6-28-95 - Jones Beach Amphitheater - Wantagh, New York well, well, well... here we are on my home turf of loooowwnng iwsland... and what a show ladies and gentleman, what a show! despite the infamous Jones Beach security getting in and out was a breeze compared to Waterloo... in fact it was much quicker tonight than in previous years... 45 minutes or so as opposed to the expected hour plus traffic. before the show my friends and i wandered through the parking lot sampling kind delecicies and other goodies whipped up by the tour heads... one of my friends has a broken nose with a big ol' cast type thing on it... he went off looking for someone and when he returned there was something written across the bridge of his nose in simple handwriting: Mike. he met up with the main man riding his bike around the lot... i shall meet Mike, i shall meet Mike... i SHALL meet Mike yet... the band kicked into drive with a screaming Axilla part 2... it got the half tour head/half teeny bopper, lacrosse hat wearing, non-Phish listening crowd into a dancing frenzy... a meandering Foam was up next; it started off with energy petered out for a bit after Page's solo (he was ON tonight - they all were, but especially Page) and eventully was brought up again by Trey... then came FEFY - another song i don't really like... i liked this one... it built and built perfectly - by the end of the song Trey was soloing intensely and the song closed... a few bouncy chords began coming from the speakers and the band launched into Reba... always a treat the jam was concise (for Reba) and tight... i was a bit upset when they didn't do the whistling/ending but the opening chords to the next song soon muffled any previous disappointment... PYITE!!! Second one this tour if i'm not mistaken... mmmm... lemmee tell ya i was screaming against Wilson with all the rage in my body... it had the standard Landlady jam inside it... Trey and Mike did a little (mirrored) dance routine during Page's solo... a totally rivetingly intense Stash dropped from the sky... i was wondering why they didn't segue it from Punch You... at the end of PYITE the band moved back into a Landlady-ish jam... Landlady and Stash have the same vibe - why not segue... anyway, Stash kicked ass! the middle section was what they were trying to do with Antelope at Waterloo - only they totally pulled it off here... Page really held the jam together as Trey noodled in some atonal feedback stuff as he seems so fond of doing recently... an always epic Fluffhead was next and a wonderful Chalkfust closed out an absolutley stunning set 1. after a brief break (not too long, not too short) the band drove through Sample to appease the aforementioned stereotypical Long Island crowd... (trust me, my school is brimmin' with 'em)... a brief Poor Heart... time to TWEEZE!!! a long melodic Tweezer was in the house - 31 minutes or so - very nice, Page held it together... Fish hit all of the high notes well and did a great job sustaining them... at one point (early on 9 minutes approx.) it seemed like they were moving into Weekapaug Groove territory - which would be cool out of Tweezer - then Trey busted into some wah-wah funky stuff which seemed like Llama... finnally Page zeroed in on some jazzy licks which again seemed like something else - A-Train but a segue it 'twas not to be (yet) they kept going until Trey started into an oddly played I-IV progression... "spitting in a wishing well, blown to hell - CRASH! i'm the last splash" - first one since Tweezerphest! the band vamped the song to a close... some may count it as a segue but i won't 'cause we (audience) could very clearly hearing Trey count off the next song... "there's a mouse staring out of his window..." Gumbo! wow... things keep getting better and better... an obligatory Sparkle was right up after... then a perfectly Page-y Suzy... he really opened up some jazzy jams tonight - he (by far) wins the band member of the night award... then Harry... a thought that hit me during Harry was that both Harry and Gumbo are now officially released songs... this is so weird... H.H. seemed like a song that would never-ever be put on an offically released CD... the end section climaxed the night very well... the Tweezer reprise worked even better providing a sense of cosmic closure to a WONDERFUL second set... because of song selection/placement/lots of other factors this set as well as show was one of the best i have ever seen or heard... the encore was a nicely harmonized Sweet Adeline... even Tubbs was in tune! the tune showcase him - for some odd reason Henrietta just didn't seem animated for most of the night... While My Guitar Gently Weeps seemed almost a throwaway - which is sad cuz it was a great poingant version of the song... anyway that's it for now... hope to see y'all tomorrow night... i'll be wearing my shirt (which i just got from Rosemary) black shorts, and a pair of really ratty green Converse lowtops... say hi to me (or don't) see ya, jesse :)