7/3/94  The Ballpark, Old Orchard Beach, ME (Doug Kohen)
	This show was my first, and what a show it was.  The ballpark was
a decent size, between fifteen hundred to three thousand people.  It was
general admission, and the crowd was really cool.  I went to the show with
a couple of my buddies who were really into Phish, although I had never
really listened to them.  Anyway, the first set was OK, but nothing
special.  A lot of album material, and no exceptional performances.  Reba
was cool, and Bowie was good.  The audience was kind of weak during the
first set.  It was still light out, and people were tossing the frizz and
hacking instead of listening to the band.  Many people sat on the stands
during the first set, and there were only about one thousand people there.
	After a twenty minute break, the boys came on with the second set,
which is my favorite set that I have heard from a Phish show.  First
song-Split Open and Melt, best version of it that I have ever heard.
After this extended jam, I knew that I was in for some good times.  They
played Lizards and Bouncing Around the Room, which were fun because
everyone knew the words.  Then they played It's Ice, which was cool, but
not special.  Then came Horse>Silent in the Morning, which was one of the
highlights of the show for me.  Page's vocals and Trey's guitar had a lot
of echo because of the open stadium, and everyone sang along and grooved
with them.  Next came Julius and then The Squirming Coil.  The latter was
great because after the band jammed during Page's solo, the rest of the
band left the stage, and everyone was going wild for Page.  By this time,
I noticed that it was dark outside, the stadium was packed with about
three thousand people, and everyone was baked.  They then played Run Like
an Antelope, which was a great jam, as always.  In the middle of the jam,
before the vocals came on, fireworks started going off outside the show,
to celebrate the fourth of July, which was the next day.  When a big Phish
firework exploded, the audience also exploded.  Everyone was going nuts,
screaming, dancing, and the band was really getting into it.  They closed
the second set with Suzy Greenberg, which was phat because everyone sang
along with the chorus, and it was like we were all linked by this music,
and the band was like a transmitter to our souls.  The encore was Fire,
which was cool, and really fast.  Fishman went nuts with the speed on this
song.  All in all, this was an amazing show.