From: Eric.N.Cross@Dartmouth.EDU (Eric N. Cross)
Subject: 6/19/94, Kalamazooo, set twooo
Date: 19 Jun 1997 06:41:42 GMT

In a mighty Phish mood tonight. Thought I'd hark the heralds on this fun,
wonderful set of music.

6/19/94 State Theater, Kalamazoo, MI (setlist at end of post and scattered
within. No peeking!)

This is such a fun night. Faht opens the set with the pastoral sounds of Greasy
Fizeek. It's a jungle in there. Trey reminds us that it's a cover tune by the
late Tubbs just a moment before slipping into Antelope. Bopping, bopping,
bopping. I like this Antelope, as it roars in the jam! The Pre-Marco groove is
easily a favorite, lasting quite a deal longer than usual and with a Mike
solo!! It's funkhayy! YEAH!! If I Could fills me with light, happy chills in
this position. Ahhhh.... "Down the pipes." Reba keeps in fine form. This is a
joyous Reba, imo. Perhaps not as serious minded as others, but the band is
_in-tune_ with each other throughout and everyone leads. I can almost see Trey
jumping up and down as they near the end of the jam. It's just not a 'swaying'
version. Whistling? You bet! Makisupa brings it's lilting reggae riddims. "Ay
Ay Ay!" I guess Trey woke up in the morning and the afternoon, and then
something like "Tyler"??? Anyone know? A very nice Makisupa with some Digital
Delay Loop Jam things from Trey (very light and tasteful). The crowd energy is
great! Everyone is feeding off each other. Again at the end there is another
DDLJ with jazzy beat from Fish! More 'supa!! Wow, this is great! Didn't mean to
'review' this so much, but it happens.

Coil effortlessly eases out of the fading sounds of Makisupa. This show feels
like it's outside! Maybe the theater  label is misleading. It's a warm Sunday
afternoon, and I could lay back in a lawn chair without a care : ). If I were
there. Pretty Coil. Page. This easily could have made ALO. Small washboard
sounds are drowned out by the crowd. Fortunately my trusty setlist tells me
it's My Sweet One. Acoustic and unamplified. And with crowd accompaniment! A
thousand voices creating a massive chorus! How can they sing with such big
smiles on their faces? "I"ll buy you a Ewe!" I'm not sure the band was still
playing, or if it was the crowd. Trey is excited though! "It ain't easy living
free!!!" That's right life is just a Highway to Hell. "My friends are going to
be there too!" Wooohooooooooooooooo!! Just rocking onanonanonanonanon! Really
just as good as any Hood (not all, though) to end a set. Lots of clapping in
rhythm after they leave the stage. yadda yadda. No thank yous at the end of the
set. Odd, maybe they knew they  were coming back out ; ). And after only a
minute or so. Lots of screams for Freebird, but I think the band might have
been onto this vibe anyway. Perfect! (Except the harmony, doh!) Actually this
is the last performance of the song to date (239 shows). Perhaps the band felt
they would never top such a groundbreaking performance. I must say they are all
listening as the jam takes on new dimensions in the art of rockapella quartets.
Rock and Roll history!!!

to bed I go,

Eric C


II: faht, Antelope, If I Could, Reba, Makisupa, Squirming Coil, My Sweet One,
Highway to Hell, Freebird (E)