From: Ethan White 
Subject: review 0f 7/8/94

I was suprised to see that this wasn't already reviewed, but I would 
be more than happy to do it! 

	7/8/94 at Great Woods, MA was my *first* show.  I can't tell you 
how lucky I consider myself to have been there; this is one of the 
greatest shows Phish has done.
																													Nellie Cane, Cavern

When they openned with Llama-->N2O, we all knew something big was 
happenning.  As soon as Trey said, "There's a 64 year old man 
sitting in a dentist's chair..."  the place EXPLODED!!! GAMEHENGE!!!
After Lizards the crowd still couldn't believe it.  Only after the 
beautiful Tela did they quiet down and enjoy the journey through 
Trey's mythical world.  The whole thing was great (despit a couple 
toung-slips by story-telling Trey, i.e. "They wanted to overflow...
um....overflow? OverTHROW the evil King Wilson...").  AC/DC and 
McGrupp were especially good, and after a blazing Divided, the band 
left a stunned crowd at the intermission.

How could they top that?  Guess what folks, the second set was just 
as good as the first, IMHO.  Though standard Rift and Sample opened, 
they did rock the crowd and got them pumped.  Then a REALLY nice 
Reba came next.  The build was really magical; not sloppy at all.  
Skipping ahead, the Stash was AMAZING, but you all know that, 
because it's the Stash from A Live One.  Then, the highlite of the 
second set: YEM into Frankenstein.  The transition was SO clean; the 
whole band knew exactly what was going on.  Then they went cleanly 
back into YEM to finish with a nice vocal jam.  Julius REALLY 
jammed- this song is packed with energy.  A crowd-favorite Golgi 
finished the second stellar set of the night.  Nellie Cane was fun 
as an encore, a VERY energetic Cavern finished the night.  

As we walked to our cars, everyone was still a little stunned.  What 
a show.  Get the tapes. It was a truly magical night.