Date: Wed, 20 Aug 1997 14:33:16 -0400
From: Kris Booth Kris_Booth@SUTH.COM
Subject: Darien Lake Review 8-14-97

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Well, what can I say this show ruled, had to be one of the better ones
of the tour, but that is only my opinion, so take it how ever you want,
enough about that though, on to the show

Set 1: Ya Mar, Funky Bitch, Fluffhead---->Fluffs Travels, Limb my Limb,
Free, Cars Trucks and Buses, Tela, Trainsong, Billy Breathes, Run Like
an Antelope

Ya Mar: Great way to open the show, the band was super tight and the
whole crowd locked into the Groove right away, couldn't have been
Funky Bitch: First time I ever saw this tune, and I loved it, they
rocked this one with some great guitar work by Trey
Fluffhead--->Fluffs Travels: Can never go wrong with Fluff, hadn't seen
this since 7-14-94, still ove this song, especially they way they jam it
at the end, so far, things were going great
Limb by Limb: My first live taste of a new song, I was hoping for ghost,
but this one I enjoy a lot, simple but fun
Free: I usually don't care for this song or any of Billy Breathes for
that manner, but tonight they jamed it extra Phat Style and the crowd
loved it, I can now say that I actually like this song now, thanks Phish
for bringing me around
Cars Trucks and Buses: Heard it a million times on tapes, first time
live for me though and it jammed, I wish they had horns though, it
sounds so much better with them, but I still danced my ass of to it,
can't complain at all
Tela: This is where I took a piss and got more beer, this song was great
back in the day, but it has lost something over the years, oh well
Trainsong: still getting beer for this one, don't care for it, to slow
and boring
Billy Breathes: Was walking back to my seat for this one, don't care for
it either, but I am gald they played three slower songs, let me get what
I needed, which was more BEER!!!!!!
Run Like and Antelope: Alright just got back to my seat, frosty beer in
hand and out comes a smokin Antelope, Tery just ripped it up on this
one, made me want to run around the grass (to bad their was no room), I
love this song and Phish played proper on this night

Overall I would say that it was a great first set, I was very psyched
for the second one, which completely kicked ass, BIG TIME!!!!

Set 2:Chalkdust Torture, Love Me, Sparkle, Harry Hood----> Jam, Col.
Forbins Ascent---->Merry Pranksters Bozo Madness---->Funk Jam---->Camel
Walk, Fog that Surrounds

Chalkdust: Great way to get the crowd going in the second set, they
rocked it out and got everybody super excited, good tune
Love Me: I first for me, Mikes vocals were great, its always to see a
super dork blet out an old elvis tune, left me with a smile on my face
Sparkle; hmmmmm....this song was cool, like THREE YEARS AGO, please stop
playing this, its old, beat, lame, and I am sick of seeing all the PHAKE
PHANS running around singing every verse, drives me nuts, please retire
this one for awhile
Harry Hood: One of my favorites, last time I saw it was on by birthday
8-6-96 at Red Rocks, they rocked it, jammed it, it ruled, can't go wrong
here, You can feel good, good about hood, enuff said!!!!!
Jam: Harry Hood then went into a funky jam, very cool, got me excited
Col. Forbins Ascent: Great tune, saw for my first time 12-31-95 MSG New
Years Show and I have loved it ever since, nothing like a little
Gamhendge to mellow things out, but what came next was totally
Merry Pranksters Bozo Madness: out comes Ken Kesey and the Merry
Pranksters talking about finding the bozos that were lost, the tim man
came, scarcrow, and the lion, things got super weird then frankenstein
came out with a little help from the band, I think you can figure out
what they played. WHile this whole bozo rap whet on they proceded to
play McGrupp and Ghost teases, very cool, but what happened next was the
best treat of the whole tour, they usually go into the Famous
Mockingbird, but as Trey put it the funk was jst to deep, so they bust
into Camel Walk
Camel Walk: YES!!!!! Finally I get to hear the very rare camel walk and
man was it funky, I mean super funky, I loved it, they only played this
one other time in the 90's and that was in Sugarbush 95, this was the
best song, to bad half the people there didn't even know what song it
was, to bad for them.
Fog that Surrounds: I know phish.net says that they played taste here,
but they were very wrong, it was the Fog that Surrounds and they rocked
it, it has changed a lot over the years, they definently jam it more at
the end, good way to end the night

Encore: Bouncin, Rocky Top

Bouncin: See sparkle
Rocky Top:Good tune, a little rushed, oh well

this show rocked, best of the tour, ranks a solid 8.0 out of 10

see ya
	Kris Booth

Date: Wed, 20 Aug 1997 16:09:43 -0400
From: Jeffrey Robins Jeffrey_Robins@SUTH.COM
Subject: Revised Darien

High all!!!  This is my first review so anyone reading this please go
easy on me! 
Set 1:Ya Mar,Funky Bitch,Fluffhead, Fluff's Travels,Limb By Limb
Free,Cars Trucks Busses,Tela,,Train Song,Billy Breaths,Antelope
Set 2:Chalkdust Torture,Love Me..,Sparkle,Harry Hood--->Jam---->Col.
Forbins Ascent---->Bozo Frankenstine Jam--->Camel Walk,The fog that
Encore:Bouncin Around the Room, Rocky Top
I am in dissagrement with a friend but I think I am missing a song. This
is possable due to my condition at the show.....We all have our falts!
The last show I saw was MSG 96 both nights, so I was happy just to be at
Darien.The parking lot was very chill. I din't see any security but I am
sure they were there some place.To start Ya Mar opener. This rocked the
band looked tight and the sound was good I love this tune so there is no
complant from me here.
 Funky Bitch...This seemed slower to me but then again I have only seen
one, Dumb ass me! I thought It was a Allman Brothers Tune! But hay I was
Fluffhead..I like a good fluff and this din't let me down at all. I've
seen better but beggers can't be choosers.
Limb By Limb...I like this song. Its a good new tune! I like all the old
stuff better Oh well!
Cars Trucks Busses.....Granted I was standing far from the stage, They
could have played jack in the box and I would have had no
Tela.....Nice and calm as usual...I belive older versions rock more JMO!
Train song.....Not bad Not great but it sounded good and the boys did
there job. I must say seeing this tune is better than being at work!
Free... Good tune but after seeing most of the 96 fall shows I would
ratther have seen somthing older. Oh well.
Billy Breaths....What can I say this is when I got up to take a leek and
grab a Beer. I just don't like this song. That is totaly my opnion. I
know there are plenty of people who would disagree with me. To each his
Antelope..Damm good one I say!!! I always feel like just running aroun
when they  jam this out but I was to busy focusing on the band. Great
song Great Jam.
This ended what I would venture to say was a kicken first set! Much
better than I expected.
Set 2: Chalkdust Torture, I have yet to see a poor performance of this
song and I hope to remain this lucky the rest of my life.Jammin!
Love Me......What a treat this was. Mike's vocals were excelent, I am
impressed to see a Elvis cover. It was just cool!
Sparkle...Ok this is where I get belligerent..out of all the songs I
have seen Sparkle has been the most ever played before my eyes. I would
like it very much if I never see this song played
Not to mention the hords of stupid little girls screeming the lyics! Bad
Harry Hood.....I will always be thankfull to see a good harry hood. Once
again I was not let down!
Col. Forbins Ascent....First time for me! I was so pumped up I din't
know what to do! I was praying for a little gamehenge.......This was a
very will accepted tune!
This is where it gets a little strange! Granted I am not the type of
person that gets to see a ton of shows a year so I was a little thrown
back! The band started this Bozo jam with the Tin man and Dorthy comming
out. A clown started talking about finding the Bozo's! Ya got me
hanging! While this was happening the band was busten out a Frankenstine
Jam.Weird! Cool! Exciting!
At this point the funk was thick so out came...
Camel Walk...I know for a fact that this is not played that much so it
was a real treat as well as a bitchen preformance! Awsome!
Fog that Surrounds..I noticed some changes since the last time I saw
it(12-7-95) Over all it was good they seemed to play it with a little
kick JMO.
Encore:Bouncin Around the Room...SEE SPARKLE......I hate this song I
wish it to be gone from my sight!!!!!!! JMO!
Rocky Top..First for me> It was good not great! I think because of the
time restrictions of Darien lake They jammed it out quick and to the
point! Ok whatever! My overall score on a scale from 1-10 I give this
show a solid 8 JMO. Thanks for taking the time to hear what I have to
say..Peace Ya'll 

Date: Fri, 22 Aug 1997 18:06:22 -0400 (EDT)
From: Makisup@aol.com
Subject: 8/14/97 darien lake

I am sure you have all heard the rants and raves about this show.  Well what
can i say this show kicked ass and i want to add my two cents.
First the set list:
Sound check:  Crosseyed and Painless, Jam, Buffalo Bill, My Old Home Place,
Funky Bitch*
* = with different lyrics and fish singing lead most of the way.  one of the
lyrics was "everytime i see her my girl is smoking tea"
I:  Ya Mar, Funky Bitch, Fluffhead, Limb by Limb, Free, CTB, Tela, Train
Song, Billy Breathes, Antelope
II:  Chalkdust, Treat Me Like a Fool, Sparkle, Hood -> Jam -> Forbin -> Oz
Jam -> Bozo Jam -> Mockingbird rap -> Funk Jam -> Camel Walk, Taste
E:  BATR, Rocky Top

Well there is the setlist. Now i will give a run down of all the songs
starting at the beginning which was the phatty soundcheck.
Xeyed + Painless:  This was a song i wanted to hear VERY badly.  I was kind
of let down when i heard people in the lot saying how they played it the
night before.  Well i got a glimpse of what the song is like live.  For a
soundcheck i can not complain.
Jam:  This was just a basic jam.
MOHP:  I like this song I am glad i got to hear it somehow.
Buffalo Bill:  I knew this song had not been played in a long time so i was
somewhat surprised to hear it.  Little did I know that it was a sign of
things to come at the went.
Funky Bitch:  This was played slow with improvised lyrics.  It was mainly
just fish and trey saying whatever came into their mind.  it was very
entertaining to hear.

Set I:
Ya Mar:  When I heard the opening notes to ya mar i figured it could be just
another show.  Then i heard Mike singing lyrics a little different than
usual.  Then i noticed they jammed this one out VERY nicely.  this was going
to be a lot more than just your average phish show.
Funky Bitch:  Hearing this song two songs in made me realize that i better be
ready to deal with an amazing show.  This funky bitch rocked and was again
jammed out longer than usual much like ya mar. 
Fluffhead:  I couldn't believe it.  I am witnessing a masterpiece preformed
by phish.  this fluffhead was insane.  my guess is it was about 15 minutes
long because they really jammed out the end after the final chorus.  what a
great start.
Limb by Limb:  This is a new song.  this along with vultures is my favorite
of the new batch.  i like this song a lot and enjoyed greatly after an
outstanding fluffhead.
Free:  When i heard the opening of free my jaw pretty much dropped.  i was
pumped.  this free rocked.  It had an extremely funky jam section in the
middle.  this free was more like the free which appears on the album.  i had
never heard free done this way.  it was a great free.
CTB:  I had grown a little sick of this song until i heard this version.
 This version smoked.  The highlight was in the middle of the song there was
about 3 minute page solo.  he was just banging away at the keyboards.  very
nice.  this CTB lasted about 7 minutes i would say.
Tela:  WOW.  Am i dreaming.  I could not believe when i heard the opening
notes to this one.  I did a double take i was so surprised i was hearing
Train Song:  Of the Billy Breathes acoustic songs this is my favorite.  I
like this song a bunch and was very happy to hear it.  I even happier to hear
it for a second time out of YEM at the went.
Billy Breathes:  I like this song a lot.  I know lots of people think this
song kind of sucks but i like the slow ballads like this Lifeboy, and FEFY.
 I wanted to hear this and i was happy that i did.
Antelope:  I knew this would close the set.  With a set this good antelope
was the only way to go.  This antelope rocked.  This was one of the best
antelopes i have heard.  it just kept on rocking right through the end.  All
in all this was probably the best first set i have ever seen.

Set II:
Chalkdust:  This is a great way to start off a set.  This was an insane
chalkdust.  it was jammed out very nicely.  
Treat Me Like a Fool:  I like this song.  Mike started in off key but he
fixed himself.  after the song trey made fun of mike for starting in on the
wrong key and also said they played that song for elvis because it was elvis
Sparkle:  Trey also said this was played for elvis and plus he said they all
loved the song.  sparkle was sparkle.  
Hood:  Oh man.  This was the best hood i have ever heard.  This hood was
insane.  Words can not describe this version Harry Hood.  Get the tapes.
 That wont even do it justice.  I just had a huge smile on my face during the
entire song.  I honestly was "feeling good about hood"
Jam:  This was about a 10 minute jam that was spacy.  It was kind of like the
post simple jam at the went.  It was a very good jam that led into my
favorite song.
COLONEL FORBIN'S ASCENT:  I have never been more excited to hear a song than
i was to hear this forbin.  i thought we may get a mikes this set but i am
glad we got this forbin instead.  It was normal forbin lyrics section but
chaos ensued when the narration started.  Trey started out by saying how
Colonel Forbin was at the base of the mountain for the first time in a long
time.  Then he said something about uncle sam.  After that Ken kesey came out
dressed as uncle sam and told us how he was looking for the bozos.  he said
the bozo's had mentioned something about going phishing.  He then started
bringing out members of the wizard of oz.  He brought out the scarecrow, the
tin man and the lion (i think).  then a midget came out and escorted out
frankenstein.  who walked around the stage like he was possessed while the
boys jammed on Frankenstein.  Then uncle sam mentioned how there were bozos
in the audience.  the bozos were dancing at space between the pavillion and
the lawn for a while and i wondered what they were.  then four bozos came on
stage and started dancing around while trey talked about the bozo
mockingbird.  Okay now on stage at this moment in time are Mike, Trey, Page,
Fish, Ken Kesey dressed as uncle sam, The merry pranksters dressed as members
of the wizard of oz, a midget, frankenstein, and four bozos which were people
dressed in white costumes with tails and a head like a white lion.  After
trey finishes telling about the bozo mockingbird everyone exits the stage
except for the band.  That is when trey makes the notorious comment about
that is what happens 30 years after taking too much acid.  then they start
jamming.  it is a funk jam and a couple minutes in trey announces "we were
going to play mockingbird but the funk is just too deep"  then after jamming
a bit more they go into.........
Camel Walk:  That is when i realize i am the luckiest person alive for being
at that show.  this is one of my favorite songs that i never thought i would
get to hear live.  Sometimes i love being wrong.  This was a typical phat
funky camel walk that was insane.
Taste:  Not what i expected for a set closer.  But it is a decent song that
had a very nice jam in it.  no complaints.  this was the best show i ever
have seen and most likely ever will see.  
BATR:  I had never heard this song live before.  I was not thrilled to hear
it as an encore but it was okay.
Rocky Top:  Again another first for me but this song was fun, fun, fun.  This
show was amazing.  That is all i can say.  Sorry for writing so much but if
you were there you would understand.  
thanks for your time,

Date: Sun, 24 Aug 1997 20:07:42 -0400
From: greg sanseverino gregsan1@worldnet.att.net
Subject: Darian 8/14/97 review

Here is my review of the 8/14/97 Darian Lake concert.
we got there at about 3:00 after driving from syracuse (w/ proir plans 
to drive to Pittsburgh the day before, but missed out b/c of over 
sleeping. I know ..... very lame.) anyway the lot was fairly small but 
tons of fun. Sercurity seemed relax. The weather was perfect, and the 
sky was clear.  The line to get in the show seemed longer than normal. 
THE STAGE: The 'arena' had seats up front covered by a huge circus tent. 
There was grass behind the seats. Off to the right you could see the 
outline of the Theme park (ferris wheel, rollar coaster etc...)
Now the show:
I didn't get to hear sound check.
YA MAR: We missed half of this. I think Ya Mar is a good opener. It 
gives them a chance to feel out the crowd and see where the night is 
going to go. The 'let it live' scream always rilies up the crowd and 
absorbs them into whatever is about to unfold. This Ya Mar was tight and 
strayed a little from the normal Ya Mar.
FUNKY BITCH: Love this song and I really enjoy the fact that it has seen 
more play recently.(97'). This one I felt was average although I think I 
am guilty of judging it be looking back in hindsight and comparing it to 
the phenomenal job they did with this song to close the first Show at 
the Went. At this point in the show I wasn't expecting much ( thinking 
they would save all their tricks to till the 'went' but that wouldn't be 
phish now would it.)
FLUFFHEAD>FLUFFHEADS TRAVELS: I was truley taken back by this one. I 
didn't expect it. They tore the hell out of this song. From start to 
finish they left no note unturned. Gotta love that fluffhead.
LIMB BY LIMB: This is definatley one of my favorite of the new lot. I 
love listening to Page(I think) repeat in the higher voice "limb by limb 
by limb by limb" This song really takes you somewhere. I have a feeling 
this song will become a powerhouse in the future. ( watch out for the 
'mound' like beginning)
FREE: Yeee Haaa, Free is such a moving song and it seems to be such a 
natural song for them to play. This song always conjours up images of 
Fall 96 for me b/c I remember cutting out of work early both days to 
catch the Garden shows, and blasting this song b/c I was finally FREE!
There were no exceptions here they did a phabulous job.
CTB:I was never to fond of this song but now I love it. This version was 
probably one of the best ones I've heard. Very funky, and great finger 
work by Page.
TELA: Tela is Tela. It's a beautiful song. This version song similar to 
other versions I have heard. Nothing special. I know it is a gem to hear 
and I was happy for that fact.
TRAINSONG: I never expect to hear this song. I enjoyed it but was 
begining to think the set was fizzeling. The version was great. I think 
they should add the laughing in at the end of the song like they do on 
they CD, I think that would be interesting.
BILLY BREATHES: Thought they were going to end the set with this. I like 
this song and this version sounds good but at that time I wanted 
something to keep my feet moving.
ANTELOPE: F'n A man. This Antelope had everyone running. This one was 
very well done, complete with the funk groove right before the lyrics. 
Fantastic I tell you. The lenghth of it was average, but very quality. 
Powerful closer for the set.
SET REVIEW: thought they should have played Fluff>Antelope like at last 
years Cliff Ball. I like those 2 songs back to back b/c fluff is lyrics 
then jam and antelope is jam then lyrics. They soud great back to back.
Was hoping to hear a couple more new ones. Overall kickass set.

CHALKDUST: never heard a bad chalkdust. No exception hear. I don't care 
how money times they open with it, it is such a powerful rock n' roll 
song I think it put's many of todays rock artist to shame. ( It will 
be interesting to see the band  when they are like 50 and they are 
singing 'can't this wait till I'm old can't, I live while I young')
LOVE ME: Humorous. Fun and entertaining. I thought it was poorly placed 
in the set but I still enjoyed it.
SPARLKE: Anounced as one of their favorite songs, if I heard correctly. 
This was very well done sparkle. Still love this one, no matter how many 
times I hear it. I love the ending when it gets really fast. Is trey 
playing note to note or is he pulling one note to get the effect that he 
is playing note to note? (I don't know if that makes much sense b/c I 
don't play guitar.)
HARRY HOOD: This ruled. I been hearing about how they have been turning 
out the lights at the end for the jam. And I thought it would happen 
here but no luck. This harry was killer. Funky from the get go. During 
the song the theme park was shooting off a big firework display. I doubt 
it was for this song b/c the timing was off but it made for an 
interesting background. The park was also shooting these crazy laser's 
out over the crowd. This is also the first time I heard the audience 
chant 'hood' after trey sings 'harry'. Is this new ? it sounded a little 
weird and took away from the mysterious Mr Hood's appearence's and 
disappearences. Fantastic hood. After the begining there seemed to be a 
slight pause before the build up. I am really glad to see them finishing 
this one out now. I know for a couple tours back they haven't been. 
thank you Mr. Minor.
COL FORBIN' ASCENT: I always enjoy this one b/c I always get such vivid 
pictures in my head. This was an average COL FORBINS. Nothing to special 
until the end. Trey began talking to the audience saying the Merry 
Pranster Bozo was here to bring the bozos out. Out onto stage came a 
'circus director' which I assume was Ken Keasay of Electric Kool-Aide 
Acid Test fame. He chanted for the Bozos to come out. Out came the 
Scarecrow and Tin Man from the Wiz of Oz. At this point I was flat out 
baffled. I didnt' know why they picked charaters of the Oz. I thought 
maybe they would say something like the yellow brick road was I-95 to 
the Great Went. I didn't know what was going on. The music was a steady 
funk groove w/ heavy bass. When the 'lion' was supossed to come out it 
was a Frankenstien type guy and they busted into 'Frankenstien' You got 
me. THis was fun to watch but I don't think it will transfer to tape to 
well.( I did see a bus in the lot that looked very similar to the one 
from the story w/ 'further' painted on the front, it was right as you 
walk into the show) Could Ken and the Pranksters be discussing the 
revival of Acid Test w/ phish as the source of music?? yeah right..
CAMEL WALK: The funky jam lead to trey addressing the audience, and 
saying I think the groove is to deep, we will hold off on Mockningbird. 
They then proceded to play Camel Walk. This is the first time I saw 
Camel walk and only the third or forth time I 've heard it. Very funky. 
Mike had his way with this. I loved every minute of it and I can't wait 
to hear it again.
TASTE: I thought they were going to go bak to MOCKING BIRD. Oh well 
Taste will do just fine. This taste sounded beatiful.
I thought they would encore w/ ghost but I was wrong. When I heard the 
opening notes to bouncn' I had a feeling they would follow w/ rocky top. 
I've seen it happen qutie a few times. Why do they do this? I know they 
get heat b/c bouncn' is such a straight forward song but its a good 
song. Both encores were standard but were need to close out a rather 
bizarre set. Plus you can't really complain about double encore's/
SET REVIEW: Get this set solely for the Camel Walk. Simply Funky. The 
entire set was solid as hell.


Date:    Thu, 20 Nov 1997 16:59:12 GMT
From:    Fonefono 
Subject: Re: Darien Revisited (SDT)

>I was there and all, but had a  totally different view on the show at that
time. Darien >translated so well onto tape, and I wonder why I had such a
skewed perception (the >first set left  me with a bit to be desired).


The Darien "experience" was quite a bit different from the Darien music, to say
the least.  It was my first show and my eyes were wide open, if you know what I
mean.  There were so many songs and sounds and sights that I was experiencing
for the first time, that when I was there I pretty much thought everything was
wonderful.  For weeks after the show I was left with an awesome afterglow that
prompted many writings and connections to other phanatics (see Darien and Other
Thoughts on the "Drew's Stash" website).  My memory of the songs and how they
were played were pretty much impressions until a very fine fellow from
Tennessee sent me the tapes about six weeks ago.  My impressions have since
crystallized into opinions, as the music from the tapes and my recollections
come together.....

First time hearing YaMar.  Knew at the time that I loved it as a show opener.
Felt the groove aight away and knew that I would not be disappointed by the
show.  From the tape I thought that Page was not having a stellar night.  At
the break when Trey yells, "Take it Leo", I think he missed an opportunity to
blast the song into the next county.  From that point on the song had to pick
up momentum again, but finished off rather nicely.

First time hearing Funky Bitch.  Was impressed at the how efficiently the band
played basic blues runs.  Closed my eyes and easily imagined being at a Clapton
concert.  From the tape I'm even more impressed with the range of the band.
Along with Jesus Left Chicago, a similar blues structure, I could listen to
this side of Phish anytime.

Fluffhead was a treat.  Not because it was the first tune I recognized, but
because hearing it live made me so much more aware of its value.  After the
show I listened to studio versions of Fluff and Antelope a hundred times and
heard them in a whole new way.  From the tape, I don't think they finished
Fluff effectively.  Sounds like to me that they got sort of lost, and were
about to fall off the edge, except that Fish woke them up and took them to the

Limb By Limb was a first time.  We were sitting about 29 rows back and to the
extreme right.  The sound distortion was pretty bad.  Most lyrics were garbled
and unfortunately I missed most of what was being said in this song at the
time.  This song has a great "African" style rhythm which mesmerizes.  Would
like to hear a studio version of this song only because the vocal intertwining
is key, and I would love to hear it engineered up front.

Free, fantastic Free.  Loved it there, loved it on tape.  Pretty much thought
the studio version was a bore, and knew before the show that if they opened up
on this song, there was potential.  Didn't think they would do it as well as
they did.  The beauty of the cool funk they lay down in the jam on this version
is really four musicians in a mental dance together, each moving to the nuances
of the other's emotions.  I once wrote to someone that this song is like four
people making love, expressing truly emotional feelings through their
instruments and each responding to the other's feelings in kind.  This idea may
be a little far fetched, but when a musician reaches his soul and lays it out
for all to hear, how much more intimate is there?  This is a great Free.

Cars,Trucks, Busses was OK.  Not one of my favorite songs as a studio cut and
Page didn't do anything earthshattering to change that opinion.

Tela was a first.  Had read a lot of talk about Tela, and at the show thought
it was a nice song.  The crowd's reaction to the song moved me most.

Trainsong was a treat to me because I liked the studio version.  It has a warm
feeling to me and the concert version kept it intact.  I believe, as many
people would disagree, that the slower, softer side of Phish is most important
in concert.  It allows for readjustment of perceptions, and frames each song
more as an individual identity, rather than a continual succession of songs
with similar rhythms and tempos.

Billy Breathes.  One of the most beautiful studio songs this band has ever
recorded.  I wanted very much to hear it live.  I believe now that it doesn't
translate as well to a concert piece, or at least the Darien version didn't.  I
could be surprised at any time by what Phish can do with a song, so I don't
hold onto even my own opinions for very long.

Antelope Antelope Antlelope.  Knew at the show that I was experiencing
something outrageous.  Was not too familiar with the song at the time, but when
waves and waves of sound nearly exploded my skull, I was dumbstruck.  Inside
the pavilion, the distortion during this song was horrendous, but it didn't
matter, cause I was understanding what they were attempting to do with the
sound.  Every molecule in my body was vibrating, hair, clothes, chairs...I was
going through auditory and visual hallucinations from the intensity of this
song.  It was great.  I just wanted to dissolve into a million pieces when the
apex of the jam transitioned to the ending theme.  Great stuff, simply great

Set II
Chalkdust was a treat.  Didn't expect it, wanted to hear it.  Was not
disappointed in any way.  A very solid second set opener.  Didn't think they
went out of their way on it, but don't expect that on every song.

Love Me.  Didn't know it;  it was all right.  Appreciate that the band plays
with music general, and in their own way through teases and cover songs pays
homage to the roots of who they are.  This recognition of connection and love
of all types of music is what I love so much about them.

Sparkle was important to me because my wife was struggling through most of the
concert and Sparkle was the first song she recognized.  It's a fun song ,
played in a fun way.

Harry Hood.  Wanted to hear HH the most at my first show.  Remember being
impressed by a different sounding HH  than ALO ( I had never heard any taped
Phish before getting the tapes of this show).  I listened to this Darien HH
numerous times and it has quite a different "feel" than other versions.  It is,
much like the Free, a more deliberate, congealed piece of music, especially in
the last theme.  The overall affect was a more dreamy sustained feeling, rather
than a gradual build with an explosive release.  This version is a must hear
for HH estudiantes.

Pre Forbin Jam was another highlight for me.  I was impressed like hell to hear
and see them create new music like that out of the air.  I knew it was a jam by
the way Trey and Mike were positioning themselves and "talking" to each other
as these rhythmic sounds began to feed on one another.  Became even more
appreciative of the talent of these musicians.

Forbin was OK for me.  Like I said, the vocals were not coming over too well at
the show, and I'm still not versed on the whole Gamehedge thing.  There are
many aspects of the band and the music that I have yet to learn and experience,
so rather than saying that Forbin was this or that, let me just express my
nievity about it.

The Kesey thing changed the pace of the show.  Didn't understand what the hell
was going on when I was there.  Just wanted to hear more music, but thought
that this was what goes on at Phish concerts, so I just sort of played the
grateful guest and tried to appreciate it.  On tape, it still goes on a little
long, although I'm much more tolerant of it.  I'm pretty dense when it comes to
"performance art".  Most of the time I just don't get it.  I have trouble with
ballet too.  So I won't go to any Kesey shows.

Camel Walk was another never heard.  Thought the transition out of Kesey into
this song was cool.  Like the funky direction the band is moving into.  Believe
they will evolve the style into some extraordinary jams.

Taste was the another part of my dream setlist for my first show.  First heard
this song as the studio version and knew it was the most important song on the
BB album.  Wanted to hear them open up on it and they didn't disappoint me.
Thought Page again was a little soft on this version, but figured by this time
that he was not having one of his better nights.  These guys had been on the
road more or less since March, and Darien was the next to last stop.  I know
when I have to travel for work, I get pretty exhausted after only a week or
two. Imagine what these guys have to put up with and still be motivated to lay
out the best show each time.  It astounds me that they even try.  Taste was a
great ending to a good show.

Bouncin' and Rockytop were Ok encore tunes.  It was impressive to me to get the
two songs after such a long show.  Bouncin' was important again for wife's
sake.  Of all the versions of this song I've heard, I like the studio version
best.  It is slower, more deliberate and the overall effect is spacier and more
trance-like.  Rockytop was a yahoo finale to a fun night.

I go to only my second and third shows in less than two weeks in Philly.  The
anticipation is building and I can't wait.

Hope this was the sort of discussion you were looking for, although none of
this is really "serious".  Thanks for the encouragement to externalize.....




Date:    Wed, 26 Nov 1997 00:55:19 GMT
From:    "Walter G. Holland" 
Subject: Star Lake Revisited

Some press has been given to Darien Lake lately, and I figure this may be
the time to bring up a show I haven't heard much about (admittedly, the
lack of a Digest [bless you Rosemary and Benjy!!!!!!!!] may have
contributed to this). The Star Lake/Darien Lake run was the finest two days
of my life so far...for musical and personal reasons. I'll talk about the
music now.

Star Lake setlist:

08/13/97 Starlake Amphitheatre, Burgettstown, Pennsylvania
     Soundcheck: Funky Bitch, Poor Heart, Paul And Silas
     I: Amarina*, Poor Heart, Stash, Water In The Sky, Gumbo->JAM!!->The
Horse->Silent In The Morning, Beauty of My Dreams, Crosseyed And Painless,
Wilson->Little Drummer Boy, Sweet Adeline
     II: Runaway Jim, Ghost->Isabella, Sleeping Monkey, McGrupp and the
Watchful Hosemasters, Sample In A Jar, Also Sprach Zarathustra, Golgi
Apparatus, Frankenstein
     E: Theme From The Bottom

The Scene: Corporate touch to the place, but it's a cool venue. Especially
out on the lawn. But that's neither here nor there, now that I think about it.

On to the music!

Set I

AMARINA was a fun opener -- fairly standard rock, really. Nothing
earth-shattering, but when someone told me it was an Elton John song, I
just smiled and shook my head. Damn these magnificent men. Afterward, I was
ready for something RAGING.

However, I would have to first hear POOR HEART. This was fun (GREAT to
dance to), but I was ready to jam. I figured, after all the incredible
setlists I'd been seeing, that good things were coming. They were. STASH
started up and immediately I went into "dance my ass off" mode. The jamming
was VERY intense -- the tension pouring from the music was incredible! A
nice long Stash, around 20 minutes or so, maybe a bit more. WATER IN THE
SKY was a nice breather. Then GUMBO started up. The last Gumbo I saw
(Buffalo 96) was dull, if not entirely uninspired. Imagine my surprise
when, rather than the closing honky-tonk piano solo, we got a Trey-led funk
jam! For at least ten minutes they wound their way around Gumbo-esque
themes and deep funk, playing a hell of a JAM that found its way quietly
into the (electric) opening notes to HORSESILENT. These were serene,
beautiful songs. I needed a rest after the previous song's boogie, and this
was good. BEAUTY OF MY DREAMS -- sorry. I LOVE their bluegrass tunes, but
this is just another one. I prefer Ginseng, in all honesty. CROSSEYED AND
PAINLESS got me electrified -- i was ready for some hardcore jamming! But
this version was merely excellent, rather than Oh My God. Great to dance
to, again (HIGHLY danceable show all around!), but their will ALWAYS be the
11/2/96 version to compare it to. Chances are few C&P's will stack up. Nice
and funky, as I recall, though. WILSON was engaging to participate in for
the first time, but I wasn't ready for the LITTLE DRUMMER BOY JAM which
ensued -- aah, delightful memories of my 12/6/86 Mike's->Drummer Boy
philler. Sigh...the drummer boy was pleasant and climactic. After the
rousing C&P/Wilson combo, I was pleased to chill and savor the beauty of
SWEET ADELINE. God, I wish people could shut up when the boys sing a capella!

AMAZING first set. Not as monstrous as 3/1/97, to be sure, but beautiful
nonetheless. The Gumbo->Jam->HorseSilent was a THRILL to see and hear.

Set II

I called a Ghost opener, but was MORE than willing to settle for RUNAWAY
JIM. Trey fucked up the lyrics a bit, and laughed as the crowd went nuts --
the boys were INCREDIBLY loose on stage, jamming tightly but loosely
exploring. Nice 10-minute Jim or so. With the single snare drum hit, I was
ready to hear STORY OF THE GHOST!! God DAMN yes! This was a GORGEOUS, dense
funk jam, which compared favorably in my mind to the 6/22/97 version
(possibly my favorite of the four or five that I've heard). (BTW, 6/22/97
is a FABULOUS festival show, with a GORGEOUS LxL, strong Ghost, and raging
Stash, as well as nice versions of Dirt and Reba. IMHO well-worth the
tape.) I bopped down, and my jaw DROPPED as they TORE into the debut of the
now more well-rotated ISABELLA! God bless Jimi Hendrix!

At this point my mind was Jell-O. Roughly 20 minutes for the Ghost and
Isabella (I thought they were going into Can't You Hear Me Knockin', but
was not disappointed), and then the relaxation of Sleeping Monkey. I turned
to my friend and said, "This is a song about a penis." And we all just
laughed and grooved. BEAUTIFUL. MCGRUPP was niiiiiiice -- this is such a
nice, yearning jam. I never liked McGrupp, but after this show, he began to
grow on me a bit. As my friend Miles said on his way out, "Props to McGrupp!"

I put up with SAMPLE because it's a GOOD ROCK SONG, even if the jam doesn't
really go places anymore. Good to hear all the fratboys singing drunkenly.
;v) ALSO SPRACH remains one of the most groovy things I've ever heard in my
life. WONDERFUL!! The first really standalone Also Sprach, I believe
(please correct me if I'm wrong). The song is always nicer when it leads
into Mike's, of course, and I pleaded with Icculus for a jam tune --
imagine my disgust at the start of GOLGI. Cute song, I guess, with a clever
twist to the instrumental section, but I needed some JAMMING! I guess I
shouldn't be selfish -- the centerpiece of the second set, the
Jim/Ghost->Isabella combo, was already done, and they played McGrupp, so I
shouldn't complain. My second live Frankenstein rocked, as always. I prefer
the next night's version, though, for the intensity and quiet jamliness of
it behind Kesey's ridiculous (but engaging) ranting.

Theme was a better encore than, for instance, Fee/Rocky Top, and this
version was beautiful. Thank God it didn't descend into the wall-of-sound
style jamming that early Free's did. Nice play, and a powerful jam to
finish a stunning show.

Charlie Dirksen calls this one of the finest shows of the Summer Tour, I
believe, and I wouldn't be surprised. For experience alone, nothing could
beat Darien, but this was a musically MAGNIFICENT show. Placements of songs
could have been better, but the first set SMOKED, as did Jim, Ghost(!!!!),
Isabella, and Also Sprach. The Gumbo->Jam will ALWAYS be a highlight for me.

Hope this lends added perspective to a KILLER show. Maybe I'll do an
equally thorough breakdown of Darien someday, although I'm sure it's been
done a few times already. Thanks for listening -- please make sure to cc:
any responses to mr_mole@mit.edu, as I don't read the newsgroup very often.
I don't have this show on tape, as I mentioned, and 100-minute tapes are
not easily acquired by me at this point. If you'll take two 90's for a 90
and a 100, though, I would LOVE to do a blanks/postage for this show...

Anyway, that's about it for now.



Hey Guys:

   Here is some thoughts on the Darien Lakes Show, and a basic rundown
of the events immediatly leading up to the show.  Look for my
reveiws/thoughts on The Great Went tomorrow and the next day.  Here is
part one:

8/14/97  Darien Lake Amph.; Darien Center, NY

Set I   --- Ya Mar, Funky Bitch, Fluffhead, Limb By Limb, Free, CTB, Tela,
Trainsong, Billy Breathes, Antelope

Set II --- Chalkdust, Treat Me Like a Fool, Sparkle, Harry Hood > ?jam?
Col. Forbin's > search for the Bozo's narration* > Frankenstein ** >
jam* > Camel Walk, Taste

E:  Boucin', Rocky Top

* by Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters
** also with Ken and Pranksters. Song faded after about 1 minute

    My ride to Darien from Northern New Jersey was long.  We left around
midnight, and managed to make it there at around 8:00 in the morning. 
We encountered no problems along the way, and I was not feeling well.  I
was an ass though, and I didn't let my friends drive.  To say I was
tired would be an understatement.  So we bedded down in a nice park.  I
was sleeping for a good 10 minutes, and then, awakened by a Policeman
saying "Good Morning, get out of here please."  Needless to say, we
left, wanting NO trouble from authorities.  

   We journeyed back to the lots, we were like the 15th people there. 
We heard that we could get into the amusement park, so we did, and
killed a few hours playing in there.  We then left, and went to chill in
the lots.  What a great scene.  The lots were very laid back, with
vending and all in full swing.  I was pleased to notice that there were
not any hard drugs within my sight, nor did I see anyone who looked like
a shady vendor.  The lot was a very nice place, and I gladly gave away
tapes to some nice guys, and some very lovely ladies.  I hope they are
enjoying them.  I also had a really nice grilled cheese.  While enjoying
that, the band arrived for sound check.  Crosseyed and Painless and
Funky Bitch were the tunes.  

   We headed into the venue, which resembles a big circus tent, at
around 5:30.  It was not too hellish, and I staked out my seats on the
lawn.  It was a nice place, and the sunset was a pleasure to behold.  It
lifted my spirits a bit, as the head cold that I contracted prevented me
from speaking.  Band came out right on schedule (a half hour late), and
busted into:

  Ya Mar:  I enjoyed Mike very much in this version.  His bass was
working nicely, and to be honest, the PLM has gotten their wish.  Mike
sounded nice singing too, and this version featured even nicer work by
Page.  I would have to say that I felt Page was in rare form on this
evening.  Check it out.   I think you will agree.

   Funky Bitch:  Again was strong, and very powerful.  After talking
with many people, this is my assumption:  Phish has kinda relaxed on
taking things WAAAYYYY out there (less type II jamming)  and in it's
place, the band has become LEGIONS tighter.  They just know what to do. 
You can tell me that Trey is communicating with sound and visual
signals...my ass!!  They just know.  Bottom Line...they can read each
other's mind.  Funky Bitch was a good example of what is said above. 
Tight and Jammed hard.  Well worth hearing. 

   Fluffhead:  I practically pooed myself when I heard the first few
notes.  I had called it, but I wasn't sure if I'd get it.  It didn't
rock out the way I had hoped it would.  In fact, I'd venture to say that
the composed part was flat out dirty, especially the very beggining of
Fluff's Travels.  After that, (Clod, Bundle of joy etc.) it cleaned up
and built nicely into the outro jam that featured Trey hardcore.  It was
a great treat, my first, but not the best.

   Limb by Limb:  Of the new songs this one is my favorite.  I
particularly enjoy Mike's ascending vocal line.  The harmonies it
creates are fascinating.  I was psyched to hear it.  Well, in my
opinion, which I may revoke after receiving the tapes, it sucked on this
night.  The groove was SLOW, and sometimes that can be cool.  This song,
however is more conducive to speed and that fast 3 feel.  The slowness
kinda bogged it down, and made it feel heavy.  Not very well jammed, and
there was absolutely no climax that I could feel.   I was dissapointed
in this!!

   Free:  I've heard this song about a billion times.  Every show, with
the exception of the Went.  I wasn't thrilled to hear it, but the jam
caught my ear.  Thank God that Trey's kit is gone.  The jam to this song
is now very funky, and nicely played, especially when they come back
around for the ending.  The best one I've heard, and it made the crowd
happy (for those who weren't there for the epics).

   CTB:  Eh, well.  I like the song, but it isn't really my favorite. 
Consider that bias.  Anyway, Page still managed to rip that fucker
apart.  He is a monster, and should be considered dangerous.  It got me
dancin, and was a nice rare treat.

   Tela:  Shit, there's one I wasn't expecting.  I figured they would
save it for the Went Gamehendge which they played...just for me in my
tent though :).  Anyway, Page has a really nice voice, and I like the
chorus a lot especially when they lay into that heavy chord on the word
"foul".  It quenched my appetite for weird. 

   Trainsong:  Goodnight everybody.  This is where things got shady.  I
had been suspicious since the Free.  Things kinda headed downhill for me
when the Limb by LImb didn't smoke.  The Free and CTB were nice, but
well, nothing special.  Now Trainsong.  It's a cool tune, but I've heard
it live, and for some reason, don't enjoy it as much.

   Billy Breathes:  At this point I said...NO MORE BILLY BREATHES to
myself.  I was praying that the set wasn't going to close with this.  It
was nice, especially Trey's work at the end, but I swear, as soon as the
first notes of it rang out, I heard a collective sigh.  I swear.  4 out
of 10 songs from Billy was abit much, especially thrown together like
that.  I thought the set was doomed.

   Antelope:  Biggest incorrectest thought of my life.  Words will never
tell of this Antelope.  It was too massive, and the jam just way too
intense.  I'm not going to say anything else.  You shoulda been there. 
My friend commented on the band's ability to create extraordinary
tension.  They just lay on the dominant chord for hours before
resolving.  Amazing.  He is soo right!

                                                This set was weak in the middle.  The opening and closing were
special, but the middle was nothing to write home about!  Setbreak
featured a cattle race to the bathroom.  What a fucking mess that was. 
Too many people, too few urinals.

Set II:

   Chalkdust:  Shit, here is another PERFECT example of the band
increasing the tightness.  It soared, was wicked clear.  The sound at
the venue was very pure, and the band used that to display their
precision in this song.  It was very nice, a song which I usually am not
crazy about was able to move me to different places.

   Treat me:  Well, Mike got to show off his voice a lot this weekend. 
This was another fine ditty, no intense jamming, no crazy antics, just
fun bluegrass type stuff.  Mikey likes it, hence, we do too.

  Sparkle:  Oh no...not sparkle.  How dare they play it?  Whatever,
since this tune has been less and less frequent, the more fun it is to
hear it.  I loved it.  Again, nothing spacy or too crazy, just plain get
the crowd dancing fun.  Enjoyable to say the least!

   Hood:  Man, I have been waiting for this forever.  Possibly my
favorite song.  Tonight was no exception.  While tha jam didn't do
anything out of the ordinary, it led me to a happy place (like Happy
Gilmore).  The fireworks were a nice touch.  It was tight again, but soo
nice in the jam.   The prettiest jam they do in my opinion!  I couldn't
have been happier at that moment.

   The ensuing jam was a spectacle.  The band was doing these unison
hits, and they were just nailing them.  The jam was familiar, I dunno
why, but it was.  Those very loud, punctuated shots led beautifully

   Colonel Forbin:  Neat stuff man.  Again, very unexpected, and I was
looking forward to two things:  Trey's narration and Mockingbird. 
Mockingbird is a great instrumental segment.  However, it wasn't meant
to be.  Instead, we got the Bozo madness.  I thought it sucked.  I would
have much rather heard *anything* than the shit that Ken Kesey did.  I
respect the man for One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.  But he completely
fucked up the flow of the show, and I was sensing that Trey and the band
didn't want them to hang around as much as they did.  After about 10
minutes of "Bozo Bozo where are the Bozo's" I almost flipped.  Shut
up!!  Trey made me feel better when he said "That's what happens 30
years later when you take too much acid."  Amen!

   Camel Walk, and the jam previous to it were/was very nice.  It was
slow as shit, but this felt good slow.  Either way, it was strong and
very powerful jamming.  Especially the shot's at the end.  How many
times have I mentioned how tight the band is...strike three!

   Taste:  Ripped, as I knew it would.  This made me happy too.  I enjoy
the groove in this tune also.  It was niceley played, and strong all
around.  Taste is becoming one of those tunes that you can usually
expect a great jam out of.  Even the one at the Went was really nice. 
The one in Philly on the 29th of December made me feel the same way.  It
may be played a lot, but when they play it, it smokes!

  Somehow I knew this would close the set.  That aggrivated me because
if The Merry Dumbasses hadn't fucked around, we would've heard Forbin,
Mockingbird, and maybe something else.  I thought...maybe the encore
will do it for me!

Bouncin'  Nope.  Just hard to get into it.  I'll admit, about 3 years
ago, I loved this tune.  Right about now, I don't particualrly enjoy
it.  In fact, I dislike it.  Nobody even bounces up and down.  I think
Trey just digs those 16th notes at the end.  Who could blame him?

  Rocky Top:  Cool.  It's always fun to see 30,000 hippy types dancing
to a bluegrass tune.  And everyone does.  I'm curious as to why this
song has that effect on people.  Who cares it closed the show in style.

      Thanks for reading.  Needless to say, this show was astounding,
perhaps just for the Antelope and most of the Second Set.  I enjoyed my
day.  After the VERY long wait to get out (3 hours.  I got out of the
Went in 35 minutes)  we decided to shack up in a hotel.  We needed
sleep, and we got it.  It's going o be a long ride through Canada
tomorrow.  I hope you like my reveiw.  Any questions or comments can be
directed to me.  Feedback is nice!  Look for part 2 and 3 tomorrow. 
Thanks to Charlie and anyone else I got tapes from this summer.  I hope
all is well with you guys!!  Trades are always welcome...as long as you
have HQ shit...I mean that!

Ryan Stroud