Subject: 7/14/94 review
Date: Tue, 21 Apr 1998 13:20:13 -0400
From: Len Stubbe 

I normally don't like to comment on a show if I can't say many good
things about it, but since no one has "officially" documented a review
on this show I thought I'd through my two cents in.

The atmosphere was great for a Phish show, access to the venue was very
smooth, the weather was accomodating and everyone in the front lot
seemed to be really enjoying themselves.  Now I didn't know what had
taken place the previous night, so I was going in with 0 expectations
other then looking to feed my jones for some Phish music.  FWIW this
show is not a good example of 1994 Phish.  This show was more like a
cool down from the previous night, like a "ok we worked our ass off last
night, lets kick our legs up and relax tonight".  The first set was
chock full of personal favs for me, so I really enjoyed that, and come
to expect it.  The second set left alot to be desired.  Yeah YEM and
Hood were enjoyable, but nothing too exceptional.  Take out the Big Ball
jam and this show would have looked like a typical fall 95 or 96 show. 
To me, 1994 was theeee year.  My life will seem incomplete until I get
my hands on quality tapes of every show from this year.  There are so
many good shows from 1994, too many to mention here, but the Canandaigua
show unfortunatly didn't keep up the with 94 trend.  The show was capped
with a standard Chalkdust complete with some loony tune jumping on the
stage like a fool.

All in all it was a fun evening, and I keep the tapes for whenever I
might want to relive that night, but when I think about it, it's been
quite a while since I had the urge to relisten to them.

-Lenny Stubbe

BTW- A tape trading friend of mine who also attended the show swore he'd
never go see Phish again after this show.  I don't think he either knew
what they did the night before either!