Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2000 09:30:23 -0400
Subject: 7-31-98 review
Greetings and Salutations phellow phans,
     My first show was a wonderful and magic outing.  It was In Columbus at
the Polaris of 98.  We were embarking on a four day run of great music that I
had only heard on tape and through word of mouth.  We began our trip from
Erlanger Kentucky and headed north along the great windy road known as I75. We
were making pretty good time most of the way up but when we reached the
outskirts of Columbus and had to find our campsite we got lost.
     After about an hour of driving in the wrong direction of the campsite we
finally entered from what the brochure said "Close To the Polaris
Ampitheatre", but really an hour away, campsite.  We set up camp, and then it
was almost time for the show so we loaded up again and headed off.
     It seemed like the longest hour of my life trying to just get to the
show.  I can't really remember if the traffic was that bad, but ti moved
pretty steady.  We got to the gate, paid our parking fee, and then heaed onto
the field of phriends.  It was really close to show time now so we drove
pretty fast to find a place to park, and then set out for the gates of the
show.  From the drive our friends couldn't hold their bladder, maybe it was
all the beer we consumed on the way in.  But i was too excited to pee, i just
wanted to get to our seats.
     We met up with our friends once again and started to our seats and what
to my surprise we start to hear beautifl music, thousands of people start
screaming and the boys start playing.  They opened up with MY Friend My
Friend, and I could not belive it.
     Now I have to go back aways to i Believe the christmas of 97.  This is
when I first recieved a Phish Album.  I had been listening to this one song,
My Friend My Friend, with my buddy Adam a couple of nights before, and my
friend Mike remembered my liking of the song and purchased Rift for me for
Christmas.  So in all actuality My Friend, My Friend was the not only the
first song I had heard from Phish, but the first song I had heard in concert.
     Now I didn't realize what had happened until the first set was over. I
mean the energy I experienced was amazing.  We had seats for my first show and
that made it somewhat intimate, even if there were thousands of people behind
     The boys jammed out forever, songs like Ya Mar, Rift, Cities, Stash,
Free, TMWSIY, I loved every minute of it.  I didn't want it to end.  We didn't
leave our seats the whole show.  I couldn't sit still during the set break,
the tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife.  My friend Jason and I
pondered over what they would open up with, me not knowing many songs said my
Fav Punch you in the eye.  But instead it was a phat jam of The curtain.  
Which is really becoming one of my fav songs.  The jammed on and on until the
set closer.  We all screamed and whistled for the boys to come back out and of
course they did.  But from the first notes I thought I was going to leave my
body and swim around the sky above.  It was my Fav song at the time Punch you
in the Eye!!  I couldn't believe it and my friends were excstatic for me.  
They were saying things like "That is what it's all about,"  I didn't know
what that meant at the time, but in my perspective now it really leads me to
believe that that show was meant for me.  It was planned for decades for this
little guy from Kentucky, to come see this show and become one with himself
and the music around him.  It was an epiphoney.  If thats how you spell it.
     We did the other four shows with style, booze near the fire, Grilled
cheese on a greasy skillet, viggie burritos from a chick with a beautiful dog.  
And to the lady selling Gatorade outside the first night Deer Creek, You were
sent from above to quench my thirst.  I think I would have payed a million
dollars for that gatorade, but she only charged me a buck.  To all of you at
Polaris, thank you for making my Phirst Show a great one indeed. sincerely, a
Newbie, now, later, and forever.  Don Deaton

Date: Wed, 5 Aug 1998 17:17:00 +1000 From: "Lutch, James JJ", Jesse Ritvo , Taka Andrews Subject: Mini-review Columbus>Deer Creek OK, I got a lot of good feed back about my west-coast review I posted last time, so I figured this would be appropriate to post here again. 7/31/98 POLARIS AMPHITHEATRE, COLUMBUS OH I: My Friend My Friend*, Ya Mar, Roget, Rift, Cities, Water in the Sky, Stash II: The Curtain > Free, If I Could > The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday > Avenu Malkenu > Twist > Izabella, Julius, Cavern E: Punch You in the Eye, Slave to the Traffic Light Beautiful day, not too hot (for ohio!), kickin' lot scene with few hassles. I was pretty psyched, my first show since ventura after a well-deserved break. Interesting venue, it had this huge metal roof over the amphitheatre that created some horrible holes in the sound. We couldnt hang in upper reserved as the sound was so bad, so we got down right in front of page for the second set. Much improved. The first set was, um, interesting. MyF and Yamar, two normally rockin songs, just didnt do it for me this night. Maybe it was the fact that the sun hadnt gone down yet, and was blazing us from page's side. Or maybe it was the so-so sound where we were sitting. Then came Roget, which is starting to slowly grow on me, it could be really great someday... Finally a Rift!! Its about time, this is _the_ most underplayed song of the last few years, but I guess its representative of phish's progression away from structured songs into the jam-style they do so well. Usually I would be pumped to hear MyF, Yamar, and Rift, but Trey seemed to be really off this set, and some of these songs really demand the precise playing they nailed in 92-94, thats not so consistent these days. (Or maybe I'm just another over-picky phan.....). And then came the cities...... My first of this tour, This was definitely testing my theory that phish busts out fatties to make up for a weak set. I dunno, it might have been planned. Trey asked a friend of mine for a request for an opener, she said cities. Coincidence? You decide! Anyway, the cities had a good jam coming out of it, this jam was definitely my highlight of the first set. Then water in the sky and stash. Then the set ended all too abrubtly. Stash was interesting as it had a long evil minor-chord jam that snapped back into stash. It seemed as if phish was compacting this huge amount of negative energy in order to get it out of the way so they could lay down the bomb in the second set. Either that, or they were disappointed with their playing and wanted to get off and regroup. In any case we were like WTF? The second set picked up a little. Curtain>Free was hot. Free was funked out a little, but not as much as the killer one from portland meadows. If I Could was nice, its nice to hear this once in a while, instead of all the time like a few years ago. Had a mellow little jam at the end that went beautifully became Sharpen Your Brain. Nice breakout, the last time I remember this being played was greatwoods 95, but they may have done it since then. The first Isabella and Twist of tour were hot, Julius was rockin, and cavern was great. Cavern has seemed to get a little funkier this tour, probably a result of the 4/5 funk cavern. The Isabella had trey tearing up his fretboard, truly unbelievable! Punch & Slave for an encore, wow!!! Third punch of the tour, as an encore every time (remember when this used to be an opener?!?) Overall, I would say this was the worst of the six shows I've seen this summer. Maybe it was trey's lacking performance in the first set, or the fact that I'm bitter to see this after skipping kansas and st. louis! I was kind of expecting more. The second set didnt seem to flow as well as it could, although it was very solid, it wasnt the BOMB they like to drop these days.... ------------- 7/31/98 - Polaris Amp, Columbus, OH After driving more than 700 miles on thursday, I was really hoping for a great concert. I was not dissapointed, although I was surprised by the setlist and the style of play. The last show I had seen was at the Pepsi Arena in the winter, when they were still funking everything out to the limit. This was not the case here. Their playing reminded me more of fall 95 then fall 97. I loved when they played Rift, because I think it has one of the best vocal duels in recorded music. There was this one part, when it was Pages turn to sing, that Trey started to sing. He then realized his mistake, stepped back from the mic, and laughed. I love the new songs, Roget, Water in the Sky, and Twist, although I am not fimiliar enough with these numbers to say if they were good or not. To top it all off, they played Punch You In The Eye, which is my favorite album song to hear live. The show itself was killer, even though the ride there sucked. Well, I guess this ends my pathetic review. Peace This was my 12th show, and my first since NYE. Needless to say I was anxious all week. My car broke down on my way home from work that morning, and I spazzed about getting stuff together, but it all worked out in the end. We stayed at the Alum Creek State Park which was the one recomended in the newsletter, but there did not seem to be many Phish fans around. It was a lot of old people with RV's and families. We got over it and headed to the show. If you've ever been to a show at Polaris, you know the problems that we encountered with traffic. It was ridiculous. That place is poorly designed, and it was a mess trying to get in the parking lot. Even though the show sold out, tickets were everywhere, and it was no problem for anyone to get in for a little cash. Polaris has this cool program where if you declare yourself as the designated driver, you get a wristband that gets you free drinks in exchange for the service you provide to your friends. I wish more venues did this... SET 1 My Friend, Ya Mar, Roget, Rift, Cities, H20 in the Sky, Stash MY FRIEND: Nice to hear as an opener, and it really got the crowd psyched up. I love when Trey tries to get as much distortion as possible in the build up section near the end. Watching him play with the guitar is really neat. YA MAR- One of my favorite groovin' tunes. This Ya Mar was different in most that I've heard. They really jammed it out for a while, but the problem was that the jam consisted of Trey noodling in the typical Ya Mar key, just for a really long time. It must have been at least 12 minutes long. ROGET I agree with what people are saying about how this will sound pretty cool on the album. I think it is a very pretty song, but while listening to it, I became convinced that Phish does not want to write anymore complex intricate melodies a la YEM, Fluff, Gyute, Divided, and so on and so on....It was very depressing to realize that if I had started to listen to Phish at the state they are at right now, and heard primarily the new stuff, I don't think I would have fallen in love with the band as I did when I heard YEM and Bowie...More power to them, it is their music, and I like what I'm hearing, I guess they are just maturing...But as far as Roget goes, I dig it. I like the really slow part before Trey switches the guitar effect and plays three POWER ROCK chords. Very pretty. RIFT - was Rift CITIES-- so far Phish had not done much with the funk that I had grown so accustomed to the past couple of years. I had figured that they would lay it on thick hear. But, there was nothing too spectacular about this Cities. The jam didn't do anything for me. WATER IN THE SKY - Didn't even recognize this until halfway through because of the speeded up tempo, and other reworkings that they made to this song. I guess by reworking it the couldn't have made it any worse. I hate this song, and they didn't do anything that I liked when they reworked it. It is faster though... STASH - Yeah!! I thought, A hypnotic jam that would make me crave more. But alas, there just wasn't any energy on this to make me fall into the NetherRegions of Phishdom...I was pretty close in the pavillion, and I absolutely love watching Trey flawlessly execute that guitar riff...he is so amazing. Well I wasn't expecting Stash to be the closer, but it was so I sat down and looked over My Helping Friendly Book which contains all my setlists. This wasn't what I was looking for, and I wasn't pleased with the first set at all. Ya Mar and Cities were the highlights, and Cities wasn't all that grand...On the scale that everyone abuses nowadays, yet I try to main some integrity to it I give this set a 3.5. I love setbreaks when all my buddies and I can gather and chat about what we each witnessed. We had the disillusioned guys who think that just because it is Phish it is the greatest thing in the world, so they talked about how incredible the set was. I do think Phish is the greatest thing in the world, and based on the enormous amount of time and energy I've spent listening to them, I determined that this particular set was crap. That's all there is to it. SET II The CurtainFree, If I CouldTMWSIYAvenu MalkenuTwist AroundIsabella, Julius, Cavern CURTAIN- This song is so sweet. This is the one song I've never heard that I wanted to hear so bad. I love it, I also liked the mini-segue into Free. FREE- I haven't heard this since '96 so I was pumped because I remember the rockin' Trey on his drumkit crazy space jam that accompanied most of these. This jam wasn't that crazy and it was rather brief. But it was very tight. Not funky surprisingly, but tight. IF I COULD - They hadn't played this in 149 shows according to the setlists, and as far as I'm concerned, let it go another 149. The crowd had a pretty good buzz going until this sing-a-long. TMWSIYAvenu - What a treat!! Totally unexpected, it carried on the tradition of crazy setlists that we've been getting this whole tour. I think that this is the way to sum up how summer '98 is going so far. There hasn't seemed to be any monumental, life-changing jams. Most shows have had the common theme of pulling something out from out of nowhere. Take a look at all the setlists. Kung, Dog Log, Camel Walk, La Grange, Sneakin Sally, Ha Ha Ha, She Caught the Katy, Been Caught Stealing, Ramble On, I get a kick, Rhinocerous, Sexual Healing, California Love, the list goes on and on. This is a cool way for Phish to distinguish this tour. I enjoy it. It makes you want to get every show because they are all so unique. I know all Phish shows are unique, but never has there been such a unique variety of uniqueness so to say. TWIST AROUND - jammed pretty long (not to be confused with "jammed pretty hard") Wasn't anything special. ISABELLA - Trey's a good guitarist JULIUS- After explaining to this kid that this song was called Julius not "don't take another step", it was over CAVERN- Yeah!! I love this song, even though it signals the closing of a set/show. This set was cool I guess because it was unique, but where are the stellar second set jams that rip my soul out. There were none to be found. So I give it a 5.0. One monster jam instead of Izabella, Julius, Cavern would have made it a gem. Encore: Punch you in the Eye, Slave to the Traffic light. Now this is what I'm talking about. Here we go with the reason I travel to Phish shows. What a stellar encore. Even though there is no jamming, who doesn't like Punch??? This Slave was pure beauty also. Phish's jams are so good, because I can always relate them in some way or another to my life. I love Slave to the Traffic Light, and it really fit in with my life and the relationships I'm having right now. It was perfect. So since I know what a 10.0 encore is having seen 12.30.97, and listening to 12.6.96, this encore is worthy of a healthy 7.5. Don't you guys just love how Phish is doing more than just a cheesy Bouncin' encore. They are really trying to make us want them to come out and play more because we never know what we are going to expect anymore for an encore. It used to be that Phish would just play some simple 5 minute ditty to leave the crowd happy. Now some encores are sculpting the way that shows are remembered. 8.8.97 for example was the worst show ever. Then the encore made people remember it with Sugar Blue. In conclusion, I was glad I had two more shows left on the tour because I wasn't completely satisfied. The show deserves a 4.0 ranking because although it had surprises and twists, I was expecting the surprises that I got, so in fact they weren't surprises after all...Know what I mean?? Ben Foster--please CC me on all responses, flames criticisms and whatever...I love input. p.s. Deer Creek to follow The venue was almost identical to Deer Creek, security was not bad besides the mildly enforced "no smoking" in the pavillion. But anyway the show was smokin'.... Set 1 My Friend - Very energized and good to hear, they haven't played it too much for awhile. The sound was good from the start, very crisp. Ya Mar - Pretty standard besides a pretty cool ending I have never heard. Roget - Decent new tune but I have only heard it once so I cant say much. Rift - Totally rippin', I've heard it before live but they busted this song out with some energy. No flubbs, I kinda was waiting for one considering that they havent played it in over a year. Cities - Not the usual all the way thru funky jam, Trey sped it up and it kinda sounded like the YEM jam. Water In The Sky - Different and better Stash - Short and very sweet. They basically just got to the point after " maybe so..." and tore it up. Set 2 Curtain - Always good to hear. The 2nd set was turned up a couple notches..nice and loud Free - A real thumpy, groovey jam at the end. Got everyone freakin'. If I Could - Really, really nice to hear. Its been awhile. TMWSIY - They kinda had a hard time with this at first but they recovered and it went into the usual... Alvenu Malkenu - The Security was even getting down at this point. I shit you not Twist - i have been wanting to hear this for awhile and it was totally blazing as it went into.... Isabella - Trey just flipped out during this song, it was so rockin', it blew last Fall's version away. Julius - An above average Julius, Trey was just on fire and kept building it up. Cavern - Good set closer E PYITE - Nice kinda extended funky intro, had alot of punch as usual Slave - Really nice Slave. Great build ups at the end. Phish is playing alot different this year and I totally fuckin' love it, alot more energy and emotion than last Fall. -Griff Set I: My Friend, Ya Mar, Roget, Rift, Cities Water in the sky, Stash Set II: The Curtain Free, If I Could, TMWSIY Avenu Malkenu, Twist Around Isabella Julius, Cavern E: Punch You In the Eye, Slave To the traffic light MY FRIEND- I was very surprised to hear this as an opener. was thinking more along the lines of Tube, or something to set the funk tone. The song was standard, with it seemed an extended begining, which lasted for awhile. YAMAR- I was excited to hear this song for the first time, I was looking for two of my friends so i missed some of it. The ending "jam" seemed to last awhile, with page and trey soloing respectively. Roget- New song, I really didnt know what to think of this new one. I forgot alot what was in it. Very mellow, cool harmony. thats all i can tell ya'll on dat one Rift- Standard rift, but it was pretty cool to hear cause it was my first. quite the pause between "silence contagious" part with page seemingly taunting the crowd. im not sure if they do that w/ rift, like finding "the note" in divided sky. Cities- Very cool version, funkafied, with tension release at the end, very long!! Easily one of the best pure jams I've heard. It rivals my best jam experiance with the 12-6-97 tweezer, which was pure magic. long, funky, into the tension release towards the end with the build up. Cities water in the sky- i didnt see this one happening, water is such a cool song. bluegrassy/countryish in a sense. page absulutly always blows me away, and he did so with his small solos in this song. beautiful. Stash- This stash could of been better. Nothing about it really blew me away. my brother called stash, i yelled, "dog log". i was surprised at the short first set. it had to of been 60-65 minutes. highlights the cities kicked ass first of all, and my friend is always cool to hear. set two Curtain- I have only heard one version of this song. it was a cool second set opener, im not sure how long it lasted, but it was a good while. segued into free. Free- Easily one of the coolest versions i have ever heard. it took awhile to get into treys opening chords. after the lyrics, the funk jam appeared. i never heard a funky free , i was quite impressed. the normal spacy jams in the middle seem to be alittle too repetitive. Free was definatly a highlight for me in the second set. If i could- i really love this song, it was so cool to hear live. the ending was extended and it went on for awhile (right after page goes back and forth on the keys). it was beautiful. No fatty trey solo at the end like i was hoping for. the greatest trey solo i have ever heard came from if i could (11-12-94). it was spine tingling nonetheless. TMWSIY- I never saw this one coming, i thought it was going to be bowie or something, maybe maze cause it was spacy. then it built up into the "GAMEHENGE NARRATION MUSIC" as i call it. a little jam appeared, slowly seguing to Avenu Melenu. Avenu- pretty cool, it was intense as well. Twist Around- I as well as others in our group were hoping for a twist all night. we got it, and it was awesome. I dont remember how the jam was in this, a very slow segue into isabella though. they were teasing it through all of twist and finally isabella Isabella- standard, intense, good dancin music that makes you really get down. this is the second time i heard it live. i heard they changed it to sound more like jimi. it didnt sound like it here. it sounded like the same way as ive always heard phish do it. Julius- I really dont like this song. i was hoping i wouldnt hear it at any of the 5 shows im going to. standard julius jam, with that groove that you cant help to dance to. Even i was gettin jiggy wit the song i despise most of all. Cavern- Standard, intense. I love the lyrics most of all in this song. "the flesh from satans dogs will make, rudiments of groul. deduct the carrots from your pay you worthless swampy fool" who couldnt love those lyrics? trey at the end of this song rose his hand into the air and pointed at the sky. then at different lights back and forth, then he started moving his hands conducterish and the rest of the band jammed off of him for a minute. and the second set not sure how long the 2nd was. maybe 70 or some minutes. the usual waiting for the band to come out for the encore was non existant. it lasted for less than two minutes. E! Punchy- This song seemed pretty long. it was a cool build up with the begining before the lyrics come in. i love the intensity of this song. Slave- I was hoping for another song, and i wasnt disapointed with this beautiful slave. my brother told me they wouldnt play a long version. they did. just when you thought it had peeked, they brought it to a different, and higher level. and when it peeked, it was beautiful. Free, Twist, and slave made the second set. maybe even throw in that curtain. this is the show as i remember it. i wish i could remember more on the jams, my memory is usually sketchy on shows. overload on memory i guess. if anyone will be taping columbus, pittsburgh, vernon, and the wheel, email me at steve rericha SHOW DAY AT POLARIS WITH MR. GADIEL This won't be like every other post! I had a blast at the show, the music was great, the vibe was cool, but for the life of me I can't remember details about each song, I guess I will have to wait for the tape. So instead, I will give a detailed summary of the events leading up to, and after the show. The day started when my pager went off at about 9:00 a.m. on friday morning, with the universal show day sign of "420". Just waking up to this, I knew it would be a great day. The sun was shining in through my bedroom window, there was a slight breeze, and I knew in roughly 10 hours I would be in heaven. After showering and packing my overnight bag, I got an oil change and a car wash and headed out to meet the crew. Around noon, myself, Jon, and Andy, (yes I went to the show with the famous man) enjoyed a chicken greek salad at Andy's favorite michigan restaurant. We then went back to Jon's apartment, met up with Jason and Abby, took forever to make our tape selection of the most recent shows and loaded up the cars. After a quick stop at the gas station to fill up, and stock up on munchies for the ride, we were on our way to Colombus, about a 4 hour drive. About an hour into the drive, I noticed that Andy wasn't going the right way..who would have thought that the man we look to for directions, info, and other good stuff relating to shows wouldn't know were he was going. After a quick turn around it was smooth sailing. It was such a nice drive, the sun was shining, listening to tapes from Europe, (Moma Dance Rules) and knowing that with every passing mile we were that much closer to a night of musical bliss. As we made our way into Colombus, and saw all the other phans lining up to get off at the exit, you could feel the excitement. After checking into the hotel, making sure we had our tickets, ring-pops, and all the other vital necessaties(sp), it was off to the show, which was about a 10 minute walk. No sooner were we at the top of the entrance way into the lot when the adventure of being at a show with andy really began. Every other person knew his name, and were excited to finally meet the man behind the was sort of like being with a movie star walking around Hollywood. Here the first amazing thing happened. My guess is that there were 12,000 people in the parking lot, and within 10 minutes we found our phriends from home. It was crazy, but we just hung with them, enjoyed the weather and great music all around us, and started getting into the groove, because in less then 2 hours the boys from Vermont were taking the stage. I should note that the lot scene was great, I didn't see the police hassle anyone, and people were vending everywere. (Nothing tastes better than an ice cold taddy on the way in) As in all good things, one must end for another to start. We said our goodbyes, gave our hugs, wished each other a phantastic show and Jason, Abby, and myself found a nice spot on the lawn while Jon and Andy sat in the FRONT row. Then, with the first licks of the guitar, it all began..the hours of driving, having to pee like a racehorse in the lot, and the LONG walk from the gate to the lawn all paid off!!!! Like I said, I don't remember many details about the show, but with the beautiful weather, incredible music, and the sun starting to set on the horizon, I couldn't have wished to be in a better place. The band was great, the jams intense, and the energy incredible. This show did leave me with a new favorite song though..If I could! WOW, it was incredible, I don't remember ever hearing it before but I fell in love with it. It was also my first live Avenu Malkenu, so being Jewish made it all the more memorable.(sp) Now we know that every show is going to be unique, that is one of the reasons we love the band so much. Well after seeing some of the things I saw in the show, it made me reflect on past shows. Take a minute and think of all the funny things you have seen at a show, and not only is the music different, but every show day is an experience in itself. Some of the things we saw were very funny. There was a couple a few rows in front of us on the lawn, now I have no problem with people showing affection during a show, but when this guy started sucking on his girlfriends toes that were covered in dirt from dancing on the lawn, I had to find a new location. Second, "Mr. Good Pot" this guy was GREAT. During set break he was standing almost on top of Abby, and in the funniest voice was saying..."Mr. Good Nose, smells Mr. Good Pot" he must have repeated this 20 times in a row. Not only were we laughing, but everyone around us was to. Finally a phan made the save when he invited our new friend Mr. good pot, to sit down and enjoy some tasty nugs......only at a phish show could this happen, I guess that's what makes it sooooooo great. Third, now I am NOT being critical, as I think that everyone should be able to enjoy music without conforming to what some people would call the standards of the phans, but when I saw Donna and Kelly from Beverly Hills 90210 I almost peed my pants. These two girls that sat down in front of us during the second set were spitting images of the 90210 stars. One had short blonde hair, and the other longer brownish hair. Both were wearing matching khaki shorts, little t-shirts, and sweaters around there shoulders with their purses safely in place across their chests. I know I am not the only one who noticed this, because a few other people around us made comments as well. I hope they enjoyed the show!! Finally, this is why phish phans are the best. After the show ended we were standing at the top of the pavillion waiting for Jon and Andy to come up from their seats so we could walk out together, we saw NAKED MAN. This guy was having a great time, still hearing the music in his head, dancing around the pavillion, the only problem was he didn't have any clothes on. When security tried to stop him, a few phans came to the rescue, helped him put his clothes back on, walked him to the lawn and let him dance till his heart was content. If this would have been any other concert, I would feel sorry for the naked man because he would have probably ended up in the hospital with a severe beating. After meeting up with all our friends, looking at the setlist, talking about how good Trey was during this song, and how amazing Page was during that song, it was back to the lot for some good eats. The vending was great, I highly recommend the French Bread Pizza and veggie fried rice. After a little more remonising in the parking lot, it was back to the hotel were we made some new phriends and relived the show again. By this time it was close to 2 a.m. and I was beat. The driving, waiting, dancing, and grooving finally took it's toll on my body and I heard bed calling. As I was lying in bed, I looked back on the day and it all hit me...were else can you be an individual, being able to express yourself in any way you want without anyone caring what you do, but all the while, enjoying a common bond with thousands of other people you hardly know.....only on a showday with PHISH!!!! P.S. Hope everyone else who has been to or going to a show this tour enjoys the experience as much as me...and I will see you on the 11th at Starlake...Don't forget to wish me a happy 25th b-day there!!! Lee setlist: I: my friend my friend, ya mar, roget, rift, cities, water in the sky, stash II. the curtainfreeif i couldthe man who stepped into yesterdayavenu malkenu, twist aroundizabellajulius, cavern E: punch you in the eye, slave to the traffic light review: this was such an amazing show from the moment we got there at 5 oclock until we left BACK STAGE at 12:15. when we araived we stocked up on some goodies in the lot and just roamed around and saw what there was to see. about 6 oclock we decided to go in and check out our seats and just chill. we got to our seats in section a row m....they were amazing seats and we were getting psyched. finally the show started around 8, and once everyone stood up, we made a mad dash for the front row, where we were for the entire show. the opening was great with mfmf. this was a great up-beat song that wasnt too long. it let everyone get going, and it got everyone into the show. next was ya mar and this was very nice with a great jam in it. roget was a new song, which i had never heard before, but it was not a bad tune at all. rift was wonderful as anyone could imagine. lots of jamming. cities was next and we knew it was coming because we could read treys lips when he told fishman. this was a great song. it hit a wonderful groove, and didnt stop anytime soon. water in the sky was a little weird, but not too bad. it wasnt too long, so it didnt really have too much of an affect. stash was a great song to end with. i have always wanted to hear this one live, and i finally got to hear it. it was a wonderful feeling. the set ended a little short at just over an hour, but it was full of great tunes and phat jams. the curtain was a great way to open the second set, and it got everyone feeling the vibe again. free was such a great tune. it lasted for a while, and there was a big jam included into this too. there was an awesome transition from free into if i could, which was a nice song to hear to kinda slow everything down. tmwsiy was a great song to hear, especially since i havnt heard it too much. avenu malkenu was such a cool song. a great jam was included in this old hebrew prayer. the end of this set was a near repeat to the end of the 12/6/97 show in detroit, with the addition of julius. it was a great upbeat way to end the show. nice jams were included, and this was only an introduction to what we were about to hear in the encore. the encore was the most amazing 2 songs together i have ever heard. the crowd was totally into it and pyite and slave were 2 wonderful songs to end this great show with. after the show we were just on our way out and we saw the line of people to go backstage. we did not have nay passes though, but we were determinded to get back there, one way or another. we were offering people the clothes off our back, all our money, everything, but no one would give up their passes. finally they let everyone in, but we styaed by the gate, hoping for one last chance. about 10 minutes later, 2 girls walked out and we dove on top of them and gave each of them $20 and we got their passes. it was such an incredible feeling. backstage was lots of fun and we got to meet mike and fishman. all in all this was pretty much the greatest experience ever. every aspect of the show was perfect, and we couldnt have asked for a more perfect show. a taper that we were tlaking to backstage said that this was one of the top 5 shows ever played and we totally agree. it was such an incredible experience. now the phall dats are out, and hopefully we can have as much fun there as we did here. keep phishing -jason and josh