Subject: 8/20/93 Review

   This is a review of the 8/20/93 show from Red Rocks. No, I wasn't 
there, but I have damn good tapes of it, and must say that it is 
easily one of the greatest shows of all time. I've listened to the 
tape often and will give a much needed rundown

Set I

Divided Sky: This is always a cool opener and it's fun to hear 
because Trey flubs one of the middle solos because the rythm section 
starts to play the wrong bars and Trey gets confused. Great opener.

Harpua: Second song anyone? Great rap about the mysterious Red Rocks 
iguana. You can hear the echoes coming off of the stage.

Poor Heart: Standard, but cool.

Maze: A solid Maze. Not as insane as late '94 or '95 versions, but 
still a great Page showcase.

Bouncin': Standard

It's Ice: Really cool! Page plays these unusally jazzy chord 
progressions where the spacy jam usually is, making this Ice unique. 
This segues into

The Wedge: One of my favorite Phish songs in phine form. Totally 
different than the Rift or summer '95 versions with jazzy piano jams 
thrown in between verses. Why the hell did the boys ever change this 
format? It rules. Worth hearing!

GInseng Sullivan: This is funny because Trey spends about 5 minutes 
tuning his guitar by himself. Brad Sands apparently didn't do that 
good a job and Trey dedicates the song to "the guy who tunes my 
guitar." Fun stuff.

Rift: Standard

Antelope: Holy Shit. One of the most mindblowing Antelopes in history.
 So many different parts, so intense. Sometimes Trey's guitar sounds 
like a police siren, sometimes it's totally out of control. 14 
minutes of ectasy. Great set I!

Set II
2001: nice. Segues into...

Slave: Interesting choice for a segue out of 2001. One of the longer 
Slaves I can think of, and this one is damn good.

Split Open: Jamming version that really works. Mike was in a league 
all his own.

Squirming Coil: Pretty as usual. The Page piano solo isn't as 
developed as in '95 and a bit brief, but still solid.

My Friend: Played with the acoustic guitar (I think). I like this 
version alot. The ending vocals are extremely drawn out and it sounds 
like the band is getting humorously bored wirh saying.."My friend my 
friend he's got a knife." Fun stuff.

Chalkdust:  Hard rockin' as usual

Y.E.M.: What an incredible second set! Great Mike bass jams towards 
the end. Solid throughout. Vocal jam isn't much to rave about, but 
they can't be great all the time. Segue into 

Purple Rain: This one is cute because Fish's mom comes out to play 
the vacuum. Henrietta tunes are always a treat, but are also always 
better when you see them in person than they are on tape.

Cavern: Fitting finale to an unbelievable set.

Mango Song:  ?! As the encore? Lord have mercy. A fantastic song that 
is icing on the cake.

Freebird: Acapella madness. Mine gets slightly cut off because this 
set is over 90 minutes long!

Overall one of the greatest shows ever that demands a place in every 
Phan's collection. DAVID GOLDSTEIN