From: (PMCE)
Subject: YEM in Denmark!
Date: 30 Jun 1997 07:32:55 GMT

     Hey All,
      Here's a bit of a rundown of what happened at the Roskilde Festival 
     in Denmark-  The festival was a mud bog by Sunday after a few days of 
     intense rain but the sun was shining. Phish were scheduled to play at 
     4:00 on the green stage, under a circus style tent which looked to 
     hold about 2-300. Phish took the stage just after 4:00 following a 
     cool set by Nashville blues man John Hiatt. The Phish fan contingency 
     of the crowd errupted with the first few notes of YEM. The band had 
     undoubtedly heard the rumors of YEM being shelfed and this seemed to 
     give them a bit of extra energy for this version. Not to mention, that 
     the PA for this show was LOUD which just added to the energy. Some 
     good themes explored in the early jam portions and after about 15 
     minutes the tramps came out which got the Danish festival crowd 
     cheering. A few minutes later the song dissolved into the vocal jam 
     which took on some type of 'Zomboni'  theme or something to that 
     effect. All told the version spanned approx. 22-23 minutes with good 
     energy. Next came an excellent version of Taste with a cool Spanish 
     theme in the jam. On to Bouncin', a crowd pleaser bur for me a version 
     that didn't stand out, with the time restraints I'd much rather of 
     heard something else. Next, Beauty of my Dreams. I heard this one in 
     London as well, and it is some really catchy Phish bluegrass, a cool 
     new tune. On to Chalkdust with a powerful version, helped by the sheer 
     volume of the PA, and a pretty expiremental jam as far as Chalkdusts 
     go, suprisingly one of the highlights of this short set. On to a 
     rather standard Theme, a rather short version I presume do to the time 
     constraints and a good Character Zero to close the show. (total 
     elapsed time at this point- approx. 1:06) The encore was My Soul, an 
     OK version, but I would have much rather it ended differently 
     especially with the short nature of the set. All told, a very high 
     energy show and the band seemed rather pleased to be there. In fact, 
     at the beginning of the show Trey made mention to when they played 
     Roskilde in '92 when Denmark won the European Championship in Soccer 
     about which Trey called the festivities, "The biggest party we've ever 
     seen". The show definitely peaked early with the YEM and great Taste. 
     What happened to all the new stuff? I guess it had the day off with 
     the exception of Beauty of My Dreams. Well, on to Amsterdam!!
     Roskilde Festival 6/29/97
     YEM, Taste, Bouncin', Beauty of my Dreams, Chalkdust, Theme, Character 
     Zero   E:My Soul
     total time including encore approx. 1:13
     P.S. I caught the Band wandering around after the set doing a little 
     groovin' to Beck which was a rather amusing sight.