From: Dan Hewins 
Subject: 8/2/93 Tape Review

Tape Review:
8/2/93 The Ritz, Tampa, FL

Set I                          Set II
-----                          ------
Chalkdust Torture              2001 ->
Guelah Papyrus                 Mike's Song ->
Poor Heart                     Sparks ->
Brother                        Curtis Leow ->
Oh Kee Pa ->                   Rift
Suzy Greenberg                 Squirming Coil
All Things Reconsidered        Weekapaug Groove
Bathtub Gin ->                 Bike
Makisupa Policeman ->          Run Like an Antelope ->
My Mind's Got a Mind...        Makisupa Reprise ->
Dog Log                        Antelope
La Grange

Sleeping Monkey
Amazing Grace

* Note, this is a review of a tape, I wasn't there...

The show opens solidly, but not extraordinarily.
Chalkdust, Guelah, and Poor Heart are all good.  As Brother begins you 
can hear some who recognize it and they are psyched.  Although it's a 
treat, it's nothing more than that.  The jam is nothing to write home 
about.  Oh Kee Pa -> Suzy is standard as well, All Things is neat.  This 
is where it all changes...  Bathtub Gin is GREAT!  The jam section goes 
to about three or four different ideas, but they are all really awesome.  
Trey and Mike really get into a cool groove during one part.  Then the 
jam soars to a new level, Trey is soloing on this as I have never heard 
before.  It's hard to explain, I guess the best I can do is say that it 
sounds like a Divided Sky/Down With Disease kind of feel.  I'm not 
saying that it is those jams combined, it just has the same feel as 
those both do.  Well, they eventually turn the jam into Makisupa, very 
smoothly I might add.  That jam also moves very smoothly into My Mind, 
very nice.  Dog Log is another good treat, Trey says it's for Paul, 
(listen to 12/6/91 soundcheck).  La Grange, is a  surprising closer.

Set 2:  2001 into Mike's is cool as it always is.  The Mike's jam gets 
weird and it sounds like somone else is yelling to the crowd from the 
stage.  very weird.  Mike's goes into Sparks then Curtis Leow very well.  
The crowd does not seem too into Curtis Leow.  Rift, then Squirming Coil 
are pretty good.  Mike then starts the beginning of Weekapaug.  
Weekapaug is not too cool except that it goes directly into HYHU With 
trey still on guitar.  Trey then introduces the one, the only, 
Henrietta.  Before Bike, Fish explains that he just got a new vacuum.  
The crowd is psyched to hear Bike.  Antelope is as usual up until the 
end of the heavy jam part.  This is where the Makisupa reprise starts.  
Mike and Trey are fooling with this for a while, Trey says, "Marco 

Sleeping monkey is a good encore always, pretty mellow and good feeling.  
For Amazing Grace the crowd was the rudest I have ever heard.  Took too 
long to quet down, and when they began singing, the crowd started 
laughing.  too bad.

All in all, a very good, solid show.  I would at least try to listen to 
the Bathtub Gin if you haven't already.

Bye bye,