7/2/98 -- The Grey Hall Copenhagen, Denmark
Date: Sun, 25 Apr 1999 23:26:25 EDT
From: MixMy1200s@aol.com
To: dws@archive.phish.net
Subject: Review of 7/2/98 Copenhagen

7/2/98  Copenhagen, Denmark The Grey Hall
Set I: BOAF,Cars Trucks Buses, Theme From The Bottom, Brian and Robert,
Meat*, Ficus*, Shafty+, Fluffhead, Ginseng Sullivan, PYITE, Character Zero

Set II: Ghost>Runaway Jim>Prince Caspian, YEM

Encore: Simple

* first time played
+ first time in this arrangement(I think)

Birds Of A Feather: Thias song was still new to me, so it was cool to see
again, not an outstanding version, just average.
Cars, Trucks, and Buses: One of my favorites.  I was so happy to hear this
one, I hadn't seen it since my first show. Solid version, good jam
Theme From The Bottom:  Good theme, clean, and it had an interesting, upbeat
jam.  Not an over the top, rock the house theme though
Brian & Robert: This little ditty does nothing for me...nuff said
Meat: Before this song, Trey announced they were going to play some world
debues now; "one is slow and funky and the other is well...." most of the
crowd just cut to the chase and started yelling "slow and funky" so the
played Meat.  I liked it, lots of red lights going on during it, I thought
that was kind of funny.
After Meat they announced that it was the second song in the Ghost duology.
Ficus: Announced that they were still thinking of calling this one "I, Ficus"
and played it, pretty much just like the album.
Shafty:  I hadn't heard this song since it was still called Oblivious fool,
but the lyrics fit this music WAY better than the old music.
Fluffhead: This Fluffhead started of pretty boring and average, but the
refrain of "FLUFFHEA-------D!" at the end totally brought the house down. It
really was a powerful finish
Ginseng Sullivan: Standard stuff
PYITE: At least average version, not too much keyboard at the beginning,
which I think is a common problem with versions of this song
Character Zero: This was one of the longer versions of this song that I've
seen and it was actually pretty good.

Ghost: I liked this Ghost, even after seeing it a million and one times
during 97 summer tour, this song gets me every time.  It was a nice extended
jam and segued pretty nicely into:
Runaway Jim: I think this was my first Jim, and I went pretty crazy during it.
Prince Caspian: This is a song that I really enjoy live.  The base line to it
coasts along so well and the lyrics are so hypnotic, you can't help but sing
along.  Any time I see this live, I come away happy.
Yem: This YEM was something else.  Not the best I've heard, but good.  The
vocal jam/i don't know what to call it at the end was one of the weirdest
things i've ever seen at a show.  I feel truely sorry for anyone that dosed
at this show, cause I would have blown a gasket during this part.  each
member of the band was talking about totally different things in low monotone
voices.  It seemed like Trey was the only one actually saying complete
sentences.  I could only make out bits and peices here and there, but he was
telling some story from what sounded like the perspective of a high school
girl.  I caught a lot of "ya know"'s and " it was like sooo"'s during his
rambling which turned into a chant about a drug dog.  I really have no idea
what he was talking about, but people at the very front were laughing
periodically at what he was saying.

Encore:Simple:  This was a great song to end the run with, but I've seen it
ALOT and it kinda disappointed me.  I had hoped for something to catch me off
guard.  I had the feeling that a Buffalo Bill was coming sometime because
throughout all three days, this one kid was always screaming for it.  I can
hear him on my tapes, and its pretty funny.
I loved all three days in Copenhagen.  I copuld not have dreamed up a better
place to see Phish than this little pocket of freedom, and positivity.
Tapes can NEVER begin to do these shows justice...