6-30-98 Grey Hall, Copenhagen

Date: Thu, 22 Apr 1999 00:55:11 EDT
From: MixMy1200s@aol.com
To: dws@archive.phish.net
Subject: review of 6-30-98 Grey Hall, Copenhagen

Set List 6-30-98 Grey Hall, Freetown Christiana, Copenhagen Denmark

Set I: Limb by Limb, Ghost, Water In The Sky, Bouncin', Tube, Stash>, Cities,
Roggae, Guyute, Beauty Of My Dreams, Funky Bitch, Train Song, David Bowie

Set II:Moma Dance, Birds OF A Feather, Wolfman's>, Fankie Says, Antelope,
Lawn Boy, Ya Mar, Ha Ha Ha, Mike's>, Swept Away>, Steep>, Weekapaug

Encore: Brian and Robert

  First off I must explain what Freetown Christiana is.  It is a district on
the south east side of Copenhagen where pot is basically legal.  People sell
dank and hash out of huts and stands all over the streets.  The motto of
Christiana is "For a brighter day, put HARD drugs away".  The band played at
a place the size of a high school gym, in the middle of a neigborhood that
professes a positive vibe for everyone.
   As the first set began, it was obvious the band was ready to have a good
time, they came out drinks in hand(page with a whole bottle of wine). Limb
by Limb was very nice and included a solid jam.  The place really got going
though during Ghost.  The band put of a lot of energy during Ghost, and at
its abrupt conclusion Trey asked if everyone enjoyed it as much as they did.
The band really got the small croud vibe that night and went into a
little"banter" routine in which Mike refused to say anything.  This was the
first time they played the new sped up(arpegiated) version of Water In The
Sky, and it was a needed change I might add.  Next was a very standard
Bouncin followed by an average Tube.   Next was an extended Stash jam that
was one of the best versions i've heard to date.  The jam eventually turned
into cities, which totally brought the house down.  I think every head in the
whole house was pumped to see a cities in europe.  Next came the first ever
Roggae, which at the time I totally dug.  The Guyute was my first and I was
very happy to hear it, especially this version which was pretty good.
Beauty, was solid, another of my fav's.  At this point in the set, I kept
expecting the set to end, but it seemed to last forever(a good thing).
Train song and Bowie were both very good, and a solid way to end the set.
  Set 2 started off with what everyone thought was black eyed katie, but in
the middle of the jam, Trey stopped to explain that it was now "The Moma
Dance" and there was a dance to go along with it.  After explaining they
played the song out frokm the beginning.  Again a first time played song.
Birds came next and I believe this was also a 1st time played, very solid
version.  It really resonated in the hall.  Wolfman's again got everyone
going mad, and it was an impressive jam into Frankie says(also maybe a 1st)
which I had never heard and also thought had promise.  Antelope followed, and
for the first time in the whole show, the lighting seemed to actually add to
the show.  Lawn Boy and Ya Mar were pretty standard versions, although Ya Mar
had a drum solo at the end.  Next was a standard Ha Ha Ha, but the 1st time I
had seen it.  The Mike's Groove was outstanding.  They really hit the groove
at the beginning and the jam pulsated.
  The encore was Brian and Robert, the 1st time I had seen it , I don't know
if it had ever been played before.  As this show closed, everyone knew that
this run of shows would be special.  The band had come out and simply had as
much fun on stage as they could.  I could see the happiness in all their
faces, even Mike(who finally was egged into bantering and gave a shot out to
Carl Yastremski and Fred Lynn of Red Sox fame).
  I liked the personal feel of this show and the location simply could not be
beat, even by Amsterdam...and I've been both places.
  What I didn't like was that the lighting was bad...I've never been
disappointed in the lights before, but either kuroda was wasted or he wasn't
on lights.

    - Jeff Leiker