Subject:   The Masquerade - 7.31.93
Date:  Thu, 05 Feb 1998 08:03:51 PST
From:  "Christopher DeSerio" 

Hey Dan,

I have a modest contribution for the HPB review files. 


The Masquerade Music Park - 7.31.93

As I've heard many claims that '93 was an exceptional year in Phishtory, 
I can't let this show go unnoticed. The Masquerade is a very small 
outdoor venue a couple miles east of the Atlanta downtown district.  
I'll guess that there weren't more than 2,000 people at this show, 
comfortably sprawled across a grassy hillside that overlooks the Atlanta 

Instead of critiqueing versions of jam segments, I'ld rather provide 
impressions of what the songs meant to me at the time, and give lines 
that resonated meaning and relevance for my particular situation.

I liked Rift as an opener here. Afterall, it's the title track of the 
album they had just released a couple months earlier (and which they 
held a Tower Records signing party before the 2/20/93 show at the 
Roxy!). Thematically, I think its a good beginning. 

"And glare back at me one last look of dismay, as if she were the last 
one she thought I'd betray."

Before the show, my friend Craig was saying how much he really wanted to 
hear 'Sample in a Jar', as it was a relatively new tune and he'ld only 
heard it on tape. This was a first for me and I didn't want to pass 
judgement to early, but I thought it rocked. 

"I shuffle by, alert but numb, to all the glances and the glares"

Ya Mar! If you can't have fun during this song and do a little twist 
(like the 'Caddy Shack' gopher), you're in the wrong place. To this day, 
I'ld be happy to hear one at every show I attend.

"Now she looks so good, Lord, I wanna love you dead."

Up to this point, things seemed fun and frolicky, with just a touch of 
cynicism. But things sure got heavy quick.

Split Open... this is quintessential Phish. 
"...and plunge below the water line..."

Mound. At the time I was really digging this song (still do, and wish it 
got played more often). Its gotta be tough to perform, with its 
complicated rhythms and time signatures.

"Ice is all he was made of..." (Did anyone else eat the snowmen?)

Foam. Liked it alot.

Nellie Cane. Where is she? Where I ask? Mike, I beg you - BRING BACK 
NELLIE! Please! As it was the first and only time I've heard this, I 
payed close attention. For some reason, I had transcended time and place 
and was in a rocking-chair on some far away porch overlooking the 

"Till then I was of the rambling kind."

AS the sun sets and the heavens turn a majestic (Clemson) purple behind 
a silouette of highrises, what could be more appropriate than 'Divided 
Sky'. Nothing compares to this tune as dusk settles into early evening. 

"Before you slip into the night, you'll want something to drink."

Cavern is a strong 1st set closer, as everyone is ready to "get some 
water" and sit for awhile. 


"Now you got me thinking, Wilson, that you're the worst one..."

If you must inquire, YES!

Runaway Jim. Pretty solid version.

It's Ice. "He laughs in full light of my frown." Not particluarly fond 
of it, but hey, who am I to judge?

Maze. "And you see what I'm hunting a few steps away" Alright, at this 
point, this is the fourth song off of 'Rift', and I'm ready for some 
other stuff. I do dig this tune, however.

Sparkle. Thought it was witty and humorous the first couple times, but 
wish they would shelf it.

Mike's Tune -> Leprechaun (?) -> Weekapaug.  I still think this is one 
tune.  Until I saw "leprechaun" in the HFB, I thought it was just a cool 
jam between Mikes and Weekapaug. Maybe its just Irish Hydrogen, fresh 
and clean as a whistle. This jam is worth checking out.

"I never wanted to be your weekend lover."

Purple Rain. I didn't know that they covered this and Fishman had me 
rolling with laughter (flashbacks of 7th grade and slow dances with the 
girl in the parachute pants). 

Daniel. The first and only time I've seen this. This too, I wish they'ld 
bring back. 

Highway to Hell. Rock anthem for a travelling band. A very solid closer 
(and yet another first).

Encore: AC/DC Bag. "don't sweat it, thats where I am..." 
        Freebird. They played it pretty for Atlanta.

I had a very enjoyable time at this show (my 7th), minus the Ice and 
Sparkle, and realized why I liked this band so much. This is one of 
those bands that refuses to be classified, though I would say 
electric-eclectic comes to mind; amassed a following without relying on 
commercial marketing; are by far the most musically talented emsemble I 
have ever heard; and who genuinely have a blast performing and making 
people laugh and smile.

To my friends who shared this experience with me -- Martha, Molly, 
Brian, Tim, Craig and Eric -- I realize there were some strange tensions 
due to circumstances which were entirely my fault, but I hope you hold 
this as one fond memory of our many great Phishing expeditions together. 

Thanks for reading,