recall if those were open to us, but my buddy 
Chief figured out how fire up the train engine and you can imagine the 
     As for the music, Fluffhead provided a great first tune.  After 
this, Trey likened the Family Park to Gamehenge.  There was a small 
mountain kind of behind the stage and there was a nice stream surrounding 
the entire grounds.  Colonel Forbin followed this narration.  YEM>Possum 
eventually closed this inaugural Townshend set.
    By dark, the band reluctantly wound things down after three sets and 
a three song encore.  Everyone left with memories of a great event and 
hopes for a repeat show next summer.  Luckily, we were rewarded with two 
more years of good times, although '91 was severely toned down.
    One yeah - one more thing.  If I'm not mistaken, Fishman got a 
speeding ticket en route to this show.  He was a little late in arrival. 
 I remember that his drums were assembled by various bandmembers/crew 
members.  Obviously he wasn't riding in the truck. A comical start to an 
amusing afternoon.