Review of Prague 6/20/97 

1st Set: 

The Archa theater is located in the center of Prague.It's a real theater
usually not used for concerts.The sound was excellent inside the venue and
it had capacity for about 1000 people. 

Taste: Nice way to open a show.This was a 12 minutes Taste.I was stunned
by Page's solo. 

JAM: This was almost a House Jam.It got everybody dancing in the venue... 

Cities: It jammed straight into Cities.I'm gladd they are covering it

Horn: Trey played it just perfect. No mistakes. 

Funny As It Seems: I remeber that this was a calm song but that's it. 

Limb by Limb: See Above. 

I Don't Care: I remember this song was really dark and heavy.Kind of a
70's song.All I remember is that they jammed it for about 15 minutes. 

Run Like An Antelope: Not the best one I've heard but probably the wildest
and the loudest I've heard. At the end of the song Trey changed the words:
instead of Marco Esquandolas he said "New Jersey Jack".Then he said:
have any spike LADY... 

1 hour 5 minutes 

2nd Set: 

David Bowie: 17 minutes Bowie.Can you wish something more as an opener. 

Story of the Ghost: Very different as the one in Vienna.This one was
longer (13 minutes) and had an amazing jam. 

Bye Bye Foot: New Fish tune.Very calm and slow.Very cute new song. 

Ginseng Sullivan: Let's dance... 

Cavern: Always fun. 

Twist Around:  New tune.15 minutes long.Amazing song.This one is my
favorite with Soty of the Ghost. 

Bouncing Around The Room: Same as always.I like to hear it. 

Julius: 10 minutes Julius.This is the best version I ever heard and
probably the highlight of the show.Trey couldn't be stopped on this one. 


When the Circus Comes to Town: Nice cover. 

Rocky Top: I hoped they wouldn't finish on a calm song.Rocky Top was the
best way to end the show. 

Set 2 + Encore: 1 hour 20 minutes. 

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