Review of Strasbourg 6/24/97 

1st Set: 

La Laiterie was a very nice venue.The show wasn't sold out.You had between
300 and 400 people.Thes show was sheduled for 19:30 but only started at

Split Open and Melt: 12 min. Melt.Great version.Very loud like always.As
an opener it kicked you right away into the show. 

Beauty of My Dreams: I really like this song. 

Dog Stole Things: See Vienna. 

Vultures: Much better than in Vienna.The new songs are getting better
every show.Fish went wild at the end of the song. 

Guelah Papyrus: Cut short in the middle of the song.Trey couldn't go on.He
apologized to the audience and said they would play something else. 

Runaway Jim: Amazing Jim with a Gypsy Queen jam in the middle section.This
Jim lasted for about 15 minutes.They should play it this way more often. 

Talk: Nice. 

Free: Probably the song on which they worked the most.Trey hasn't got his
drumkit anymore so instead of the noisy part they used to do as a jam they
now play a real jam.This song has become a 10 min. jam.The end of the song
is just like on Billy Breathes.I really like the way they've improved this

Prince Caspain: Very well played. 

Rocky Top: Original as set closer. 

1 hour 10 minutes 

2nd Set: 

Wolman's Brother: 16 minutes Wolman's Brother.It seems that they decided
to jam this song every time they play it.Like they did for Simple last
fall. Get the tapes for this one. 

Reba: Again 16 minutes.I had never heard such a long Reba before.Probably
the nicest Reba I've heard. 

NICU: Can't get enough of this one. 

Twist Around: Not as good as in Prague.Still a great new song. 

Words: See Vienna. 

Wading in the Velvet Sea: Much better than in Vienna.Played it longer than
in Vienna.Very nice song. 

Story of the Ghost: Still my favorite.From now on when you see a show with
this song get the tapes.It's just perfect. 


Loving Cup: What a nice way to end a show.This was a 10 minutes Loving
Cup.Great version. 

Set 2 + Encore 1 hour 20 minutes 

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