Ryan Fitch fizban@indy.net 6-19-95 I've just caught the last 4 shows with Deer Creek being the last. All I have to say is it ranks up there with all the shows I've seen. Deer Creek is a huge place and I've been seated in the back of the pavilion since Atlantia but last night I got ballsy and worked my way up to the 7th row. So this review is from the 7th row and thus all my attention was on the band. Set I Theme from the Bottom, Poorheart, Ac/Dc Bag, Tela, Pyite (stash beginning with landlady worked in), Reba, Strange Design, Rift, Cavern, Antelope. Set II Simple> David Bowie, Mango song, Loving cup, Sparkle, YEM, Acoustic Army, Possum E: A Day in a Life Theme from the Bottom: This turned out to be a great opener, I've heard it 3 or 4 times now and I'm beginning to like it alot. Feed from the bottom, Feed from the top. Poorheart: good and solid, the solo section for mike was great he really let flow and it sounded great. AC/DC Bag: strong and rock'n, Trey really stretched out the solo section and we were wondering if it was going to segue into another tune. Tela: Page's voice is incredible on this. After hearing this one we were hoping for a gamehenge set but no luck Pyite: I'm not sure if that's the name of it, friend's said it that it started with Stash but I just remember a really crazy version of Landlady with all sorts of unusual stops and rhythm changes (by this time I had worked my way up to the 7th row) Reba: I've been waiting for a Reba since last year's 6/24/94 Murat show. First and last parts were typical reba but the middle section is what I live for and luckaly it was incredible. in the middle section Mike started working his way up tonally until he had everyone playing in new different key. It didn't even sound like reba any more but they got it back into it and it just phucking phabalous. Thank-you guys for playing this one. Strange Design: After reba Trey walked over Page to tell him to play this one but the crowd was yelling so loud that it took a minute for page to figure out what trey was trying to say. Finally page figured it out and then took a deep breathe and started singing. I really like this one. It sounds like Page is making a reference that the strange design has to do with life. It's almost depressing because it sounds like page is depressed with life but then he sings the line "No, I'm fine, I'm fine." I like this tune a lot though. Rift: this one funny. the vocals came in and it was only Page singing and trey was walking and looking at tubs like he wanted tubs to sing. This screwed up page and so the whole vocal thing got screwed up then Trey hopped back in and everything was fine. The solo section sounded similiar to rift on the album. Cavern: Tubs started out with a kicking groove and boom they hit you with the tune. the only thing that was weird about this one was trey was singing some crazy harmonys between verseses. He's back up about a foot and sing these crazy notes??? weird! Antelope: Great antelope in general. at the end (I think it was this one) before the finale last note tubs makes all this noise and then stops and looks at the audience for about a minute, the crowds going nutts and finally minutes later they hit you with this quick bam! and that's it for the 1st set. 2nd Set: Simple: Very cool opener and it was short and sweet quickly they seque it into david bowie. David Bowie: very crazy. trey's got a lot of weird effects happening and sometimes you hear this honky tonk thing which could either be Page on this Harpsicord right above the grand or Trey with wha-wha. Lights were excellent with the music. Chris is doing a great job. Mango: great tune and it was well played. crowd was very responsive. Loving Cup: never heard this before, I'm even sure who's it by but it was pretty cool. Sparkle: they started the solo section out fast and I wasn't sure if they'd be able to hold on since they were going so fast but they did and it sounded great. YEM: great YEM, in the spacey section Trey had this delay on his guitar and he made it look like strings were attached to the notes and he was pulling the sound out with his hands. In Trey's solo, well I've heard better trey solos but it was good none the less. Mike had this really crazy effect that sounded like his sound was coming from a stretched rubber band. Mike would turn it off now and then to help Trey build up his solo and then when it was Mike's turn he spent like 5 minutes just jamm'n with tubs. He even started trading fours with himself with the clean sound and the effect sound. It was one of the best bass solos I've heard in this section from him. The vocal part started really, really fast and took them a while to entrain into a groove but since it was already tripped out and fast crazziness then the rest of it was just insane. the lights were great here too. Acoustic Army: good. I like this tune but tubs and/or page needs more practice on the guitar. when they do the harmonics and give the vibrato by pushing against the neck the crowd was going nuts and trey had this big grin on his face. Possum: Weirdest version of possum I've ever heard. They took it outside of the blueprints of possum and let it get crazy then brought it back in and finished it. great ending. E: A day in a life: good tune but by this time I was going back to my way in the back pavilion seats to meet up with my friends. For my taste I'd didn't like this encore That's about it..... happy phishing Ryan Fitch fizban@indy.net