Subject: 8/17/89 - The Front

The Front must have been 120 degrees inside that night.  I recall 
spending the majority of this gig standing directly in front of the huge 
fan that usually was set up to the right of the stage near the exit door. 
 This night featured a couple of special moments.  Rocky Top was played 
in honor of the Drebbers, who had gotten married a few days earlier.  The 
happy couple was planning a move to Oregon, and apparently Rocky Top was 
performed to "bring up the flavor of Oregon."  
     The second set included what could be considered a major milestone 
in the PHISH legacy.  Nancy gave his farewell performance of Haley's 
Comet.  He seemed initially reluctant to sing it, but with some coaxing, 
the words began to flow.  He related to us all a dream that he had.  It 
had to do with crawling through a hole in the wall and ending up on a big 
stage with four other guys.  Obviously a touching rendition.  Oh how I 
yearn for his return.  The Dude is The Dude, but Nancy, well, there's no 
rational comparison.  The man could move masses with his voice.
     There was also an announcement made concerning the upcoming 
Townshend gig.  But that's another review.