6/30/94  Classic Amphitheater, Richmond, VA
	Venue:  Nice. Big improvement of "the man" over Raleigh.
Interesting tank bust, though. No espresso. :) Cheap beer.  Again, two
video screens and two video cameras; looked like the same equipment as
Raleigh, maybe not, but I dont remember screens at Classic Amph at 7-93
HORDE.  Is this Phish's equipment?  Rental by Phish?
	Review:  MUCH better than Raleigh (6/29/94), in all sorts of ways:
interesting setlist and transitions, grand! jams, comfy scene/atmosphere,
etc. Soundcheck (dog log) was long and slow. DWD rocked. Page on fire
through Gumbo and Rift. Wilson ROCKED and Maze R-O-A-R-E-D!  During You
Enjoy Myself, Trey really got into sound waves passing the microphonel
first he swung the megaphone around, then passed the mic back and forth in
front of his moaning mouth during the vocal jam. Sparkle was fun, as
usual. Axilla roared, and was appropriate. Trey led Kung, not Fishman.
Narrative preceded Kung, explaining that reciting the poem is the way to
get to Gamehendge.  Narration following Kung/Harpua sent into town to get
Jimmy, but Jimmy's not at home, cause he's out at a bar doing Karaoke. An
ENORMOUS man named Sean (?) came up from the audience, to be Jimmy, and he
sang Honky Tonk Woman. Mist outside venue (no walls) lifted and clouds
thinned during "Look! The storm is gone!" No joke! Antelope was mind
blowing; very nice! This version of Chalkdust changed my mind about the
song; mind too blnank at this point for appropriate compliments, but i
love it something like that. very wonderful show; tapes highly
recommended, and i haven't heard any.