UIC Pavillion - University of Illinois, Chicago, IL
Date: Fri, 05 Feb 1999 08:16:18 PST
From: Aamir Burki aaburki@hotmail.com
To: dws@protos.lifesci.ucla.edu

UIC Pavilion
Chicago, IL


- two things: I'm writing this nearly 5 years after I attended this
concert so this review is largely a recollection of my emotional state
at the show, when I was newbie. Secondly, after listening to the
bootleg, I felt (as w/ many other shows) the energy could not be
recaptured, but the tightness which trey, page and the boys played w/ is

I read an article in Guitar magazine, I believe, about a year after this
show in which, Trey referenced a point in this particualar Divided Sky
where the crowd energy brought him nearly to tears. The energy at this
show was amazing. The scene was, at that time in '94, at the peak in 
kindness and unpretentiousness.
It is the show I think of when I feel phish has played an average show,
and still to this day brings me back to show after show.
Now, to the music...  The first set was one long linear jam, the same
energy- even when they slowed the pace. The AC/DC, Mango and Divided sky
were performed at a level I have never experienced since. The best
Divided phish has played. There I said it. Go listen to it.
It's hard to explain the blur that was the second set. Peaches en
Regalia opened, and set the tone for the music-not-words second set
creedo.  BOWIE, TWEEZER, and YEM??!!?? I didn't know it then, but the
band was hot, and wanted to get the jam out of their blood. Amazing
musicianship. Mcgrupp, Horn and Lifeboy are all favorites of mine and
threaded this show together perfectly.
Everyone who has witnessed that show, THE show that sucked them in, and
not because of inebriation or the lot scene, but by the best live music
one has ever heard during life, knows what this show did for me. I know,
it's almost getting mushy here, but I many people understand the
feeling, and this show was a memory I will never forget.
Get the best copy you can of this show; It is a show, however, that is
best served when listened to as a whole. June 18th was a special day for
nineties phish music. That's all for today kids, by the way, 8/13/93 was
nice as well...

aamir burki

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From: Phil Svoboda Subject: U.I.C. review 6-18-94 6-18-94 University of Illinois-Chicago This is easily one of the most well played out shows I have ever seen, and I'm not just saying that cause I'm from Chicago. The Wilson opener really got everybody up and pumping. Without missing a beat Trey busts right into Rift. The Bag was smokin' and it was nice because not many people there knew the tune. Maze was well... a trip. The Mango Song was very smooth, with Trey really taking the lead. Dwd was medicore. The Ice was spacy but cool. Divided sky so close to the end of the first set was uplifting and got everyone cookin' again. The second set was unique. Peaches opener drew everybody in. Right into (unknown to pretty much everybody at the time), the Dead's Mind Left Body Jam, which I believe they only did a couple of times. From that we went into the SICKEST Bowie I have witnessed. "How Many More Times" tease ran throughout the bowie. Trey was unreal. I cannot describe how fast and how unreal he played!! Oh God! that Bowie! Sorry, didn't mean to go on a tangent. Horn followed, again superbly played. A surprize next with a solid McGrupp which ran into a great Tweezer. Another Surprize with the Lifeboy. Everyone was up for that. The highlight was the YEM. Again I cannot describe the feeling that was there. Easily one of the best I have expirenced. Both the band members and the audience were clinging and diving into every note. Page let out with a great solo that included a small Frankenstein tease. The last note of Pages solo was taken up by Trey as he launched into How Many More Times, then into a very smooth solo. Mike was, well Mike. Slapping very funky solo. During Page's portion the Tramps came out and Mike and Trey did a little dance in unison. The bouncin encore was nice and the Reprise ended the show on a good note. There are good SBD's of this show. I cannot encourage people to pick up copies of this underrated show. It is completly worthwhile, you will not be disapointed. Phil Svoboda

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