Review of Vienna 6/19/97 

All right folks here we go for a short review: Describing the new songs is
not easy.I suggest anyone who reads the reviews to check out Brian Price's
Homepage where you can find samples of the new songs. 

1st Set: 

The Arena is located in the middle of the industrial section. It used to
be a factory.When getting inside you have an outside stage surrounded by
bars. Next to that stage you have a little venue inside which is where
Phish played.It contains room for about 400 people. 

Limb by Limb: This one is great as an opener. When they start the song you
are sure it's Ya Mar although you can feel it's different. There's a
Trey/Page duet at the beginning of the song that is very nice.It's
probably one of my favorites.This song is usually about 8 minutes long. 

Dog Stole Things: I really don't know how to discribe this one.The
beginning of the song starts with a Fish rythm.When Fish hits the drums
you are sure that they are playing Mound.Then it's completely 
different.Check out those samples for a better idea. 

Theme from the Bottom: Gets better and better.They really jam this 
song.Did some great work on this tune. 

Punch You In The Eye: Always a threat to hear this song. With Trey and 
Mike's little dance during the Landlady section.Well played. 

Water in the Sky: New calm bluegrass song.This song is more like a Alison
Krauss song.It's very slow and so cute.Mike sings the song. 

Maze: This was a 14 minutes Maze.Page's solo began very slow.It just went
faster and faster.Trey' solo was very noisy.A little bit like the one of
8/13/96 in Deer Creek.The kind of Maze that can make you feel really

Waste: Same as always. 

Vultures: Contains some great work of Fish at the end of the song. 

Runaway Jim: I've heard better and worse versions of this one.It was a
good Jim. 
1h 10 minutes 

2nd Set 

Stash: Nice Stash.It began very slowly and evolved like every Stash to the
noisy yet so exciting section of the song.It looked like Trey couldn't get
out of the Jam and decided to go straight into a jam instead of ruining
the song.I must say I was happy he did that. 

JAM: I still don't know how they managed to switch from Stash to this 
Jam.It was a slow funky Jam. Amazing... 

Story of the Ghost: Defenately the best new song.It's getting better every

I Saw it Again: Very dark song. Wild.... 

Wading in the Velvet Sea: This song is beautiful.It's calm song but not
like Waste or Strange Design.The whole band sings it and Trey's solo is
very touching. 

Words: Very fast song.Get the tapes.Especially for the Lille version of
this was one. 

Jesus Left Chicago: This was 12 minutes version.Great work from Page and

Prince Caspian: Again this is one of the Billy Breathes song on which you
can see they really worked.The jam is like the one in Amsterdam.The intro
was very long. 


Beauty of my Dreams: I like it... 

Character Zero: Very nice version.I think you have all heard it live by

Hello My Baby: Tripple encore!!!! Acapella without mics. 

Set 2 + Encore: 1 hour 25 minutes. 

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