Date: Tue, 12 Aug 1997 14:09:06 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: 8-9-97 Alpine Valley Review

8-9-97  Alpine Valley Music Theatre, East Troy, WI

I : Theme From The Bottom, PYITE, Ghost -> Taste, Dogs Stole Things, Reba,
Lawn Boy, Crossroads

II : Wilson, Foam, Mike's->Funny As It Seems(?)->Simple->Swept Away->Steep->
Scent, Slave->Weekapaug

E : Circus Comes To Town, Rocky Top

BACKGROUND : Just barely got into this show in time for the opener.  Definitely
a much less comfortable venue than any I've been to in the last few years.
But the concession stand did have the best hot dog I've eaten in a while.
(The one at Deer Creek last year tasted like it was made out of tofu.)


THEME - I've never been a huge fan of this song on live tapes or the CD, but
it came across very well here.  The jam peaked nicely.  Well executed.

PYITE - My second in five shows.  Perfect.  The "punching" segments got pretty
involved, and the intro was a bit extended, but otherwise nothing surprising.

GHOST - Not hard to hear why this tune has gotten the reputation it has.  The
jam went along well in the same funky/stacatto mode as last night's Gumbo
and Wolfman's, but things got interesting when Trey unleased this high-pitched,
"teary-eyed" (to use Dirken's term) motif, which the band rode on for a few
minutes.  Then...

TASTE - Huge peaks in both Page and Trey's solos.  Don't know if this measures
up to some of the other much-raved-about versions from this tour, but very
well done.  Page clearly lost whatever was bugging him in Tinley Park.

DOGS STOLE THINGS - I figured they had to ease up the pace at some point.  An
amusing throwaway.

REBA - YES!!!  My first Reba - finally.  Jam was well-developed, though nothing
out of the ordinary.  Good to hear a trace of the old compositional complexity
in the midst of all the funk/groove-oriented new stuff.

LAWN BOY - So I finally get to see Page abandon his position behind the
keyboards.  Dedicated to my Oberlin friend and fellow phan, Curtis "Olfactory"
Hughes.  (Sorry.)  Then they started playing this blues riff which I knew I'd
heard before, but I didn't realize until Trey started singing that it was...

CROSSROADS - Another nice surprise.  Great Trey soloing, clearly inspired by
the Clapton/Cream version but original.  As setbreak arrived it was clear that
the group was here to play.


WILSON - So this isn't gone for good.  Some weird two-handed tapping from Trey
in the instrumental breaks made this unusual.

FOAM - Another flashback to Trey's old-school composing style.  Good solos,
especially from Trey.

MIKE'S - My third Mike's in five shows.  (Mike's, Simple and Weekapaug are the
only songs I've seen more than twice.)  This was SLOW.  Trey took his time even
starting to play during the jam, and after a while it entered into a very
subdued mode, reminding me of 7/23/96 Hamburg.  They didn't make it to the end
of the F# segment of the jam before they went into...

FUNNY AS IT SEEMS - This is the Mike song with the lyrics "Ain't love funny
that way" and so forth.  Embarassed to admit that I can't remember the real
title.  Nice tune.  Then Trey started soloing in F above a drone and cymbal
rolls, looking like he wanted Fish to kick back into a 4/4 beat.  I was
figuring that they would drop back into Mike's and then go to Hydrogen.  Fish
eventually did start playing, and after a while we got...

SIMPLE - Well done.  The jam decrescendoed in the usual sweet way and led to..

SWEPT AWAY/STEEP - Isn't it funny to listen back to the studio version of
"Steep" now that we've become accustomed to the live arrangement?  This went

SCENT OF A MULE - By now it was clear that we were in the midst of a crazy
set.  Another song that I wasn't a big fan of before, but this version was
insane.  First Page did a solo which made me think that they should ask Cecil
Taylor to sit in sometime.  Then Trey & Mike went into their antics which
will probably be talked about by many others (frantic duet leading to explosive
chords with both of them lying on the ground doing bicycle kicks).  Perhaps the
highlight of the two shows.

SLAVE - A fitting contrast to the preceding horseplay.  The set could have
ended here and I wouldn't have been dissatisfied, but Trey signalled the band
to go into...

WEEKAPAUG - What a set.  Trey unleashed this riff which sounded like a classic
rock tune I couldn't place, and the band rode that well to a large climax.
As the set ended it was obvious that the band was in a giving mood tonight,
which more than made up for their weaknesses in Tinley Park.


CIRCUS COMES TO TOWN/ROCKY TOP - Haven't heard Circus before.  It seemed 
appropriate enough at this point.  As with last year's Deer Creek shows, Rocky
Top serves as a fast-paced formality to conclude my summer Phish experiences.

     I have some other observations and criticisms to share later, but suffice
it to say that this was an epic show.  Hoping for more good surprises through
the rest of '97.

                 -              Pat Buzby


Date: Thu, 14 Aug 1997 16:46:52 -0500
From: Creighton
Subject: RE: Reviews of 8/9

Alpine Valley, East Troy, WI   8/9/97

We were all pumped for the show. We had all got 4th and 5th row mail through mail order so I was 
hoping for a great show.  Did I ever get one.

I: Theme, PYITE, Ghost>>Taste, Dog Stole Things, Reba, 
        Lawn Boy, Crossroads.
II: Wilson, Foam, Mike's>>Funny as it seems>>Simple>>Swept Away>>
E: Circus Comes to town, Rocky Top

Theme.  Great build up in this song.  Starting to like it alot.  I used to not like the direction they
        were taking it in but it has renewed itself to me.
PYITE:  Standard version with dance and all.  Always good to hear. Who Does'nt like this song?

Ghost:  I knew I would hear it again.  The really love this tune and so do I. Slow funky jam as usual went into a great

Taste:  This is my favorite Billy song.  The composed section and the jam are so uplifting.  When Trey kicks into the ending jam he stepped wide left to emphasis its greatness.  Well done boys.

Dog stole things.  Really good song.  I am really starting to enjoy the more vocal aspect of their 
        new songs

Reba.  Standard Reba if there is such a thing.  Kind of a quick version I thought,  Still got me going

Lawn Boy.  What a stud Page is when he sings this song.  Walkin all around the stage.  Kneeling down to a girl in the Front row.  Such a fun song to hear and see.

Crossroads:  Whoa.  WHat a song selection these guys put out this tour.  I recognized it right away
        but had to pinch myself to see if it was true.  Such a treat

The energy level of the first set was amazing Hope they still had it in them.

II: They did!
Wilson:  Not your standard version.  Opened up with this second set last year.  Really rock this one
        with Trey doing his Eddie Van Halen finger tapping impression.

Foam.  Haven't heard it in a while.  Really glad to hear it again. Alot of people don't like this one
        I can't pick out why.

Mike's Song:  It was real early in the set.  Of course the place errupted as always.  Good Mike's with a s
        short jam that led right into

Funny as It seems.  This is an alright tune.  Nothing to special about it.  It really didn't fit in to the energy that was kickin but oh well. right into 

Simple:  The Mike's jam picked up into Simple that is always fun to hear.  Good solid jamming on this one
        that kwpt going for a while.  I was really groovin hard at this point.  I was hoping for another tune i in the groove I got:
Swept Away>> Steep.  Starting to be a standard filler in the groove. I really have mixed emotions about t       his one.  Tonight is was alright though.
SOAMule:  I thought for sure we were getting weekapaug, but the kept going with a hilarious jam in the  middle Trey and Mike robot walking and doing bicycle exercises.  It was obvious that the boys   were having fun.
Slave:  totally unexpected and definitely welcome it brought a special moment.  What a great song.      Really gets you happy at the end.  Just like Hood.

Weekapaug.   Really short version but that doesn't mean it didn't rock.  Thanks boys for this 
        gem of a set.

E: Circus Comes to town.  Neat song.  Cool soloing and beautiful lyrics.  I can't picture Los Lobos
        sing it though.

Rocky Top.  Standard end of the show jam.

Overall this was my favorite of the tour.  1 to 10  I give it a whopping 9. 

Still Deer Creek To Come

Eric Creighton

From: (Sugaree101)
Subject: Alpine 8-9-97 Review & Setlist
Date: 10 Aug 1997 15:57:47 GMT

August 9, 1997  (two years ago was a sad day)
Alpine Valley Music Theater
East Troy, Wisconsin

Set I:  
Theme from the Bottom
Punch You in the Eye
Story of the Ghost
Dog Stole Things
Reba (Unfinished)

Set II
Wilson --> 
Mike's Song --> 
(New Song) -->
Simple --> 
Swept Away -->
Steep --> 
Scent of a Mule
Slave to the Traffic Light --> 
Weekapaug Groove

When the Circus Comes to Town
Rocky Top

What a day.  We left Chicagoabout 4:00pm and met some friends on the North
Shore for the ride up to East Troy.  Good thing, traffic sucked and it
turned out the  real party was on the road heading into Alpine Valley. 
People were all over the place, and I think I saw one cop the whole time. 
It didn't matter much, traffic was soooo bad we barely got to the show on
time.  Fortunately they parked us near the back of the lots, so it would
be pretty easy to get out after the show.

We were walking into the show when we heard the begining of Theme from the
Bottom.  I heard thisin Champaign last year, so it was big thing, and by
the time we had found a nice spot on the law about 1/3 of the way up on
Fishman's side they were just finishing their first
song/warm-up/soundcheck.  Now they were ready to let it all hang out.

Then they started into Punch You in the Eye, which was our first
indication that Tinley Park was an anomoly.  I figured they had to have
more energy onthis tour than they showed on friday night.  PYITE was
smokin, Trey was clickin, Mike was thumpin', it was all clickin'.  The
Landlady section was played real fast from the way they used to play
Landlady as its own thing.  Everybody at this point was dancin'.

Next up was the new tune, The Story of the Ghost.  A real nice song with
cool jams.  A definately good sign that the next album will be jam happy. 
This somewhat lengthy jam flowed straight into Taste.  They have really
worked hard on their segues, and they are smoothing well.  Taste was
awesome!!!!  The harmonies were just perfect.  The jams on all parts were

After Taste they played another new song, Dog Stole Things, but this song
didn't really stand out, but it was a nice break for the lavatory.  I got
back in time for a killer Reba.  It was jammed out well, but not finished
(no whistling, etc.).  The song itself is one of my early phish favorites
from way back, though, so I was quite into it.

After the Reba, Page stood up and gave us the lounge act version of Lawn
Boy, which was quite enjoyable.  And then....  I heard it, I didn't knew
they played it, but I named this tune in 4 notes.... A killer Crossroads,
and no folks, this is not a Clapton song, it is by Robert Johnson, but
Clapton made it famous with Cream.  Trey got to do his best Clapton
impressions though.  I'll tell ya, whenever I watch Trey, I always think
he looks like Clapton, ths was just some icing.

The setbreak seemed short, but who knows, I had "forgotten about the
time." The second set was pure classic Phish.  I had a feeling, but you
never know.

They opened up with wilson which bode well for the rest of the evening. 
It was ROCKIN'  given the fact that it was a set opener.  Bap Boom
Bam...Killer stuff, man.  This segued into a sweet Foam.  I don't think I
have heard a Foam since like '93 or something.  I always liked this song.
Good jams, a little spacy, a little goofy, as I said, classic Phish.

Then the real craziness began.  They opened up the Mike's Song and I knew
we were in for a wild ride.  The Mike's was well played and the jams were
this was the show to be at.  After seeing all of the Europe and recent
setlists, I was sure we were in for a night full of new tunes....not
tonight.  Nonetheless, the next song was a new one that I didn't know and
I don't realy remember.  Nice theory huh!

Fortunately...I was right!  Out of this new, short ditty came a monsterous
Simple.  Not quite the Milwaukee OJ Simple, but still quite impressive. 
And again, Classic Phish...Good jamming, here.  Everyone around me was
just nodding their heads with smiles on their faces.  This led into a nice
Swept Away --> Steep.  A nice quiet tune, and another perfect chance to
head off to the john and to do a little people watching in the Beer

By the time I got back to our spot on the lawn, they had already started
to jam Scent of a Mule.  At this point, either you were wiggin' or you
were dead.  Our section was dancin' up a storm.  Trey and Mike did some
theatrical stuff, dropped to the floor, did some bicycle kicks, etc.  It
was Classic Phish.  They just don't do this stuff as much as they used to,
they must be getting a little to serious about their work at this point in
their careers.  I think they play better when they lighten up a bit
(please no flames).  

After the SOTMule, they jammed a beautiful Slave to the Traffic Light,
during the second set no less.  This must have been in honor of the
monster traffic jams getting into the parking lots.  This tune was sweet
and well played and jammed.  Yet still no Groove?  Ah, don't fret these
guys know their business.  Slave segued into a killer Weekapaug Groove to
finish the set.  "And everybody was dancin.'"  The set ended on this happy
note.  Yes, my friends this was Classic Phish.

For the encore, they played another new song, When the Circus Comes to
Town.  I first heard this on a video from a show in Germany from last
Spring.  It's a nice song, but just CD filler IMHO.  Then they finishedus
off with a Rocky Top.  We danced our way, more like crawled, back to our
car and shot out backto Chi town for a good nights sleep.  We must have
been the first one'sout cause their was no traffic leaving, contrary to
what I have heard from others this morning.  

Anyhow thanks for reading my long review.  


From: Ron Reese
Subject: Review, Tinley/Alpine (long)
Date: 13 Aug 1997 21:48:48 GMT

The next night opened with good versions of both Theme and 
PYITE. Ghost followed, and is another keeper (IMO) out of the 
new tunes. That night, it had a minimal Funk jam, but most 
importantly...for the to EXPLODE! I look forward 
to hearing it again. A great Taste came next which eventually 
got pretty crazy, ending in an extended exploratory jam (I 
missed the segue out of Ghost). At this point, I was hyped. 
The first four songs of this set were better than all of last 
nights first set, and I was ready for more. Dog Stole Things 
has some funny lyrics, but was otherwise unremarkable. After 
this, Reba (unfinished), which was right on time...a treat. 
The jam had a BEAUTIFUL beginning, but didn't reach any real 
peaks. Still, it was nice to hear. Lawn Boy was another treat, 
with a nice solo from Mike. Page, however, was left in the 
dark. Someone behind us yelled, "get the spotlight on that 
man", to no avail. Crossroads smoked, and ended a hellish set. 
I was finally happy! ;)

The second set opened with a nice, tight Wilson (which is 
usually a good sign), which segued into Foam. Foam is a song 
I've never really cared for, but I was into this one, and it 
was well played. Mike's followed, and to be honest (as if I'd 
been lying all this time;), seemed a little weak. It may not 
have been, but I've heard a lot of these, and nothing in this 
one seemed to stand out. I do have the tendency to judge most 
Mike's alongside 11-11-95, so I'm harsh on this song as it is. 
Not much to say about this one though. I was forced (by 
exhaustion) to take a seat toward the end, where I stayed for 
Funny As It Seems. I don't have much to say about this 
either...unremarkable. I do have something to say about a 
powerful Simple...above average, and a GLORIOUS jam which got 
oh so sweet on the way to Swept->Steep (note: this Simple is 
highly recommended). Scent came next, and was simply INSANE. 
If Alpine had a roof, Page would have blown it off. I had laid 
down to be hosed by Simple (and tweaked by Swept->Steep), but 
Page's solo made me jump up so fast I nearly passed out. This 
is one of my favorite songs to hear live because of the duel, 
and tonight's did not disappoint. Hats off to Page. Next, was 
some crazy shit. Mike and Trey began their part with some 
STUNNING interplay before all hell broke loose. It was a scene 
you really had to see to believe...not because playing while 
on your back doing bicycle kicks is all that impressive (it 
didn't sound all that good), but simply because it was f*ckin' 
NUTS. Everyone was going crazy, and there was a ton of energy 
in the air. Good rocked. My buddy and I had 
listened to the Seattle '96 Scent earlier, so we were psyched 
for a little chaos. What we got was a LOT of chaos. Slave came 
next, and was very cool. A beautiful jam to close (like 
always), and I expected this to be the end of the set, but 
noooooo...they threw down with Weekapaug, which 
smoked...thoroughly (perhaps making up for that half-assed 
Mike's). WHAT A SET! The encore seemed to upset a few people, 
but not me. I like When the Circus Comes, and Rocky Top has 
always been a happy tune. I would rather hear these than 
Amazing Grace (although I like Sleeping Monkey in that first 
spot too). I highly recommend this show.

I have to go to work, so I'll get to Deer Creek later on 
tonight. We decided not to hit the road for these shows, so 
there's not much to say about the scene. There was a 
half-naked (because of alcohol, not by choice) freak ranting 
about Mother Earth while we were getting some grub, but that's 
about it. 

The boyz came back HARD after Friday's show...get the tapes at 
all costs.



From: Joe Thompson
Subject: Tinley & Alpine thoughts (long)
Date: Sun, 10 Aug 1997 23:59:35 -0400

        The next day, after some boring Chicago sightseeing and haggling
with a
parking attendatnt who was trying to scam us because of our MI plates,
we made made the two hour drive to East Troy, WI.  Two hours to East
Troy, 2 1/2 to the Alpine Valley Music Theatre, a distance of about 15
miles, I think.  I suggested that my friend walk to the venue and save
us a good spot on the lawn, not knowing that traffic was backed up as
far as it was on Highway D.  I heard of undercover cops going up to cars
asking fo rextras only to smell the inside fo probable cause to search. 
I think there was only one entrance to this venuse, and I finally got
there at about 7:35, I think, and was way in the back of the lot.  I
practically ran into the venue, going to the gate on the left until a
bitchy woman on a horse yelled w/megaphone in my ear that that gate was
closed.  I could just barely hear Theme being played, and wanted to get
in as quickly as possible.  When I finally got in, the opener was about
over, and I still had to find my friend in the sea of people.  I went
from the left side of the lawn along the front, climbing over
stair-rails on the way, to the right-center of the front lawn row, all
while Theme was ending and PYITE was beginnig.  I figured I wasn't going
to find him, so I took an open spot on the lawn and began to groove a
little.  I was somewhat pre-occupied looking for him and could not fully
enjoy this Punch, but I liked it nonetheless - you can't really go wrong
with that song.  I recognized Ghost at the intro chords Trey played,
being that it was the third time I've seen it, and decided not to worry
about my friend so that I could get into it.  I really like Ghost,
especially Mike's part.  This version contained a nice jam, and as I
danced, not too wildly as I would have slipped down the unusually steep
lawn, I looked to my left and saw Paul (my friend's name) along the
rail, and quickly made my way over to him.  He was excited to see me,
and we found an open spot near one of the stair cases and directly
behind the taper's section - I found it odd that the tapers were
positioned to the left of the board.  We talked a little as Ghost ended
in a slow jam that I didn't especially enjoy, although I enjoyed the
song as a whole very much.  Ghost went into Taste, which I was very
excited about - I think they've improved this song a lot.  They didn't
disappoint, providing us with an excellent version.  Taste was where my
perma-grin began to surface, though I was completely sober (a state I
highly recommend seeing Phish shows in).  Dogs Stole Things was next,
and the more I hear this song the more I like it.  I guess we needed to
slow down a little after that Taste.  Then they brought back Reba, which
was the song Paul wanted most to hear.  I was very impressed with the
one orange and purple cone effect Chris did, but other than that...just
kidding.  This song brought me closer to tears than any music ever has. 
I closed my eyes and just let go, and then IT happened.  Not teh IT
where you understand and love the band, but a different kind of band. 
It's been said by many people that music exists independently of us and
that musicians are jsut conduits to project it into the world; I've also
heard that Phish try to hear the notes of the music before they play
them.  As I closed my eyes and soared with the music, I began to
actually hear the song a split second before they played it.  I'm
usually quite skeptical and actually question this experience as I look
back on it, but I know that for a few moments there I had IT, and it was
one of the best feelings I've ever encountered.  Paul tapped me on the
shoulder and brought me out of that state, and then I began to notice
all the people talking around me - that really is annoying, Lamehendge
was right ;-)  I couldn't say anything worth saying after that, so I
just laughed when they began to play the opening notes of Lawnboy.  It's
amusing to see Page stand up and walk aroud crooning about "olfaactory
hues" or however it goes.  An energetic Crossroads closed the set, and I
wasn't let down at all (i.e. a Character Zero closer or something). 
After the set we just sat down and didn't say anything, except that that
was the best set of Phish I'd ever seen.  We both felt speechless and
awestruck, which I had never experienced at a concert ( I don't think
I've experienced that feeling ever, actually).  We didn't know if we
could handle another set.
        Wilson opened the second set.  I like this tune, and it was nice
to get
the old singing voice going again ;)  A standard version, but good as a
second set opener.  It went into a good version of Foam, but I don't
think it wsa a true segue.  I enjoyed foam, as it was fairly long -
actually, I really enjoy anything where Mike is prominent.  I had wanted
to hear Mike's Groove since I got into Phish, so I was a little excited
when I heard Trey play the opening notes.  Unfortunately, I had to miss
this one to go to the restroom and change my shorts.  Seriously, this
was a spectacular jam, as most Mike's are, and it went into a nice
little number I though was called Ain't Love Funny, which Mike sings. 
Simple was next, and there was a true segue into it, if I remember
correctly.  It was a good Simple, but my memory is beginning to fail me
since I'm gettin pretty tired.  Simple went into Swept Away/Steep, both
standard versions, followed by a hilarious version of SOAMule.  It was
standard up until the duel, where I though Page played hsi part very
well.  At Trey's turn, he and Mike played a little jam together, and
them eveyone joined in.  They brought it up really loud and Trey and
Mike began walking around mechanically as though randomly but at the
same time intentionally, then they got on their backs something like
five seperate times to kick their legs into the air.  There was one time
very near the end where only Trey was on his back, and each time he
kicked both legs up they would play a note loudly.  When you hear the
tapes, there will be a long pause - this is where they are frozen, with
Trey on his back with his legs up in the air waiting to kick again to
siganl the next sound.  This SOAMUle was too funny, with a standard
ending.  Slave followed, and I was a little disappointed because I
thought it was the set closer and I *really* wanted to hear Weekapaug. 
It was you standard beautiful Slave, and I enjoyed it, but I neatly fell
down when it went into Weekapaug.  This was not the greatest Weekapaug
I've ever heard, but it was still very good.  I was surprised that the
crowd was not more into it - how can you not love that beat!?  When the
Circus Comes to Town was teh first encore, and this song has beautiful
lyrics which I had never noticed before, and I really enjoyed it.  I
also like Rockytop, so I was very excited when that followed, especially
because I like to leave a show on an energetic note.
        8-9-97 was the best Phish show of the seven I've seen, and I'm
still in
awe of it.  This was the last show I'll be seeing until Dec. 5, I
believe, and I couldn't have asked for anything more.  It more tahtn
made up for the previous night, and I was left wondering waht they could
possibly do the next night at the Creek. :-)

| -Joe

Date: Sun, 17 Aug 1997 15:42:12 -0400
From: Randy Bee
Subject: 8.9.97, Alpine

8.9.97          Alpine          East Troy, WI

I. Theme From The Bottom, Punch You In The Eye, Ghost->Taste, Dogs Stole 
Things, Reba, Lawn Boy, Crossroads
II. Wilson->Foam, Mike's->Funny As It Seems->Simple->Swept Away->Steep->
Scent Of A Mule->Slave To The Traffic Light->Weekapaug Groove
E: When The Circus Comes To Town, Rockytop

Theme: Nice, familiar opener. Nice jam, good harmony.
PYITE: Perfect, crowd-pleaser(including me). I loved it, version was    
    absolutely smokin'.
Ghost: Mike's got the funk!! This song is great, it really gets people  
      movin, the jam was stellar, great playing by Trey.
Taste: This Taste was executed perfectly, outstanding solos by Trey and 
       Page. At this point I'm thinking, what could be better. These    
    guys are taking Taste to places I've never seen it go before. It    
    was amazing.
Dogs: Nice catchy, jammin tune. Short, Trey song, really enjoyed it. 
REBA: Highlight of the show. They hit Reba so hard, and fast, and as I  
      was groovin in the restriced grass part of the pavillion, I       
      honestly believed that this Reba would go down in history.       
      Anyways, killer Reba.
Lawn Boy: Page. That's it. He was shaking people's hands and just being 
          a big dork. I liked it.
X-Roads: What the hell?!?! This song is SO phat, never thought I'd hear 
         it live. Outfuckingstanding. Great set-closer.
Overall, best set of the tour so far, IMO, see what happens.

Wilson: So it's still in the rotation!! Unbelievable how relieved I was. 
        Otherwise standard Wilson with nice yelling.
Foam: Heard Mike's bassline and made the song. Trey took Foam pretty far 
      too, and it was fairly long. Nice.
Mike's: Ecstatic to hear it, then pissed. Really pissed. Trey was 
        playing this like someone was making him. Totally half-assed.
Funny: Nice slow song, perfect follow up to a lame Mike's.
Simple: Picking up the pace, jammin, really nice peak and a nice slow to
Swept Away->Steep: I love this transition. Right in the middle of Steep 
                   I yelled MULE, MULE!! Sure enough->
Mule: Really good Mule, with a good duel and bicycle kicks from Trey and 
      Mike. After this craziness I'm thinkin Harpua or Forbin or 
      something but->
Slave: The most beautiful Slave I've ever heard. Light breeze, Trey 
       didn't trip it out, just a nice roller coaster of Slave. I was in 
Weekapaug: Slightly slow Week, but on the money for sure. I was 
           expecting this, and it was really played tightly. Crazy 
           second set, but doesn't match the first.
E: Circus, Rockytop: I think Circus is a great song and I was really 
pleased with this version. Rockytop was as predictable as anything, and 
I enjoyed it thouroughly. Good show.