Date: Wed, 13 Aug 97 15:09:24 -0700
From: Janet Kirby
Subject: 8/11/97 Deer Creek

hello again, boy the expectations were high for tonights show and they 
were exceeded, a very hot show.
Started downin honey browns at 12 at Shady Acres Campground and was 
feelin great on the walk to the show and munched some shrooms at about 6 
PM. I had great seats also with all my buds and met up with my buds from 
alpine who got arrested, glad i did not go with them, anyway, heres my 
Show started at 7:40 i believe and Bob Marley was the music of choice 
over the PA, hmmmmmm.....
Makisupa Policeman: thats why, what an opener and trey threw in his bud 
reference of "Schwag" that made the crowd go nuts this led predictably 
into a very tight Maze, which IMHO was better than the 11/15/96 II 
Mak>Maze. Next was a mellow new tune Water in the Sky which I enjoyd very 
much. What's next....GUYUTE!!! yes there it is the first of the US tour 
and not a bit dusty, very tight and the place went Guelah, 
and suprisingly very nice version which got the place really dancing plus 
Mike and Trey did their dance. Next Limb by Limb which was a cool new 
tune.  Next HORN!! what a break out, ive always wanted to hear this live 
and never thought i would but bygolly i did! Great jam.  Next, Antelope!
Great set closer better than last years by far.
Trey says well be back in 42 minutes or something, pretty funny.
Set 2 :\
Timber Ho! should of known it, it opened set 2 of 1st night last year.
this version was very tight and had some great jammin 
Next was Piper which I loved, along with Vultures which I hadnt heard 
before.  My Soul was great very jazzy, but rockin! Called the next  one..
You Enjoy Myself, the crowd loved it and it was a great version, it led 
nicely into Character Zero, which was a suprise and even more of a 
suprise was how good it was. 
Encore: squirming coil! 1st time for me and i loved it, probably not the 
best version ever but its still a great way to end a show.
Overall: 9.0 great first set and above avg second set.
Two great shows and great nights at the campground, esp the late night 
Hopefully next year too!!
Paul Pearman
PS: Its a wonder I remember this much


From: (Scott Silton)
Subject: Deer Creek Run Review
Date: Tue, 12 Aug 1997 21:05:34 GMT


Makisupa:  Good warmup, and an above-average version of this song.  The 
keyword was 'schwag' -- I thought this was funny as hell.  Half hearted

Maze:  I wasn't too thrilled with this maze, cause trey almost fell off
horse at the climax, and page's solo was far to dissonant for my ears.  
Overall, however, a perfectly adequete Maze and thus an enjoyable tune.

Water in the Sky:  I generally dislike slow country tunes and this song is
exception.  A waste of valuable phish time IMO.

Guyute:  I was distracted for a moment at the beginning by some univited 
visitors to our chunk of lawn, but for the rest of the song I was totally 
concentrating and I didn't hear a single mistake... a wonderful Guyute
Guyutes are wonderful, but I was really psyched to see this!)

Guelah Papyrus: Nothing new or different here, but always a fun first set

Limb by Limb:  After hearing the Tinley show, I really wanted to see this
and here it was.  A great new tune!  Having said that, I thought the
jam was a bit better.  Somehow it stayed on track more, and this is a song 
that calls for an on-track (type I) jam.

Horn: like Guelah, a welcome song, nothing special.

Antelope: After the horn finished, I starting singing Antelope.  It felt
the time for an Antelope, and indeed it was the time.  I thought that this
a tremendous Antelope although I think I caught a flub toward the
The jam was flying and the ending was (per usual) dead-on.

A solid set with solid tunes, esp. the Guyute and the Antelope.

Set II:

Timber Ho!:  A very nice, reasonably extended version of this tune.

Piper: The build to this song is very nice, but it is a tad repititious to
 A good new song which I'd like to hear more of, although I think it works 
better flowing in and out of some other song/jam (e.g. the Lille Disease).

Vultures: WOW!  What a great song!  It has everything good about phish: 
overlapping vocal harmonies, a tight, intricate, composed section, and a
(at this point a jam with rules, not a jam without rules).  The ending --
Fishman wailing -- is a wonderful treat for a drummer type like myself.  I 
could hear this for a few shows in a row before it joins a semi-normal 
rotation.  Definetely my favorite of the new tunes!

My Soul: I don't really care for the singing, but the jam blew the house
 I was very impressed with Page during this song.  

YEM: Before 'nirvana', Trey used the phone that was on Page's piano
know who he called?).  The 2 shots at the note were tight and fun.  The
jam was sub-par as Page was caught in a wierd place and didn't provide us
any funk -- he was off noodling on the minimoog.  Then the jam got spacy
for a 
while.  Then it built like a more typical YEM jam and was very tasty
The Bass and Drums bit wasn't limited to Mike and Jon although its still
the 'coming down' feel between the smoking part of the jam and the vocal
The vocal jam sounded like a take on  "Dinbo" -- perhaps "Bimbo" perhaps 
"Didn't Vote", I don't know.

Char 0: Ripping.  Smoking.  Flying.  Sweet.

e: Coil.  Once again, Trey wrecks the flying guitar part in the middle
like NYE 95).  However, the ending was amazing as the whole band jammed
with Page for several minutes.  Very pretty.  Not being able to top that,
quickly wrapped up and said goodnight.

Another solid set.  Overall I'd describe the first night as "Great,
Stellar phish" (ignoring the Billy and the half hour of useless space in
second set) and the second night as "Solid, dependable good phish".  It
be clear that the boys are totally ON FIRE this summer, so hold onto your
for the Went cause it is going to rock our world!


PS: The parking lot scene was full of cops, undercover cops, and security.  
I was thoroughly searched going in the first night.  The second day is
more mellow despite all the cops everywhere.  I was glad to not hear of
ugly incidents around the area as I would like to go back to DC and once
enjoy the campground scene, which was SWEET.  I love walking to shows!